Doctor Sexologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment

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Doctor Sexologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment
Doctor Sexologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment


A sexologist is a doctor who solves psychological problems in intimate relationships between the sexes, corrects sexual behavior.


Sexology is the science that studies and solves problems that arise in the relationship between the sexes. The competence of this branch of science is to solve the problems that arise in sexual life with various deviations from the norm.

Sexology can describe a person's sexual life without deviations from the norm, it studies the sexual habits of people. The competence of a sexologist includes not only assistance in solving urgent issues arising in the intimate sphere, but also in psychological support, in returning the lost taste of life.

During treatment, a sexologist has no right to impose any stereotypes, he must be able to determine the true causes of deviations in the intimate life of a person who asked for help. After finding them, an individual plan is drawn up aimed at correcting the problem. The ultimate goal of the plan is to get a person out of an abnormal state.

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  • What does a sexologist do?
  • What diseases does a sexologist treat?
  • When should you see a sexologist?
  • What tests need to be passed when contacting a sexologist?
  • What diagnostic methods does a sexologist use?
  • Appointment with a sexologist

What does a sexologist do?

The priority task of a sexologist is to eliminate discomfort in sexual life, or to change it. A sexologist is able to find out the cause of the pathology that has arisen sexually and competently relieve the patient of it. It is possible that it lies in the intimate life of a person or in the relationship between partners. Sometimes environmental factors have a serious impact on a person's sexual performance.

Another task of a specialist is to eliminate existing disorders, establish harmony in family relationships, correct relations between people not only in the sexual sphere, but also in everyday life.

A sexologist is a broad-based specialist, many sciences lend themselves to him. Helping people with existing problems in their intimate life is a very difficult task. Sometimes a specialist not only eliminates pathology, but also preserves the family. That is why he needs knowledge from the field of psychology so much.

What diseases does a sexologist treat?

What diseases does a sexologist treat?
What diseases does a sexologist treat?
  • Most often, the reason for contacting this specialist is a violation of sexual desire. The patient may be complained about the lack of libido at all, or to the partner, in particular. In addition, in the competence of a sexologist are problems associated with frigidity, erectile dysfunction, homosexual tendencies and lack of orgasm.

  • It is not uncommon for a sexologist to view patients' problems from a psychological point of view. So, disorders in intimate life can be the result of increased anxiety.
  • Lack of intimate relationships during pregnancy is another reason for contacting a specialist. A competent sexologist will help to understand this issue.
  • The period of puberty and the beginning of the intimate life of adolescents. Often it is at this time that many misunderstandings arise. Unresolved problems at an early age can cause a lot of troubles in adulthood.

Often, a sexologist helps identify a medical problem in a woman or man. Thus, a decrease in libido is often the result of hormonal dysfunction. Painful sensations at the beginning of sexual intercourse or during it can indicate an inflammatory process in the genitals, etc. to another specialist.

When should you see a sexologist?

  • Disappearance of libido.
  • Puberty.
  • Delayed ejaculation.
  • Sluggish erection.
  • Sluggish emission.
  • Postcoital headaches.
  • Priapism.
  • Lack of arousal.
  • Frigidity, etc.

What tests need to be passed when contacting a sexologist?

Before visiting a specialist, no tests are required. During the first call, the sexologist will find out the person's complaints, try to understand the cause of the existing problems. In addition, the assessment of the patient's emotional state is an important stage in the work of a specialist. Problems arising at the psychological level are the most common causes of disorders in intimate life.

When the conversation with the person who applied is completed, the sexologist will give recommendations on possible solutions to the problem. Sometimes people need to undergo a full psychotherapeutic course, sometimes a medical examination, sometimes advice and an explanation of the cause of the disorder are enough.

Health problems can be suspected based on the results of a clinical and biochemical blood test. If there are suspicions of sexually transmitted diseases, then the patient is recommended to be tested for PCR, ELISA, for bacteriological culture.

When a sexologist suspects hormonal imbalance as the cause of a problem in the intimate sphere, then it is necessary to determine the level of hormones in the blood. In addition, it may be necessary to take a vaginal smear test, analysis of prostate secretions, ejaculate, urine, etc.

What diagnostic methods does a sexologist use?

The sexologist does not have specific diagnostic methods in service. It all depends on the problem the person is dealing with. It may be necessary to pass one or more of the above tests.

The most important thing in the work of this specialist is to establish trusting contact with the client and the ability to convey to the person the essence of the problem he has, the reasons for its occurrence. The person should be willing to deal with the violation.

In addition, consultation or treatment of a second sexual partner may be required. It is important that he does not refuse to accept, can understand the significance of the existing violation, if necessary, provide assistance and support to his other half. As for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, in this case, the therapy of both partners is strictly necessary.

Appointment with a sexologist

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