Japanese Diet For 7 Days - Menu, Table And Results

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Japanese Diet For 7 Days - Menu, Table And Results
Japanese Diet For 7 Days - Menu, Table And Results

Japanese diet for 7 days

The Japanese diet for 7 days is the shortest type of weight loss method of the same name: there are also schemes designed for 13 and 14 days. The main advantage of the seven-day regimen is that impressive results can be achieved in such a short time. Average weight loss is 3-6 kg.

However, a Japanese diet that lasts only one week is a serious test of willpower. This weight loss system is considered one of the most severe for a reason. Therefore, if there is, first of all, psychological readiness, then you should not go on such a diet.


  • The essence of the Japanese diet for 7 days
  • Japanese diet rules for 7 days
  • How to choose the right products?
  • Japanese diet menu: table
  • Benefits of the 7 Day Japanese Diet
  • Disadvantages of the Japanese diet for 7 days
  • Results of the Japanese diet for 7 days

The essence of the Japanese diet for 7 days

The essence of the Japanese diet
The essence of the Japanese diet

Every person who decided to lose weight and chose the Japanese diet to achieve this goal needs to figure out exactly what causes weight loss.

First, the diet menu is very strict. There is practically no breakfast in it, and the number of meals is limited to three. The Japanese diet does not include snacks.

Secondly, the diet is very low in calories. On average, a person receives about 1100 kcal per day, and sometimes only 700 kcal. In addition, the products are selected so that certain chemical reactions are triggered in the body that are aimed at burning fat.

Thirdly, for a week, a person eats almost only protein foods, which is the main focus. Carbohydrates and fats, of course, are present, but in very limited quantities. The fact that the menu is not devoid of fiber enhances the slimming effect.

If these arguments seemed convincing to you, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the Japanese seven-day diet.

Japanese diet rules for 7 days

Japanese diet rules
Japanese diet rules
  • You cannot, at your own discretion, correct the sequence set in the menu. That is, Tuesday's diet cannot be replaced with the set of foods that is intended for Thursday, etc.

  • Dishes on the menu of one day cannot be interchanged: for example, it is forbidden to eat those products for dinner that rely on lunch.
  • Coffee or green tea, which is drunk for breakfast, should be without added sugar or milk.
  • It is highly undesirable to salt food during cooking. However, if it is very difficult to eat food without salt, then a small amount of it in dishes is permissible.
  • The drinking regime must be strictly observed. You need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day without gas. This volume does not include coffee, tea and kefir.
  • Every morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of warm water. Also, water must be drunk half an hour before meals and two hours after meals.
  • You need to enter the diet correctly, for which you should start preparing the body in advance. At least a week in advance, you must stop eating fried, fatty, spicy and too salty foods. Preference should be given to boiled rice, lean meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as fermented milk products.

  • You also need to leave the diet gradually. That is, after 7 days, you cannot immediately return to the menu that the person adhered to earlier. The portions must be increased gradually. Also, you can smoothly begin to introduce carbohydrate and fatty foods.
  • To consolidate the result, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and limit the calorie content of dishes in the future.
  • Products are allowed to be boiled and baked, although they can even be fried. But this method of heat treatment should not be abused.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be at the same time every day, you cannot skip them.
  • All food should be chewed especially carefully. This will contribute to the fact that the products are better absorbed and digested, which is extremely necessary with such a low calorie meal.

  • A glass of water without gas allows you to muffle the feeling of hunger.

So that the diet does not become torture for a losing weight person, you can bring some oriental flavor into it. For example, eat all food with wooden sticks. While eating, you can listen to oriental music or watch Asian films. This will make the process of losing weight more interesting and unusual, especially since the psychological attitude remains a very important element in any diet.

How to choose the right products?

How to choose the right products
How to choose the right products

Breakfast of the Japanese diet consists mainly of coffee, because it is this invigorating drink that allows you to start and speed up the metabolism. A cup of a cafe does not harm people against the background of complete health, even if they consume it on an empty stomach (after drinking a glass of warm water). However, the most important condition is that the coffee must be of high quality. It is unacceptable to use "3 in 1" coffee or low-grade powdered drink during the diet. If a person cannot drink natural coffee, then it is allowed to replace it with high-quality green tea.

Cabbage is one of the staple foods in the Japanese diet. In addition to the fact that it has a low calorie content, the body spends more energy on its digestion than it receives. Cabbage is also a valuable source of fiber, which enables the intestines to function properly. It is important to choose medium sized forks so that they are free of rot or mildew. The same goes for the choice of carrots.

Chicken and beef, which are used in the menu of the Japanese diet, must be fresh. It is best to take not frozen, but chilled meat. The product should have a low calorie content, so chicken breast and lean beef fillet are used for cooking.

