25 Products For Memory And Intelligence - Expert Comments

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Video: 25 Products For Memory And Intelligence - Expert Comments

Video: 25 Products For Memory And Intelligence - Expert Comments
Video: Improve Memory and Intelligence - Dr. Neil Nedley 2023, March
25 Products For Memory And Intelligence - Expert Comments
25 Products For Memory And Intelligence - Expert Comments

25 products for memory and intelligence

25 products
25 products

The work of the brain is incredibly complex, and many secrets of the functioning of this organ have not yet been revealed. It is only known for certain that it is located in the cranium and is responsible for mental activity.

Human Brain Abilities:

  • Ability to process information at incredible speed. It is several times faster than the speed of a computer.
  • The ability to reproduce such an amount of energy during wakefulness, which would be enough to light a light bulb.
  • The ability to accumulate and store information that exceeds the memory capacity of hundreds of computers.

If we put all the vessels of the brain in one line, then its length will be 161,000 km. It is the brain that is supplied with blood better than all other organs. The brain controls the work of all internal organs and body parts by sending signals to them. The better it is developed, the more abilities a person has: literary, musical, artistic, mathematical, etc.

The brain is constantly working. He is the main command post of the whole organism. Naturally, such an abundance of functions requires quality nutrition. Scientists point out that the foods that a person eats have a direct impact on the performance of the brain. One food "likes" the brain more and the other less.


  • Healthy gut - healthy brain
  • Fish oil is the best food for the brain
  • 25 best foods for memory and intelligence

Healthy gut - healthy brain


A person's mood and well-being directly depends on what he eats. The diet affects the condition of nails, skin, hair, muscles, figure, etc. Naturally, the brain also depends on the menu. It has been proven that normal functioning of the brain is impossible without normal bowel function.

The bacteria that inhabit the human digestive system produce substances that affect the entire body. The worse the intestines absorb nutrients, the higher the likelihood of developing inflammatory reactions.

To maintain bowel function, you need to include sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, kefir in the menu. As numerous studies have shown, the path through the stomach leads not only to the male heart, but also to the healthy brain.

Fish oil is the best food for the brain


Most adults probably remember being forced to drink fish oil as a child. Its benefits for the brain are proven. Scientists have confirmed that fish oil can work wonders.

Useful properties of fish oil for the body:

  • Reducing harm from consuming “wrong” food.
  • Prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis.
  • Improving brain function, regardless of the person's age.
  • Elimination of the phenomena of dyspepsia.
  • Elimination of the negative effects of stress on the body.
  • Prevention of senile dementia.
  • Improving mental ability.

Consuming fish oil can increase blood serotonin levels. This hormone is responsible for a good mood. Scientists point out that fish oil helps to maintain clarity of consciousness into old age.


On the subject: What foods contain omega 3?

25 best foods for memory and intelligence

Top 25 Products
Top 25 Products

Every day a person faces many challenges. They can be simple (what to eat for breakfast) and complex (thoughts about the universe). The brain analyzes all situations and decides how to get out of them. In order for the body to be able to work clearly and clearly throughout life, you need to eat right.

Neurologist David Perlmutter, who wrote the book Food and the Brain, is of the opinion that there is a close connection between the work of the brain and the food that a person consumes. He highlighted several foods that help energize this major organ.

Among them:

  1. Walnuts, cashews, almonds. Even in appearance, the kernel of a walnut resembles the human brain. The benefit of these products is that they contain glycine. This substance allows the brain to function better.

  2. Oatmeal. Eating oatmeal in the morning can energize your brain for the whole day. Oatmeal is a source of the right carbohydrates to provide energy. Glucose from porridge promotes the production of acetylcholine. This substance is essential for improving memory and other thinking abilities.

    Tatiana Parkhomenko, technologist:


    “Oatmeal cookies are a great source of energy. It contains carbohydrates that are good for the brain. The body processes them slowly, and the energy received ensures the functioning of the brain. Oatmeal contains such useful elements as: B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, selenium. Rich cookies for amino acids, including: leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tyrosine, valine.

    Oatmeal feeds the brain with fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is also a source of fiber.

    Flour contains oat oil, which supplies omega-3 fatty acids to the body. Therefore, the regular use of oatmeal cookies in food can improve memory, thinking, attention.

    If the biscuits contain nuts or dried fruits, then the value of this product increases. Biscuits with natural chocolate pieces and cranberries are also useful."

  3. Egg. Eggs are a source of lutein, which can reduce the risk of heart attack. However, egg yolks should not be overused as they are a source of cholesterol. In small doses, it is beneficial, especially for men, as it stimulates testosterone production. Eating an egg, a person receives choline, which is converted in the body into acetylcholine, which improves memory. Phospholipids from eggs are responsible for strengthening nerve cells.

