Kiwi (fruit) - Benefits And Harms, How To Peel?

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Video: Kiwi (fruit) - Benefits And Harms, How To Peel?

Video: Kiwi (fruit) - Benefits And Harms, How To Peel?
Video: Here's what happens if you eat KIWI SKIN [5 IMPORTANT facts and 1 extra tip] 2023, March
Kiwi (fruit) - Benefits And Harms, How To Peel?
Kiwi (fruit) - Benefits And Harms, How To Peel?

Kiwi: benefits, contraindications, how to quickly cleanse

What is Kiwi?


Kiwi is an exotic fruit also called the Chinese gooseberry. The fruit has a dense brown skin with a fleecy texture and a greenish flesh with dark seeds. The weight of one kiwi fruit varies from 70 to 150 g.

The Latin name for kiwi is gourmet actinidia. In the 20th century, breeders from New Zealand bred a sweet fruit from the fruits of a wild liana and named it after the wingless kiwi bird for its external similarity.

According to the classification, kiwi is classified as a berry, but due to its rather large size, it is often called a fruit.


  • Composition and calorie content
  • Health benefits of kiwi
  • Contraindications to eating kiwi fruit
  • Unusual uses of kiwi
  • How to choose a kiwi?
  • How to quickly peel a kiwi?

Composition and calorie content

  • Fats: 0.5 g
  • Proteins:

    1.1 g

  • Carbohydrates: 14,7 g
  • Water: 83.1 g
  • Ash: 0.6 g
  • Cellulose: 3 g

Vitamins (per 100 g):



Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

92.7-180 mg


Vitamin K

40.3 μg


Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

1,5 mg


Minerals (in 100 g):




100 mcg



13-22 mg



44 μg


* Strontium

121 mcg



10 mcg



135 mcg



295-332 mg



1 μg


Other important connections:

  • Phytosterols - 7 mg (12.7% of the RDI)

  • Purines - 11 mg (8.3% of the RDI)

  • Oxalic acid - 19.3 mg (4.8% of the RDI)

It should be borne in mind that kiwi fruits can accumulate the toxic trace element strontium (in 100 g - 15.1% of the daily value)

Complete chemical composition ➤

Health benefits of kiwi

Health benefits of kiwi
Health benefits of kiwi
  • Increased hemoglobin. Kiwi contains a lot of iron, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the circulatory system. Regular inclusion of fruit in the diet increases the level of hemoglobin and prevents anemia, strengthens blood vessels and prevents clogging with blood clots. The most useful enzyme in kiwi is actinidin, which is responsible for thinning the blood and metabolizing fats, as a result of which harmful cholesterol is reduced, and the circulatory system functions without interruption.

  • Slimming. Like most fruits and berries, kiwi fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive tract, which also has a positive effect on the process of losing weight. Kiwi contains unique enzymes or enzymes that facilitate the rapid breakdown of fats, so that they do not have time to be deposited as excess weight.

  • Improving the functioning of the thyroid gland. Kiwi fruits have a positive effect on metabolic processes, including the function of the thyroid gland. The inclusion of exotic berries in the diet promotes the production of thyroid hormones, on which the stable functioning of the thyroid gland depends. The systematic use of kiwi reduces the risk of getting goiter, which is formed due to disruptions in the hormonal system of the body.

  • Immunomodulatory properties. Due to the large amount of vitamin C, kiwi is an excellent preventive measure against seasonal diseases. Large berries have a positive effect on the respiratory system and relieve cold symptoms, accelerating recovery.

  • Stabilization of the nervous system. The unique property of kiwi is to improve sleep. Just one fruit will bring calmness, vigor and efficiency, as well as improve mood and stabilize the emotional background.

  • Improving gastrointestinal health. The large number of enzymes that are found in kiwi fruit contribute to healthy digestion. Fiber improves intestinal motility, and enzymes help the normal digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. To experience the full benefits of the fruit, you should not eat it on an empty stomach, so as not to provoke heartburn.

  • Prevention of oncological diseases. Kiwi is rich in antioxidants - vitamins C and A, which prevent degenerative processes in the cells, preserving their integrity. DNA damage is known to lead to cancer, but the carotenoids and flavonoids found in green kiwi fruits prevent this process.

