Honey, Lemon And Garlic, A Recipe For Cleaning Blood Vessels - How To Take?

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Honey, Lemon And Garlic, A Recipe For Cleaning Blood Vessels - How To Take?
Honey, Lemon And Garlic, A Recipe For Cleaning Blood Vessels - How To Take?

Honey, lemon and garlic, a recipe for cleaning blood vessels

Cleansing blood vessels with honey, lemon and garlic
Cleansing blood vessels with honey, lemon and garlic

If you combine honey, lemon and garlic together, then you will be able to create a remedy that is unique in its effectiveness. All components are perfectly combined and complementary with each other.

And honey, lemon, and garlic have established themselves as healing products. The complex produces a completely natural product that allows you to solve many health problems and at the same time does not have a toxic effect on the body.

If this agent is used for the prevention of diseases, a powerful healing effect can be felt in a short time.

Why is a mixture of honey, lemon and garlic so beneficial?

Why is it so useful
Why is it so useful

The effect of the recipe, which contains honey, lemon and garlic, has a positive effect on many organs and systems. No wonder this composition has long been used by traditional healers.


  1. Reduces blood pressure [1], [2], [3].

  2. Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol [4], [5], [6].

  3. Reduces triglyceride levels by 11-19% [7].

Garlic: Contains allicin. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integral Health (NCCIH), this compound may help relax blood vessel smooth muscles. When these muscles relax, your blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure drops.

Lemon: Has earned the reputation of being the champion of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system. Additionally, plant compounds found in lemons, namely hesperidin and diosmin, also lower cholesterol levels [8], [9], [10]

The combination of three components greatly increases these properties.

The benefits of the composition for the human body:

  • Prevention and treatment of colds, flu;
  • Strengthening immunity, cleansing the blood;

  • Cough and shortness of breath treatment;
  • Cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, preventing atherosclerosis, strengthening the vascular walls;
  • Tachycardia treatment;
  • Correction of excess weight;
  • Headache relief;
  • Treatment of varicose veins;
  • Improving brain function, especially its cognitive functions, memory.

This product is appreciated for its effective cleaning of blood vessels. Honey, lemon, garlic are taken to stabilize the nervous system, antiseptic and antibacterial effects in the presence of infection.

Recipe for making honey, lemon and garlic

Honey recipe
Honey recipe

The components of the recipe are combined in the following proportion - for 1 medium head of garlic, you need to take 1 lemon and 100 g of honey. Therefore, by increasing the amount of ingredients, you can get a different amount of healing agent.

Making a recipe with honey, garlic and lemon:

  • Lemons are washed, cut into pieces, and pitted, which impart bitterness. The lemon peel also makes the mixture bitter, but it is just as healthy. Decide for yourself whether to remove the crust or mix with it.
  • Garlic is cleaned from integumentary scales.
  • Grind the components in a meat grinder or using a blender, mix with each other.
  • The required amount of honey is added to the resulting mixture, observing the required proportions.
  • Incubate the mixture for 1 day / night for extraction at room temperature. The container must not be tightly sealed, it is covered with a gauze or cotton napkin for free access of oxygen, which activates biological active substances. After that, the finished mixture is stored under a tightly closed lid in the refrigerator.

Therapeutic dosage - 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime, diluted in a glass of water. It is advisable for easily excitable people to take the remedy no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. You shouldn't worry about the smell of garlic, it is perfectly neutralized by lemon juice. The course of treatment and prevention takes 2 months, it is repeated 2 times a year. It is advisable to carry out such treatment in spring and autumn, during periods of weakened immunity.

Video about the phased preparation of the elixir of longevity from a 90 year old neighbor:

How to take honey, lemon and garlic?

How to take honey
How to take honey

There are various uses for combining honey, lemon, and garlic.

Here are some recipes and treatments:

  • Liver cirrhosis treatment - mix and grind 4 lemons and 3 large heads of garlic. Add 200 ml of olive oil, 1 liter of high-quality honey to the crushed mass. Insist in the refrigerator for a day, take 1 tbsp before meals. l. until the mixture ends.

  • Means for weight loss - mince 4 lemons along with the peel, 1 kg of root celery, add 200 g of honey to them. The mixture is infused for a day in the refrigerator, then it is consumed before meals on an empty stomach. The expected effect is a loss of 5 kg of weight within a month.

  • Infusion for weight correction - add 3 tbsp to the gruel of 4 crushed lemons and 4 garlic heads. l. honey and 3 liters of warm boiled water. The infusion is taken before each meal for 1/2 cup.

  • Elixir of youth - wash 5 medium-sized lemons, peel 5 heads of garlic, grind in a meat grinder. Add 500 ml of any natural honey, mix. Transfer the mixture to a dark glass bottle, store in the refrigerator. The mixture is taken 2 times a day, half an hour before meals (it is not necessary to filter). The effective dose is 1 tbsp. l., dissolved in a glass of warm water, but you can start with a tea room.

