Gynecologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment

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Gynecologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment
Gynecologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment


A gynecologist is a doctor who studies, prevents, and treats diseases of the female reproductive system.

Refusal of a planned visit to a gynecologist leads to serious problems that can even become a threat to life. You cannot postpone a visit to a gynecologist, especially if another specialist strongly recommended to go to him. Prejudice and fears about a female doctor are the worst "friends."

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  • Where does the gynecologist see?
  • First visit to the gynecologist
  • When to see a gynecologist?
  • What does a gynecologist appointment include?
  • What does a gynecologist treat?
  • Oncology
  • Making an appointment with a gynecologist

Where does the gynecologist see?

This doctor leads the appointment in a specialized institution called the antenatal clinic. In addition, each polyclinic has a separate gynecologist's office, which is called an examination room. You can also find a specialist in this profile in diagnostic centers and clinics. If there is a need to visit a gynecologist, then the best option would still be a trip to a specialized center.

In addition, most modern clinics employ a teenage and pediatric gynecologist. These doctors accept girls according to their age.

First visit to the gynecologist


Any girl one day will be faced with the fact that she will need to go to an appointment with a gynecologist for the first time. It is desirable that this happens with the onset of the first menstruation. Moreover, one should not postpone the visit to the doctor if there are any health problems indicating the presence of a disease of the female reproductive system.

Since the issue of visiting a gynecologist is quite intimate, it would be good to find a doctor to whom the girl will come for an appointment all the subsequent time. Thus, it will be possible to establish a relationship with this important person for every woman, and in the future she will be able to fearlessly entrust her health to him.

When to see a gynecologist?

Preventive doctor visits are those that must occur without fail. In particular, a woman should come to a gynecologist once every 6 months to make sure that her health is not compromised. This frequency is due to the importance of the health of the female reproductive system to maintain a normal quality of life, for the possibility of procreation. The health of the unborn child directly depends on the state of the mother's reproductive function.

In addition, an unscheduled visit to the doctor should occur if the following situations arise:

  • At the stage of planning the conception of a child. Of course, it is worth taking care not only of the health of the reproductive system, but also of the condition of the whole organism as a whole.
  • After detecting pregnancy. When a woman is registered, the doctor himself will appoint the date for the next scheduled examination.

  • When problems arise with procreation.
  • If disruptions occur in the menstrual cycle. If unexplained pain occurs.
  • If a woman observes symptoms indicating a disruption in the endocrine and reproductive systems.
  • If unusual discharge appears, with an unpleasant odor, unusual color. When this discharge gives a woman a burning sensation or itching, which usually appears in the genital area.
  • If even the slightest changes in the mammary glands were noticed, for example, discharge from the nipples appeared, they were drawn in or, on the contrary, swollen, etc.

What does a gynecologist appointment include?

Without fail, during the initial appointment, the doctor will perform the following points:

  • Collect the woman's medical history, find out if she has any complaints regarding the gynecological sphere;

  • Carry out a visual inspection;
  • Performs palpation examination;
  • Examines the condition of the cervix, for which gynecological mirrors will be used;
  • Will take swabs from the cervical canal and vagina;
  • If there are any diseases, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy (perhaps the treatment regimen will be given when the test results come);
  • Prescribe a diet, which is often an important part of the treatment;
  • Develop preventive recommendations for a specific patient in order to prevent recurrence of the disease.

If necessary, the doctor can install or remove an intrauterine device, measure a woman's basal temperature, etc.

What does a gynecologist treat?

What the gynecologist treats
What the gynecologist treats

The doctor must detect any disease of the female genital area and carry out its treatment.

Depending on the specifics of the problem, the gynecologist may have the following profile:

  1. General practitioner gynecologist.
  2. A gynecologist-obstetrician, who deals with the management of pregnant women, assists in the process of delivery.
  3. Gynecologist-endocrinologist. This doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal dysfunctions.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases

The list of these diseases is quite wide, they develop most often against the background of an infection in a woman's body. Often such problems are accompanied by a weakening of the immune defense, against the background of which even a common cold can become a provoking factor for the development of the disease.

Among these pathologies are:

  • Diseases of the urinary tract, which often provoke diseases of the reproductive system.

  • Inflammatory processes occurring in the area of ​​the external genital organs, in addition, inflammation can affect the appendages, ovaries, uterus, vagina and other organs adjacent to them.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, that is, those that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. In addition, this group includes diseases such as trichomoniasis, candidiasis and some others. Although they are sexually transmitted, their course is somewhat different from the course of, for example, gonorrhea.

In addition, the competence of the gynecologist includes viral diseases of the reproductive system that cause the formation of papillomas. This is cytomegalovirus, herpes infection, etc.

Hormonal and endocrine disorders

This group of diseases affects a woman's reproductive system, affecting her functioning. The hormonal background has a direct effect on the woman's nervous system, on her well-being, on libido and on the quality of life in general.

In addition, hormonal and endocrine disorders can cause a delay in menstruation or its too early onset in puberty, affect the regularity of the cycle, its soreness, and the onset of menopause. However, if you do not postpone the visit to the doctor, then each of these problems will be successfully corrected.


Oncology in the field of women's sexual health is no less relevant than in any other. Any degeneration of tissues can lead to a cancerous process: it can be dysplasia, erosion, a violation in the development and formation of tissues of internal organs.

As practice shows, almost every woman needs gynecological care. Often, even little girls need to be examined by a doctor in this specialty. Therefore, regardless of the woman's age, she needs to remember that the gynecologist exists in order to rid her of the pathologies of the genital area.

Making an appointment with a gynecologist

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