High Fiber Food Table: TOP-350

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Video: High Fiber Food Table: TOP-350

Video: High Fiber Food Table: TOP-350
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High Fiber Food Table: TOP-350
High Fiber Food Table: TOP-350

High Fiber Food Table

Product Content
Thermally untreated corn bran 79.00 g
Cinnamon powder 53.10 g
Ground savory 45.70 g
Wheat bran untreated thermally 42.80 g
Dried rosemary 42.60 g
Oregano oregano, dried 42.50 g
Coriander seeds 41.90 g
Ground sage 40.30 g
Marjoram spice powder 40.30 g
Fennel seeds 39.80 g
Cumin seeds 38.00 g
Basil dry 37.70 g
Cocoa powder 37.00 g
Dried thyme 37.00 g
Paprika spice, powder 34.90 g
Powdered dry chili pepper 34.80 g
Chia seeds 34.40 g
Clove (spice) seasoning powder 33.90 g
Dried mint 29.80 g
Chili pepper hot sun dried 28.70 g
Cardamom 28.00 g
Linseed 27.30 g
Dried parsley 26.70 g
Bay leaf 26.30 g
Ground white pepper 26.20 g
Peas dry, ripe 25.50 g
Ground black pepper 25.30 g
French green beans fresh 25.20 g
Raw beans, ripe 25.00 g
Dry red beans (Kidney) 24.90 g
Fenugreek seeds 24.60 g
Dried carrots 23.60 g
Turmeric seasoning powder 22.70 g
Ground allspice 21.60 g
Dill seeds 21.10 g
Thermally untreated rice bran 21.00 g
Spice nutmeg, ground 20.20 g
Poppy seeds 19.50 g
Dry lima beans 19.00 g
Lupine (lupine beans) dry 18.90 g
Dry barley groats 17.30 g
Fried sesame 16.90 g
Rye bread 16.50 g
Unsweetened coconut 16.30 g
Mash dry 16.30 g
Peanut flour 15.80 g
Dry pearl barley 15.60 g
Spotted beans (Pinto) dry 15.50 g
Dry black beans 15.50 g
Oat bran, unprocessed thermally 15.40 g
Dry white beans 15.30 g
Onion Powder 15.20 g
Popcorn without salt 15.10 g
Dry rye grain (rye) 15.10 g
Pigeon peas dry 15.00 g
Anise seeds 14.60 g
Triticale flour 14.60 g
Salted popcorn 14.50 g
Ginger extract powder 14.10 g
Fresh rosemary 14.10 g
Fresh thyme 14.00 g
Dried dill 13.60 g
Dried goji berries 13.00 g
Dry Azuki beans 12.70 g
Dry pink beans 12.70 g
Fresh almonds 12.50 g
Bulgur dry, groats 12.50 g
Dried apples 12.40 g
Mustard seeds ground mustard 12.20 g
Chickpea dry 12.20 g
Celery seed 11.80 g
Unfried sesame 11.60 g
Dried shiitake mushrooms 11.50 g
Chervil openwork dried 11.30 g
Roasted sunflower seeds (peeled) 11.10 g
Dry corn noodles 11.00 g
Fresh grape leaves 11.00 g
Roasted almonds 10.90 g
Dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa) 10.90 g
Chickpea flour 10.80 g
Lentils (red or pink) dry 10.80 g
Whole grain flour (wheat) 10.70 g
Dry spelled cereal 10.70 g
Dry lentils 10.70 g
Fresh pistachios 10.60 g
Fireweed (fireweed leaves) fresh 10.60 g
Dry oatmeal oat groats 10.60 g
Dry black-eyed beans 10.60 g
Orange peel (peel) fresh 10.60 g
Lemon zest (peel) fresh 10.60 g
Zira cumin seeds 10.50 g
Boiled white beans 10.50 g
Coriander (cilantro) leaf, dried 10.40 g
Passion fruit fresh 10.40 g
Roasted pistachios (no salt) 10.30 g
Buckwheat dry buckwheat (brown) 10.30 g
Salted roasted pistachios 10.30 g
