Diet 6 Petals, Menu For Every Day, Reviews And Results

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Video: Diet 6 Petals, Menu For Every Day, Reviews And Results

Video: Diet 6 Petals, Menu For Every Day, Reviews And Results
Diet 6 Petals, Menu For Every Day, Reviews And Results
Diet 6 Petals, Menu For Every Day, Reviews And Results

6 petal diet: menu for every day

6 petal diet
6 petal diet

Presumably, the 6-petal diet was developed in Sweden by nutritionist Anna Johansson. However, this fact has not been confirmed to date. It also remains a "secret" whether she practiced this diet on herself, and what results she managed to achieve. It is not known exactly when the diet was developed. Despite all these “dark spots”, the 6-Petal Program has been proven to be effective in losing weight. So, in a day you can lose up to 800 g, if you adhere to all the rules of the method. Women around the world have experienced this diet for themselves, and the result has impressed them.

The 6 petal diet is based on the principles of separate nutrition. During the week, a person will need to follow monocomponent mini diets. Moreover, every day the main food component in the menu will change. The basic principle of each mini diet is to eat foods that have a similar chemical composition. Due to this approach, you can quickly lose excess weight.

A. Johansson recommends that his followers take a piece of paper and draw a flower consisting of six petals on it.

Each petal will have its own name, according to one or another day of the diet:

  1. "Fish" petal.
  2. "Vegetable" petal.
  3. "Chicken" petal.
  4. Cereal petal.
  5. "Curd" petal.
  6. "Fruit" petal.

If you carry out such preparation for a diet, then this will create the desired psychological attitude, make the diet focused on a specific person. Thus, the motivation for losing weight will be enhanced.


  • Principles and rules of the 6 petal diet
  • 6 Petal Diet Day Sequence
  • 6 Petal Diet Menu
  • Prohibited foods of the 6 petal diet
  • 6 Petal Diet Recipes
  • Diet exit rules
  • Pros and cons of the 6 petal diet
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews and results

Principles and rules of the 6 petal diet

Principles and rules of the 6 petal diet
Principles and rules of the 6 petal diet

The diet is based on three principles:

  1. The alternation of proteins and carbohydrates. Protein days must necessarily alternate with carbohydrate days. It is this principle that allows you to effectively lose weight and not harm your health Protein stages: day 1, day 3 and day 5. Carbohydrate stages: day 2, day 4, day 6. Fat will begin to go away due to carbohydrate starvation on protein days, but glucose deficiency the body will not experience, as they are replaced by carbohydrate days. Fats are also on the menu. They are represented by curd, fish and meat components. Therefore, the diet menu can be called balanced.

  2. Every day one mono-diet is replaced by another. Since a person eats foods with the same chemical composition throughout the day, this allows you to lose weight.
  3. The principle of separate feeding. All products are compatible with each other. If you do not follow this principle, then the rate of digestion will be reduced. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins that enter the body at the same time will not be able to be digested, which will lead to the accumulation of fat. Therefore, the principle of separate nutrition during a diet is fundamental.

The 6 petal diet assumes compliance with the following rules:

  • Days should go in the suggested sequence: fish, vegetable, chicken, cereal, curd, fruit.
  • You need to eat food in small portions, but at least 5 times a day. Chew food thoroughly before swallowing.
  • You need to drink a lot of water. Up to 2 cups of tea a day are also allowed. Alcoholic drinks are prohibited. Do not drink water while eating.
  • Sugar from the menu should be excluded.
  • A week after the diet, it can be repeated.
  • During the diet, you need to exercise.

6 Petal Diet Day Sequence


The menu is based on 6 mono-diets. Sugar and fats, including honey, are removed from the diet. Avoiding sweets allows you to start the process of losing weight, while the body will draw energy from fat reserves. There is no shortage of complete proteins or carbohydrates in the menu. All products are combined with each other, so the weight goes away as quickly as possible.

1 day

The first day is fishy. The menu allows you to saturate the body with proteins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. The products are low in calories and are well absorbed. The liver does not experience stress, it works as usual.

The average serving weight is 150 g.

Products for a fish day:

  • Fatty fish: mackerel, herring, eel, salmon, pink salmon, carp, horse mackerel, sea bass, halibut.
  • Diet fish: pike perch, trout, hake, cod, flounder, tilapia, tuna, pike perch, perch, pike.
  • Other seafood: shrimp, squid, octopus, seaweed, mussels.

2 day

The second day is vegetable. It involves eating vegetables that are sources of complex carbohydrates and vitamins. Up to 2 kg of vegetables are eaten per day.

Foods that can be eaten:

  • Any varieties of cabbage.
  • Root crops: carrots, radishes, turnips, radishes, beets. You can eat potatoes, but the portion should be small.
  • Salad vegetables: spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus.
  • Other vegetables: pumpkin, squash, eggplant, sorrel.
  • Greens: onions, dill, garlic, cilantro, parsley, etc.

