Dukan's Diet - Reviews, Opinions Of Doctors And Results

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Dukan's Diet - Reviews, Opinions Of Doctors And Results
Dukan's Diet - Reviews, Opinions Of Doctors And Results

Reviews and results of the Ducan diet

Reviews and results
Reviews and results

The Ducan diet is an extremely effective weight loss technique. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of people who have tried it on themselves. The diet allows you to get rid of extra pounds, become slimmer. It often gives results where other weight loss methods have failed.

Dukan's diet allows you to lose weight systematically, the weight goes away gradually, so you should not expect lightning-fast results. The Dukan power system is designed for a long time, but then the kilograms that have gone will not return. To be able to lose weight, you must strictly follow all the recommendations given by the author of the program.


  • Reviews and results of the Ducan diet
  • Reviews and results with dietitian comments
  • Doctors' opinion on the Ducan diet

Reviews and results of the Ducan diet

Lyuba writes:

“I have been following the Ducan diet for 33 days and I feel very good. I am 54 years old. During the time that I eat Ducan, I managed to get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. During the diet, there were holidays. I cooked for my family, but refused forbidden dishes myself. It didn't work for me. My starting weight is 102 kg, and my height is 165 cm. Since the result impressed me very much, I will definitely continue to lose weight according to the Ducan method."

Nikolai writes:

"I work as a doctor. They just can't figure out where the positive reviews about Ducan's diet come from. Patients with kidney tissue lesions are admitted to the hospital almost every week. Therefore, before starting to practice this diet, it is imperative to do the Reberg test, which will show whether a person can generally adhere to protein diets. You shouldn't blindly trust reviews"

Svetlana writes:

“For me, negative reviews about the Ducan diet are nonsense! The mother of my young man visits France very often. She said that in this country, almost every second person adheres to this method of losing weight. Very often, Ducan dishes can be found on the menu of restaurants. The stores have shelves that are called "Ducan". On them are the products that this doctor recommends for use. The effect of the diet is remarkable. I have been following a different dietary scheme for 4 days already, but from tomorrow I will switch to Ducan's diet."

Julia writes:

“Whoever wants to lose weight will certainly lose weight. Thanks to the Ducan diet, I lost 26 kg in just 3.5 months. I needed to lose weight after giving birth, and I did it! I adhered to the diet more than a year ago, but the weight is not gaining, and it pleases me. It happens that after another long feast I gain extra pounds, but it is enough to exclude sweets from the menu, and the weight returns to normal"

Sophia writes:

“I have been following this diet for 4.5 months. During this time, I managed to get rid of 30 kg. I want to share my impressions. As for constipation, they bothered me before starting the diet. When I started eating Ducan, everything went on as usual. However, in the last 7 days, severe constipation began to bother me, I began to notice that my eyesight had worsened and my hair was falling out very much.

During this week I am very sick, I feel unwell and weak. In general, the condition resembles poisoning. I didn’t change my diet, so I don’t understand what’s happening to me. In parallel, I take Omega 3, vitamins Perfectil, milk thistle. I apply nourishing masks to my hair. One day I refused to eat at all, I only boil the products, do not fry or bake. Better periodically.

I plan to go to the Consolidation phase and hold out for a week, then I will return to the Cruise phase. I alternate days according to the 1/1 scheme, but sometimes I allow myself to eat more than allowed for acceptable products.

Overall, it seems to me that the weight is going away too quickly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my initial body weight was 97 kg with a height of 161 cm. Now I am pondering whether I should start entering the “Consolidation” phase or wait any longer."

Christina writes:

“I am 35 years old and I tried to lose weight using a variety of methods. I want to say that it was Ducan's diet that I liked the most. In 6 months I managed to lose 17 kg. Now I weigh 63 kg, although before my weight was 80 kg.

The weight is currently worth it, but I want to get rid of another 7 kg. Therefore, from tomorrow I plan to switch to "Attack" and hold out on it for about 5 days. I think this will help, after which I will again return to the alternation of protein-vegetable days.