  4. Fatty fish. Saltwater fish is a source of fat and protein. 100 g of boiled fillet contains 100 mg of fish oil. A person needs 1 g, therefore, to feed the brain, it is necessary to include fish dishes in the diet at least 3 times a week.

  5. Green tea. To benefit from the drink, you need to purchase natural leaf tea. Tea dust contains no nutrients for the brain. Regular intake of green tea improves memory, accelerates psychomotor reactions, and increases tissue regeneration processes.

  6. Carrot. Luteolin, found in root vegetables, protects brain cells from destruction.

  7. Seaweed. It is a valuable source of iodine, which is abundant in it. Iodine helps prevent memory lapses and prevents depression.

  8. Blueberries. These berries are a source of vitamins and antioxidants that the brain needs to function properly. Eating blueberries regularly can help you avoid short-term memory problems.

  9. Water. Consumption of pure mineral water improves the performance of the brain by 10%. You need to drink 8 glasses of mineral water per day.

  10. Rosemary. This product is a source of carnosic acid, which allows to expand the lumen of the cerebral vessels, which is an excellent prevention of stroke. Even the smell of rosemary has been found to improve memory.

  11. Broccoli. Broccoli contains boron, magnesium, vitamin K. All these substances are necessary for the brain to ensure its normal performance.

  12. Avocado. The fruit is a valuable source of fatty acids and minerals. Therefore, its regular use in food will normalize the blood supply to the brain.

  13. Chocolate. This sweet product is able to saturate the body with antioxidants and antidepressants. Moreover, chocolate contains more of them than green tea and apples. In order to benefit from chocolate, you need to choose a naturally bitter product. Then the brain will receive quality nutrition and protection from oxidative processes.

  14. Apples. Fruits contain antioxidants that keep your mind clear for years.

  15. Berries. Most of them are rich in vitamin C, but cranberries are the undoubted leader in this regard. Morse from them allows you to improve memory, charge the brain with energy and enhance attention.

  16. Garlic. It is a source of phytoncides that prevent brain aging and also destroy harmful flora in the body.

  17. Tomatoes. These vegetables contain melatonin, which improves vascular health and keeps brain cells young.

  18. Shrimp. Their meat is a source of fatty acids, which the brain needs so much. To ensure the nutrition of the organ, it is enough to eat 100 g of shrimp per day.

  19. Natural coffe. The drink prevents the development of senile dementia, improves the performance of the brain, accelerates neural reactions in it.

  20. Chicken meat. In addition to the low calorie content, this product is a source of B vitamins. They are necessary to improve memory and strengthen the nervous system.

  21. Spinach. It is the best product for enhancing intellectual ability.

  22. Mussels. They contain a lot of zinc, which improves memory, has a positive effect on the emotional sphere of a person and normalizes the quality of sleep.

  23. Lemon. It is no secret that lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, which is the main memory aid.

  24. Honey. It contains glucose, which feeds the brain. To improve the efficiency of the organ, it is enough to add a spoonful of honey to the porridge prepared for breakfast.

  25. Beet. This vegetable is a source of betaine, which improves concentration, mood and response.

Having introduced these foods into your diet, after 3 weeks you will notice that the brain began to work better.

Olga Bender (biologist, leading specialist of the Practice of HORA):


“To maintain a healthy brain, you need to not only eat healthy foods, but also follow the rules for their intake.

Interestingly, to activate the neural connections of the brain, it is enough to raise the back legs of the chair on which the person works by 3 cm. This method has a scientific basis and its own name "Chair HORA". At the moment, patent applications for its manufacture have already been registered in America and in Russia. While it is not necessary to purchase such a chair, you can make your own by simply redesigning a suitable stool.

The classic chair is designed so that a person, sitting on it, has the opportunity to relax their muscles. However, due to the fact that many people have a sedentary work, their muscles do not just rest, but "go into hibernation." This negatively affects the state of the body and the brain.

Sitting in an elevated chair will immediately notice an increase in vision clarity. People who use this chair for work report that visual function improves by 30%. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that a certain part of the nervous system is involved in the work, which is responsible for activating the body and the brain.

Using a chair with raised legs during a meal can help protect yourself from the problem of overeating. Sitting in an unusual position, a person instinctively tightens the stomach, so that the stomach takes the correct position. It will send a signal to the brain about filling faster, which will prevent you from eating an extra portion.

It is surprising, but true: a change in the position of the chair has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain and on the state of the body as a whole."

[Video] Dr. Berg - BRAIN AGING: How to Slow Down? What's stopping this?


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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