The calorie content of vegetables is small, and often it is completely "negative", that is, the body spends more energy on digesting the product than it receives. For example, this is true for cucumbers, the calorie content of which is 15 kcal per 100 g.

Day 3

The third day of the diet is chicken. At this time, the body receives an impressive portion of proteins and B vitamins, which helps prevent muscle burning during the process of losing weight. Energy will come from fat.

Foods that are allowed on this day: chicken breast, chicken fillet. If there are any difficulties associated with the use of chicken meat, then it can be replaced with turkey meat. Lean cuts of beef or veal will also work. You need to eat 0.5 kg of meat products per day.

Day 4

The fourth day of the diet is cereal. On this day, the body receives a complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as plant proteins. Carbohydrates contained in cereals are digested slowly, which allows you not to feel hunger for a long time, and also to continue to lose weight.

Foods that can be eaten during the fourth day of the diet:

  • Bran.
  • Groats: barley, oatmeal, couscous, millet, buckwheat, rice.
  • Raw seeds, fresh nuts.
  • Bread.

Unprocessed, the total daily allowance for cereals is equal to 200 grams. To avoid overeating, you need to use household scales.

Day 5

The fifth day of the diet is curd. On this day, the body is saturated with lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, microelements. Fat continues to be consumed as the main source of energy.

Foods that can be eaten on this day:

  • Low-fat cheese (the fat content of the product should not exceed 5%);
  • Such types of cheese as: ricotta, feta cheese, chechil, oltermani, feta, gaudette;
  • Cottage cheese in grains;
  • Eggs;
  • Milk.

The total mass of all products per day is 0.5 kg.

6 day

The last day of the diet involves eating fruit. Their total daily weight is 1-1.5 kg. The menu of this day is designed to speed up metabolism and saturate the body with vitamins.

Fruits that can be eaten:

  • Apple, pomegranate, kiwi, pear.
  • Berries: watermelons, cherries, plums, raspberries, sweet cherries, strawberries, cranberries, strawberries, currants, plums.
  • Dried fruits.

You will not have to starve on a diet, but the process of losing weight will be very intense.

Water should be the main source of fluid during the diet. You need to drink at least 2 liters of it a day. You can also drink green tea and herbal teas, but no sugar is added to them. Forget about carbonated drinks.

6 Petal Diet Menu

6 Petal Diet Menu
6 Petal Diet Menu

A menu specially designed for the 6-petal diet will allow you to diversify your daily diet. After all, if you eat only boiled chicken or baked fish throughout the day, this can lead to the fact that the product will become simply hated. Therefore, before embarking on a weight loss program, you need to study all the options for the proposed menu for every day.

1 day

  • First meal: boiled fish fillet with spices. The water needs to be slightly salted during cooking.
  • First snack: fish baked in foil with herbs. Fish should be slightly salted during cooking.
  • Main meal: fish-based ear. Do not add vegetables during cooking.
  • Second snack: steamed fish.
  • Last meal: boiled fish fillet.
  • What to drink: green tea and fish broth.

2 day

  • First meal: grated carrots.
  • First snack: boiled potatoes in a peel.
  • Main meal: vegetable stew with salt.
  • Second snack: steamed vegetables.
  • Last meal: Raw vegetables in salad.

  • What to drink: green tea and vegetable-based juices.

Day 3

  • First meal: boiled chicken fillet.
  • First snack: chicken fillet in foil, with herbs.
  • Main meal: chicken soup with herbs, but no vegetables.
  • Second snack: grilled chicken fillet.
  • Last meal: boiled chicken.
  • What to drink: chicken broth, green tea.

Day 4

  • First meal: boiled wheat germ.
  • First snack: buckwheat porridge with herbs.
  • Main meal: boiled wild rice.
  • Second snack: oatmeal with seeds and nuts.
  • Last meal: buckwheat porridge with herbs.
  • What to drink: herbal tea, homemade kvass.

Day 5

  • First meal: cottage cheese mixed with yogurt.
  • First snack: cottage cheese with milk.
  • Main meal: low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Second snack: cottage cheese with milk.
  • Last meal: low-fat cottage cheese.
  • What to drink: You can drink 250 ml of milk and green tea per day.

6 day

  • First meal: an apple.
  • First snack: grapefruit.
  • Main meal: oranges.
  • Second snack: kiwi and pineapple.

  • Last meal: green apples.
  • What to drink: Herbal tea and fruit-based juices.

Prohibited foods of the 6 petal diet

Prohibited foods
Prohibited foods

Foods that should not be eaten during a diet:

  1. Bakery products. As an exception, several slices of bread are allowed per day. Moreover, the bread must be made from whole grain flour.
  2. Any sweets, including chocolate and confectionery.
  3. Any oil.
  4. Canned food, smoked products, industrial semi-finished products.
  5. Coffee, sweet soda, packaged juices, compote.
  6. All products that do not make up the menu of a particular day.