  • Normalization of blood sugar. The exotic berry has much less sugar than red apples or oranges, making kiwi an excellent dessert substitute for people with diabetes. Kiwi has a low glycemic index, which makes it useful for anyone who is afraid of spikes in blood sugar.

  • Prevention of visual impairment. Kiwi contains a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are responsible for good vision. Vitamins and minerals in the composition help prevent retinal problems and eye diseases caused by a poor diet and age-related changes in the body.

  • Strengthening the heart and blood vessels. Potassium and magnesium, which are rich in kiwi fruits, stabilize the contraction of the heart muscle and prevent arrhythmias. Trace elements help to saturate blood vessels with oxygen and strengthen their walls, normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system.

  • Hair and skin beauty. Kiwi's antioxidant composition helps prevent age-related changes in skin cells, improve the appearance of hair and prolong the youth and health of the body for a long time. The pulp of ripe fruits is used for the preparation of cosmetics at home: masks, peels and scrubs. Berry extracts can also be found in cosmetic products of many brands, for example, in creams and tonics.

  • Kidney health. Kiwi fruits are able not only to remove excess water from the body, but also harmful salts, which turn into stones and sand in the kidneys. Its rich mineral composition makes kiwi an excellent prophylactic against kidney stones.

  • Man's health. The exotic berry is beneficial for male vigor as it promotes spermatogenesis and improves semen quality. Kiwi has a lot of zinc, which makes it an ideal snack for men who play sports, hard physical and mental work. A couple of fruits will increase efficiency and give energy. Regular and long-term consumption of kiwi improves potency and has a positive effect on the health of the genitourinary system.

Contraindications to eating kiwi fruit


The rich trace element composition of the fruit turns it into a serious allergen, which should be borne in mind by everyone who is prone to food allergies.

Just a small slice of the fetus can lead to a strong allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of dermatosis of the pharynx, difficulty breathing, swelling of the tongue and lead to a state of collapse. In children with a kiwi allergy, the fruit can cause anaphylactic shock.

It is not recommended for those suffering from ulcers and gastritis to consume kiwi, since the fruits contain fruit acid, which can cause unpleasant and even painful sensations in the stomach and intestines.

Unusual uses of kiwi

Unusual uses of kiwi
Unusual uses of kiwi

The fruit is rich in vitamins and microelements due to which it is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology. Our supermarkets usually sell traditional fuzzy fruits, but there are also more expensive Gold kiwis with a smooth skin. Kiwi Gold tastes sweeter, which explains the high price of the fruit.

Should you peel kiwi? The fruit has a thin but rather dense peel, which is customary to peel. But few people know that an exotic berry can be eaten with a peel, the main thing is to remove the villi first.

What can you cook with kiwi? The sweet pulp of kiwi is often added to fruit salads, jams, preserves, marmalade and soft drinks are made from it. Kiwi is included in recipes for cakes and pies, and can be used to make sweet liquor or strong liqueur.

Barbecue marinade recipe. Kiwi makes an excellent marinade for meat, and they use both whole fruits and a separate peel. Fruit acid in the composition of the fruit makes the meat softer, and also gives it an original aroma and unusual taste.

The use of kiwi in cosmetology. Exotic fruits are used to make homemade cosmetics, and kiwi extracts and acids can be found in branded cosmetics aimed at rejuvenating, moisturizing and toning the skin. At home, kiwi can be used to make light peeling, delicate scrub or toning mask.

How to choose a kiwi?

How to choose a kiwi
How to choose a kiwi

Choose large fruits that are slightly soft to the touch. Hard kiwis should lie for several days in a dark, dry place, so they quickly ripen and become juicy and sweet.

You should not buy too soft fruits, as well as fruits that secrete juice from the stalk, as this is a sign of rotting. Avoid kiwis with dark spots, bloom and skin damage, or fruits that ooze. Ripe kiwi only smells when cut or peeled, as the dense rind does not allow the smell of the fruit to pass through.

The sweetest fruits are considered to be slightly soft, firm fruits, juicy and aromatic when peeled.

How to quickly peel a kiwi?

How to quickly peel a kiwi? All ingenious is simple, look at the video!


The author of the article: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna | Phytotherapist

Education: Diploma in "General Medicine" and "Therapy" received at the Pirogov University (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the Department of Phytotherapy at the Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow (2008).

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