I want to say that all my friends who lost weight using the Ducan diet have successfully lost weight. I really like this program because you can eat when you want. Any diet is much easier to tolerate if the feeling of hunger does not pursue you"

Veronica writes:

“With the help of the Ducan diet, I managed to get rid of 13 kg of excess weight in just 45 days. I ate almost everything! I will not believe the negative reviews about this diet! They can only be written by envious people. I want to say that after completing the diet, I was tested. My health has not suffered, but my health has only improved"

Alina writes:

“I spent three weeks on the Ducan diet (on the light version). During this time, I managed to noticeably lose weight. After that, I switched to the usual menu (I eat right). However, I faced such a problem as the failure of the menstrual cycle. Rather, menstruation completely disappeared, as the hormonal background was disrupted. For more than six months I have been trying to recover, so I want to warn everyone about the possible danger"

Marina writes:

“I have been following the Ducan diet for over 4 months now and I feel great. In such a short time, I managed to lose 20 kg. The hips and waist are noticeably smaller. I use only a multicooker for cooking all dishes. Although it takes a long time to cook some products in it, the result is worth it."

Lily writes:

“I gave up on strict diets because I was breastfeeding my baby. I decided to get myself in shape 5 months after the cesarean section.

I liked Ducan's diet very much. It does not provide for strict prohibitions and restrictions on food. Neither morning nor evening did I feel hungry. The duration of the dietary diet is calculated on an individual basis, which largely depends on what results a person wants to achieve. During the "Attack" phase, I lost 5 kg. In the future, I got rid of another 5 kg of excess weight. As a result, I lost 10 kg in 6 months. This result is optimal for me. I didn't lose weight quickly, but the weight went away gradually and doesn't come back."

Marina writes:

“For me, Ducan's diet was difficult, especially in the first phase of the Attack. It seemed very difficult to eat only protein foods. However, all my suffering was rewarded, and I lost 8 kg of excess weight. Of course, the plans were to lose 12 kg, but the result that I managed to achieve suits me quite well"

Natasha writes:

“The Ducan diet is not suitable for those people who are not capable of self-organization. I followed all the recommendations, and I managed to lose 10 kg. I gained them over the winter, and got rid of this weight in three spring months. Therefore, by the summer I was 100% ready. Before the diet, my weight was 72 kg, ten of which went away in the spring. I lost another two kilograms in the summer. Weight continues to stay at around 60 kg, which I am very pleased with"

Elizabeth writes:

“I want to say that the Ducan diet works great. I know this from the example of my close friend. She managed to lose significant weight using this technique, although she is already at the age (she is 50 years old). I can't say for sure how many kilograms she lost, but she lost at least 2 sizes of clothes. Lena (that is her name) began to look much younger than her age, which was noticed by everyone around her. However, before starting the process of losing weight, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing contraindications"

Tatiana writes:

“The Ducan diet did not suit me at all. Already in the "Attack" phase I began to suffer from severe constipation. The sensations were very unpleasant, but I did it. When fruits appeared on the menu, it became easier, but the weight decreased by only half a kilo. Therefore, I did not want to continue.

Of the positive aspects, they can only highlight the fact that after this diet I fell in love with bran. Now I add them to a variety of dishes, from salads to baked goods."

Irina writes:

“You can lose weight with the Ducan diet, kilograms go away quickly enough. However, the protein menu contributes to the disturbance of metabolism, and quite strongly. You can not adhere to this weight loss program for people with diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas.

If a person has even minor violations in the work of the heart and blood vessels, then a protein diet can provoke the formation of blood clots. Of course, when impressive amounts of meat products are constantly present in the usual menu, the body will not react sharply to the Dukan menu. However, if a person eats little meat, then it is better to choose some other diet for weight loss.

During the "Attack" phase, I had severe headaches and dizziness. I really wanted to eat during the first phase.

Of course, you will be able to lose weight, but you also need to think about health. It is possible that now there will be no problems with it, but in old age the body will "remember" all the experiments that were carried out on it.

I believe that the Ducan diet can only be used in extreme cases, when exercise and proper nutrition do not help."

Reviews and results with dietitian comments

Julia (20 years old) writes: “I decided to try the Ducan diet on myself, as I had heard a lot about it from various sources. Moreover, I really love fish and meat. However, I couldn't even survive the Attack phase! In the morning I always had breakfast with porridge or pancakes. The sudden transition to protein foods greatly affected my mental state, as well as my stomach. Therefore, on the fifth day of the "Attack" I fell through. During this time, I managed to lose 2 kg, but I think that the excess fluid just left the body. I didn’t do any physical exercises”

Nutritionist comments: “The reason for the breakdown really lies in the fact that a person is used to breakfast with foods containing carbohydrates. To withstand the "Attack" phase, Yulia needed to introduce protein products during breakfast smoothly, not abruptly. Only after such preparation was it possible to start the Ducan diet"

Angela (20 years old) writes: “I survived 5 days in the Attack phase, then I spent 39 days in the Cruise phase. Then I stopped losing weight and returned to my usual diet. Although the weight loss did not continue, I did not gain weight again.