The expected effect of the remedy is to strengthen the immune system, increase the general tone, and stimulate blood circulation.

Honey, lemon and garlic for cleaning blood vessels

Honey, lemon and garlic
Honey, lemon and garlic

Cholesterol plaques formed in the vessels of the heart, liver, brain, intestines and kidneys threaten not only health, but also human life. Atherosclerotic plaques on the vessel walls increase over time and can come off. With the blood flow, the formed thrombus is carried through the circulatory system and threatens to clog the lumen of the artery. This disruption of normal blood flow deprives the organ of the oxygen supply of blood.

Oxygen starvation (ischemia) leads to tissue necrosis, which is almost impossible to restore. If the heart or brain becomes the target of ischemia, lethal outcome is possible. To prevent atherosclerosis, you can clean the blood vessels with a remedy made from honey, garlic and lemon.

The main active ingredient of this product is garlic, or rather, allicin, which is part of it. This chemical compound has a truly magical property to eliminate atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels with prolonged use of garlic. In addition to it, honey and lemon fill the body with useful minerals and vitamins, help to regulate heart activity by replenishing the supply of potassium and magnesium. Antioxidants, abundant in these components, neutralize the action of free radicals, lower blood pressure and stimulate capillary circulation.

How to prepare this vessel cleaner:

  • 5 lemons need to be cut into 4 pieces each, remove the seeds. You can use lemon peels, but if you don't want the bitter taste, remove the peel and use only the zest.
  • Peel 5 large heads of garlic.
  • Grind the ingredients with a blender or meat grinder.
  • Transfer the mixture to a glass jar, add 500 ml of honey (flower, May, honey collected from sunflower). It is more convenient to use liquid honey, but if you do not have one, solid honey will do, just do not melt it, it will lose its useful properties.

  • Put in a dark place for 1 day / night, at room temperature, cover the container with a gauze napkin. It is important not to close the vessel tightly. Store the prepared mixture in the refrigerator with the lid closed.

To cleanse blood vessels, this agent is taken twice a day, in the morning - 15 minutes before meals, in the evening - an hour after meals. Method of application - dilute 1 tbsp. l. in a glass of water, drink. Special instructions - during treatment, it is prohibited to consume any alcohol, hot spices, strong tea and coffee. The daily intake of water is 2.5 liters.

The course of treatment is 2 weeks with a half-year break between them. The agent is taken both for the treatment and for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Video about cleaning blood vessels with garlic tincture:

Recipe for cleaning blood vessels with garlic and lemon

Recipe for cleaning blood vessels
Recipe for cleaning blood vessels

To cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and salt deposits, use a recipe made from 4 lemons and 4 heads of garlic. Lemons need to be washed and cut into 6-8 pieces, garlic should be divided into cloves and peeled. The components are crushed using a meat grinder, placed in a 3-liter glass jar. Pour the mass to the top with warm boiled water, mix and close the jar with a plastic lid.

The infusion is kept at room temperature for 3 days. The contents of the container are mixed daily. After 3 days, the mixture is filtered (optional), it is sent to the refrigerator for storage. Therapeutic dosage is 100 ml of infusion 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 40 days.

For a full course of cleaning blood vessels, you will need 4 three-liter cans of infusion. It is not necessary to prepare it in advance, it is better to make 3 liters every 10 days.

The treatment will result in blood vessels cleared of cholesterol and blood pressure normalization. The excruciating headaches will disappear, the body will be filled with energy. If there are serious contraindications to the use of this remedy, the three-time intake of the therapeutic dosage will have to be reduced to 1-2 tbsp. l. two to three times a day. This correction will help to reduce the stress on the stomach and cardiovascular system.

Video about making a recipe from lemon and garlic for cleaning blood vessels:

Contraindications to the use of honey, lemon and garlic


The indisputable benefit of the elixir, which restores lost health, does not exclude contraindications to its use. A negative reaction of the body can occur in people prone to allergic manifestations. Intolerance to honey or citrus fruits causes allergic dermatitis, edema and other manifestations. In some cases, taking the drug in a minimum dosage helps to get rid of allergies forever, however, the risk of serious complications should not be ruled out.

Additional contraindications:

  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines in acute form (peptic ulcer, gastritis, duodenitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis);
  • Lactation and pregnancy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, renal failure).

If you are allergic to citrus fruits, you can replace the lemon in the recipe with cranberries in the same proportions. If you have health problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using the product.


The author of the article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist

Education: Diploma in "General Medicine" and "Therapy" received at the Pirogov University (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the Department of Phytotherapy at Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow (2008). Useful articles on the topic of cleansing blood vessels: The benefits and harms of garlic for men and women


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