6 Petal Diet Recipes

Fish diet

Fish diet
Fish diet

Fish meatballs

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Fillet of white fish - 1 kg.
  • Greens.
  • Salt.

The fish is passed through a meat grinder, salted, mixed with chopped herbs. Meatballs are prepared from minced meat and baked in the oven until cooked.

Fish soup "Petal"

To make the soup, you will need the following products:

  • A fish.
  • Water
  • Greens and salt.

The fish is boiled until cooked, part of the water is drained. Pass the soup through a blender, season it with chopped herbs.

Baked pollock

To cook fish, you will need the following products:

  • Pollock.
  • Greens and salt.

Pollock is cut into pieces, salted, put on a baking sheet and baked in the oven until the fish is covered with a golden crust. You can cook fish with parsley or dill.

Chum salmon

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Chum fillet.
  • Salt and herbs.

The chum salmon is cut into pieces, salted, cooked in a double boiler with the addition of herbs.

Vegetable diet

Lazy stuffed cabbage

Lazy stuffed cabbage
Lazy stuffed cabbage

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Carrot.
  • Cabbage.
  • Onion.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Eggplant.
  • Sweet pepper.
  • Salt.

Vegetables are chopped and stewed (onions, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage) in a little water. Before the end of cooking, vegetables are salted.

Peppers stuffed with vegetables

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Bulgarian pepper - 4 pcs.
  • Carrot.
  • A tomato.
  • Zucchini.
  • Onion and garlic.

Rub the carrots, cut the rest of the vegetables, put them in a cauldron and stew. Add salt and herbs to taste. When the stew is done, they are filled with peppers. Bring the dish to full readiness for steam.

Tomato soup

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • A pound of tomatoes.
  • Onion.
  • Garlic - a few cloves.
  • Greens.

Stew garlic, onions and tomatoes for 10 minutes, then add water to completely cover the vegetables, cook for another 10 minutes. The finished mass is cooled, passed through a blender. Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

Chicken diet

Chicken diet
Chicken diet

Diet minced chicken cutlets

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Chicken fillet.
  • Egg.
  • Salt and herbs.

Chicken fillet is chopped, greens and eggs are added to the mince, and salted. Form cutlets from minced meat and bake them in the oven. If you wish, you can prepare meals in a double boiler.

Chicken fillet in foil

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Chicken fillet - 0.3 kg.
  • Salt, bay leaves, ground pepper.

Small punctures are made on the meat with a knife, rubbed with spices and left for 2 hours. Then the meat is wrapped in foil, cooked in a preheated oven for half an hour.

Chicken soup

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Chicken fillet - 0.2 kg.
  • Basil, dill, parsley, celery leaves.
  • Salt, peppercorns, coriander.

Boil chicken fillet, do not drain the broth. When the meat is ready, all the spices and all the chopped greens are added to it. Leave the fire on for another 2 minutes. Before serving, the chicken is cut into strips, laid out on plates and poured over with broth.

Cereal diet

Cereal diet
Cereal diet

Buckwheat cutlets

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Buckwheat - 100 g.
  • Greens.
  • Salt.

Buckwheat is boiled with a little salt and passed through a blender. Minced meat is mixed with herbs, cutlets are formed from it. They are baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 ° C.

Oatmeal cookies

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • 160 g of oatmeal.
  • A glass of skim milk.
  • Vanillin.
  • 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • 10 g of honey.

Pour oatmeal with hot milk, add vanillin, slaked soda and honey to it, mix thoroughly. Cookies are formed from the finished dough, baked in the oven.

Curd ration

Curd ration
Curd ration

Cottage cheese casserole

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Chicken egg white.
  • Skimmed milk.

All components are mixed using a blender. The finished dough is laid out in a dish, baked in the oven until a golden crust appears.


To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • 0.3 kg of cottage cheese.
  • 15 semolina.
  • Egg.

An egg is driven into the cottage cheese, small pancakes are formed from it, rolled in semolina and baked in the oven.

Dessert with cottage cheese and coffee

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • A teaspoon of coffee.
  • Sugar substitute.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Water.

Cottage cheese is diluted with water, sugar substitute and coffee are added to it, and passed through a blender. When the mass becomes homogeneous, the dessert can be considered ready.

Dessert "Mono"

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Milk with 0% fat content.
  • Sweetener.
  • Cinnamon.

All products are mixed with a blender until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Fruit diet
Fruit diet

Banana and kiwi smoothie

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

  • 50 ml of apple juice.
  • 1 banana.
  • 2 kiwi.

All products are passed through a blender. The smoothie is ready.