My starting body weight is 88 kg. I lost weight up to 69 kg. The result is excellent for me. However, it was very difficult to survive the first phase. I wanted to eat all the time. During the cruise phase it became easier, but began to notice sudden mood swings. From time to time, there was a desire to lock myself in the room so that no one bothers me, and just sleep.

I didn’t do physical exercises, I don’t have enough time for them. But during the Ducan diet, I learned a lot of new recipes, which I use now"

Nutritionist comments: “Angela's results are really good. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that she go into the “fixing” phase, despite the fact that she is already eating according to her usual pattern. If this is not done, the weight will definitely return.

As for feeling unwell, it is possible that it was provoked by external factors (problems in the family or at work). Lack of carbohydrate food only exacerbated minor depression."

Eva (33) writes: “I have a negative impression of Ducan's diet. It can negatively affect health, disrupting it no less than a diet called the "Diet of Angels" or the "Bony" diet.

Starting from the 22nd day of "Cruise" I developed severe back pain. Because of them, I could not even sleep properly. After visiting a doctor and doing an ultrasound scan, I found that I was developing kidney failure, although I had never had any kidney problems before.

I told the doctor that I was following the Ducan diet. The doctor answered me that it was this method of losing weight that caused my illness.

During the diet, I lost 10 kg, but during the period of illness I gained even more. Therefore, I do not advise people who are not used to eating a lot of protein foods to stick to this diet. Moreover, it is contraindicated for those who have kidney disease"

A nutritionist comments: “Kidney disease is a direct contraindication to the Ducan diet. During the digestion of protein products, the body produces a lot of uric acid, so the kidneys work hard to remove it.

As for this case: Eve needed to be more attentive to the signals of her own body. Most likely, even before she had renal colic, signs of organ dysfunction such as darkening of urine, mild pain in the lower back and in the bladder area developed."

Albina (19 years old) writes: “This is not the first time I have adhered to a strict diet, so I went through the Ducan diet completely. For all the time I managed to lose 18 kg. Moreover, the weight went away even during the "Stabilization" phase.

I felt great, I really liked the recipes for the Ducan diet. In parallel, I went in for sports (went to the pool and practiced water aerobics). As a result, the skin did not sag, the figure became embossed.

I believe that the Ducan diet may seem difficult only for those people who have never restricted themselves in their diet."

A dietitian commented: “It is very good to do water aerobics during the Ducan diet. It allows you to relieve stress and does not require significant physical effort.

So that the weight does not come back, I recommend continuing classes and 2 times in 7 days to arrange unloading on protein products"

Aliya (26 years old) writes: “I lost 5 kg during the“Attack”phase, but at the“Cruise”phase, the weight began to go very slowly.

I didn’t break and went through the whole diet from start to finish. However, I will not dare to do it a second time. Although it seemed to me effective, it was very difficult. For all the time it took 12 kg.

As for the exercises, I studied according to the Jillian Michaels system - I really liked the program. Nevertheless, I do not recommend Dukan's diet to anyone"

The nutritionist comments: “I do not recommend Aliya to repeat the Ducan diet, as the body does not accept it. That is why the weight loss program was given to her so hard. Weight, in my opinion, went away only thanks to the program of D. Michaels. Aliya gained muscle mass, which was largely facilitated by protein food"

Doctors' opinion on the Ducan diet

Experts from the French National Agency for the Safety of Food, Environment and Labor (ANSES) are of the opinion that the Ducan diet can lead to a malfunction in metabolic processes. The reason for this violation is the excessive consumption of protein foods, a lack of carbohydrates, vitamins and fats. If you adhere to such a weight loss program, then cholesterol levels can jump, and problems with the heart and blood vessels will develop. Complications from the kidneys and intestines are not excluded.

The British Dietetic Association names the Ducan Diet as the worst weight loss program of all "star" diets. Association representatives consider it very harmful and very strict. It is rather difficult to follow such a program. Even the author of the technique, Pierre Dukan, does not deny that his nutritional system can provoke the development of health problems (lungs can suffer, the processes of food digestion are disrupted, and rapid fatigue develops).

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The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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