Fish also need to choose low-fat, but at the same time it should be marine, not river. For example, fillets of hake, cod, blue whiting and sea bass can be used. Suitable for steaming or oven cooking haddock, pollock and navaga. In addition to the fact that these inhabitants of the sea have a low calorie content, they are also 100% absorbed by the body.

You will also need chicken eggs, tomato juice, olive oil, low-fat cheese, kefir and fruits to compose the menu. Almost any fruit can be used with the exception of bananas and grapes.

Japanese diet menu: table

Japanese diet menu
Japanese diet menu
  1. First day:

    • Breakfast: Coffee

    • Lunch: A glass of tomato juice, 2 boiled eggs, Chinese cabbage salad with olive oil

    • Dinner: Steamed fish (250 g).

  2. Second day:

    • Breakfast: Rye rusks, coffee.

    • Lunch: Boiled fish (250 g), cabbage salad with olive oil.

    • Dinner: Boiled beef (100 g), a glass of low-fat kefir.

  3. The third day:

    • Breakfast: Rye rusks, coffee.

    • Lunch: Fried zucchini in unlimited quantities.

    • Dinner: Boiled beef (200 g), boiled chicken eggs (2 pcs.), Cabbage salad.

  4. Fourth day:

    • Breakfast: Coffee

    • Lunch: Boiled egg, cheese (50 g), boiled carrots.

    • Dinner: Two apples.

  5. The fifth day:

    • Breakfast: Boiled carrots with lemon juice.

    • Lunch: A pound of boiled chicken breast, cabbage salad with carrots, seasoned with olive oil.

    • Dinner: Two apples.

  6. Sixth day:

    • Breakfast: Coffee

    • Lunch: Steamed fish (200 g), tomato juice.

    • Dinner: Cabbage salad, two boiled eggs.

  7. Seventh day:

    • Breakfast: Green tea.

    • Lunch: Boiled beef (200 g), pear.

    • Dinner: Steamed fish (200 g), a glass of kefir.

Benefits of the 7 Day Japanese Diet

Benefits of the Japanese diet
Benefits of the Japanese diet

Like any other weight loss technique, the Japanese diet has its advantages, including:

  • In a week, you can lose up to 6 kg of excess weight, which is a very good result.
  • Many people, after a seven-day restriction on the menu, get used to this moderate type of food and switch to it in the future (meaning small portion sizes). The adaptation of the body to food restrictions occurs quickly enough.
  • In addition to getting rid of extra pounds, the diet allows you to remove toxins from the body and normalize metabolism.
  • The effect of the Japanese diet lasts for a long time, but provided that the person continues to eat properly.
  • This diet suits even the most modest budget, as the foods it is based on are affordable. They can also be found on store shelves all year round.

Disadvantages of the Japanese diet for 7 days


The Japanese diet for 7 days also has disadvantages, among which the following points can be highlighted:

  • Since the calorie content of the daily menu is very low, a person will feel hungry, especially in the first days after entering the diet. This can provoke the onset of weakness, drowsiness, and sometimes even impaired coordination of movements. In conditions close to fainting, the diet should be abandoned.
  • The diet has certain contraindications, including cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, diseases of the urinary system, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The diet involves eating food 3 times a day, and there are no snacks in it. Most nutritionists consider this a huge disadvantage and insist that the number of approaches to the table per day should be at least five. Otherwise, the body begins to experience severe stress.

Results of the Japanese diet for 7 days

Results of the Japanese diet
Results of the Japanese diet

The Seven Day Japanese Diet is a very effective weight loss technique. Thanks to her, you can get rid of, on average, 5 extra pounds, and sometimes even more. The end result depends on the initial weight of the person, as well as on the individual characteristics of the organism. There is evidence that some people lost up to 7-9 kg in a week. Moreover, their initial weight was quite impressive.

In addition to the fact that the diet allows you to quickly eliminate excess weight, the result will be maintained for a long time. The only condition is only the correct way out of the method of losing weight and adherence to the principle of moderation in food in the future.

Elvira. During pregnancy, I gained 20 extra pounds. Ten of them left immediately after giving birth, and another ten simply did not move. I decided to try the Japanese diet and did not regret it. I lost 5 kg in just a week and voila - the weight did not return. Three months have already passed, now I am waiting for another two to pass, and again I will try to correct my figure. Yes, the diet was hard for me, but it did not cause any side effects.

Elena. A friend advised me this diet, since I gained 10 kg over the winter. I didn't really believe in a positive result, but I tried it and was not disappointed. In just a week, I got rid of 4.8 kg. I will also lose weight and recommend this diet to everyone. Difficult, but possible!

Alina. This is not even a diet, but a real lifeline for women striving for an ideal figure. I have a hard time restricting myself to food on normal days. But once every 3 months I use the 7-day Japanese diet and keep my weight in check. So I live: I gained 4-5 kg, I lose weight for a week. Weight does not return for a long time - about 3 months, provided that I tend to be overweight and eat what I want. I advise all girls with a similar problem to try it.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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