Diet exit rules

Diet exit rules
Diet exit rules

If you do not follow the rules for exiting the diet, then the results achieved will be lost very quickly.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the suggested recommendations:

  • After completing the diet, you need to continue to eat the same foods. You will need to adhere to such a menu for several days. The calorie content of dishes should increase smoothly, the maximum daily calorie content is 1800 kcal.
  • Products should be dietary, because during the process of losing weight, the body is accustomed to food that spares the digestive organs.
  • New foods (those that were not on the diet menu) should be introduced into the diet gradually.
  • After completing the diet, you must continue to exercise. It is imperative that you do yourself an anti-cellulite massage, which will avoid the problem of sagging skin, will make it possible to keep your muscles in good shape and, in general, will make your figure more attractive.

Pros and cons of the 6 petal diet

Pros and cons
Pros and cons

Diet Pros:

  • The body goes through a cleansing process during the diet. Toxins are removed from it, and the intestines and other digestive organs begin to work correctly.
  • In a short time, you will be able to lose impressive amounts of fat.
  • During the diet, a person will not feel hungry.
  • The menu is not monotonous.
  • Dishes do not require lengthy cooking.
  • The diet is not harmful to health.

Cons of the diet:

  • During the diet, you need to exercise, otherwise the skin will sag and become flabby.
  • During protein days, a person may experience increased fatigue and weakness.
  • Most nutritionists claim that you can normally lose no more than 150 grams of fat per day. The 6-petal diet involves burning fat at a much faster rate.
  • You cannot follow a diet while breastfeeding and while carrying a baby.
  • You cannot follow the 6-petal diet for people with pathologies of the cardiovascular system, with impaired renal function, and diabetes mellitus. A contraindication to its implementation is a malfunction of the endocrine and digestive systems.
  • If a person has recently suffered a viral infection, or his immunity is weakened for some other reason, then it is better to abstain from the diet.



Contraindications to the 6 petal diet:

  • Diseases of the digestive system in a chronic form.
  • Undergoing treatment with hormonal drugs.
  • Diabetes.
  • Undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Low level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • The period of gestation and breastfeeding.

Reviews and results

Elizaveta Sergeevna, nutritionist:

“I do not consider the 6-petal diet to be a nutritional program that could be harmful to health. But you cannot stick to it more often 3 times a year. If you do not observe such a periodicity, then you can provoke the development of gastritis or stomach ulcers, reduce your own performance and not only."

Tatyana Vladimirovna, nutritionist:

“Any diet has its own contraindications and may not suit a particular person. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Therefore, before starting the process of losing weight, I strongly recommend that you consult a specialist."

Ekaterina Anatolyevna, therapist:

“In case of kidney pathologies and diseases of the cardiovascular system, any mono-diets are prohibited. So, protein days can provoke an exacerbation of diseases of the urinary system, and carbohydrate days will cause a jump in blood sugar. I believe that if a diet can harm the body, it cannot be called safe."

Venera Vasilievna, nutritionist:

“Although I am not a supporter of mono-diets, the 6-petal weight loss program can be called one of the most balanced. Nevertheless, just proper nutrition and regular exercise will allow you to lose weight no worse than any, even the most wonderful diets. If it was decided to lose weight with the help of "6 petals", then you should follow the rules for getting out of the diet, switching to the usual diet gradually."

Reviews of those who have lost weight

Ksenia, 42 years old: “The second birth just disfigured my figure, I recovered greatly. And she moved very little, but ate a lot. I tried the cucumber and egg diet, but I couldn't stand it. They arrange a fasting day for themselves 1 time in 7 days, but after it I start to overeat.

“6 petals” was advised to me by a friend. The diet helped her lose 8 kg. I decided to suddenly help. During the diet, I was never hungry! I really love all the products that need to be eaten every day. The only difficulty was that you can't eat sweets. In two weeks I lost 10 kg. I didn’t even expect such a result”.

Yuliana, 63 years old: “I don't understand why so many positive reviews come from. The diet allowed me to lose only 2 kg, but I would have succeeded anyway, because there is no bread or sweets on the menu. I will try again, I hope that the following results will impress me more."

Ekaterina, 56 years old: “I wasn't going to lose weight until the joints on my legs started to hurt. My doctor recommended me to lose weight. I opted for the 6-petal diet.

In a week from 67 kg, I lost 64 kg, and I feel much better. In addition, the problems with the intestines are gone, there is no more bloating and diarrhea. Of course, it may coincide, but I will try the diet again."

Alina, 30 years old: “This diet did not suit me at all. I was hungry all the time. I lost 2.9 kg all the time, but I really wanted to eat. I barely waited until the end of the diet to eat something forbidden. After 14 days, my weight returned to its original positions, although I continued to eat properly and limited the amount of portions. This diet is probably not for me."


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).


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