Multigrain crispbread 10.20 g
Dry oat flakes (instant) 10.10 g
Barley flour 10.10 g
Green dry buckwheat 10,00 g
Buckwheat flour 10,00 g
Dried bananas 9.90 g
Dried figs 9.80 g
Fresh hazelnuts 9.70 g
Soy flour 9.60 g
Pecan 9.60 g
Paratha flatbread 9.60 g
Dry wheat groats 9.50 g
Roasted hazelnuts 9.40 g
Boiled French green beans 9.40 g
Ripe soybeans, dry 9.30 g
Whole wheat noodles, dry 9.20 g
Boiled motley beans (Pinto) 9.00 g
Fresh coconut pulp 9.00 g
Dried garlic 9.00 g
Dry baked muesli (granola), crispy, with honey 8.90 g
Boiled black beans 8.70 g
Dried apples 8.70 g
Sunflower seeds, peeled 8.60 g
Macadamia nut 8.60 g
Dry millet groats 8.50 g
Raw peanuts 8.50 g
Roasted peanuts 8.40 g
Boiled peas (ripe) 8.30 g
Dried peach 8.20 g
Fresh peppermint 8.00 g
Dates Deglet Nur 8.00 g
Dark chocolate (60-69% cocoa) 8.00 g
Rye flour 8.00 g
Dry teff groats 8.00 g
Roasted macadamia nuts 8.00 g
Lentils boiled in water 7.90 g
Wasabi root raw 7.80 g
Dry muesli (with dried fruits and nuts) 7.70 g
Boiled chickpeas 7.60 g
Dove chocolate (dark) 7.60 g
Boiled mash 7.60 g
Dried pear (dried) 7.50 g
Brazilian nut 7.50 g
Multigrain bread 7.40 g
Dried tarragon 7.40 g
White whole grain corn flour 7.30 g
Dry corn kernels 7.30 g
Whole grain yellow corn flour 7.30 g
Dried apricots 7.30 g
Boiled Azuki beans 7.30 g
Malt barley flour 7.10 g
Dark chocolate (45-59% cocoa) 7.00 g
Quinoa groats dry 7.00 g
Elderberry fresh 7.00 g
Boiled Lima beans 7.00 g
Cracker 6.90 g
Fresh mint 6.80 g
Black walnut 6.80 g
Boiled pigeon peas 6.70 g
Dates Majul 6.70 g
Walnut 6.70 g
Dry amaranth groats (seeds) 6.70 g
Fresh avocado 6.70 g
Dry sorghum groats 6.70 g
Tortilla 6.70 g
Soy protein powder 6.70 g
Dry potato flakes (instant puree) 6.60 g
Whole grain sorghum flour 6.60 g
Boiled black-eyed beans 6.50 g
Oat flour 6.50 g
Kumquat fresh 6.50 g
Fresh raspberries 6.50 g
Feijoa fresh 6.40 g
White corn flour (masa) 6.40 g
Boiled red beans (Kidney) 6.40 g
Dry wild rice 6.20 g
Potato chips without salt 6.10 g
Whole grain wheat bread 6.00 g
Cooked soybeans (ripe) 6.00 g
Peeled pumpkin seeds 6.00 g
Potato starch 5.90 g
Rye bread 5.80 g
Fresh green peas 5.70 g
Boiled artichokes 5.70 g
Boiled green peas 5.50 g
Soy protein (concentrate) powder 5.50 g
Persimmon black (sapota) fresh 5.40 g
Fresh guava 5.40 g
Fresh artichokes 5.40 g
Boiled beans (ripe) 5.40 g
Boiled pink beans 5.30 g
Fresh blackberries 5.30 g
Sprouted Wheat Bread 5.30 g
Sapodilla fruit fresh 5.30 g
Dried cranberries 5.30 g
Frozen logan berry 5.30 g
Sunflower flour 5.20 g
Popcorn caramel 5.20 g
Edamame cooked 5.20 g
Canned white beans 5.10 g
Tamarind fresh 5.10 g
Taro cooked tubers 5.10 g
Peanut paste 5,00 g
Frozen blackberries 5,00 g
Dry couscous groats 5,00 g
Fresh breadfruit 4.90 g
Raw parsnip root 4.90 g
Rice bran bread 4.90 g
Boiled corn noodles 4.80 g
Edamame frozen 4.80 g
Butternut 4.70 g
Brown rice flour 4.60 g
Breadcrumbs 4.50 g
Oat bran bread 4.50 g
Halva 4.50 g
Bulgur boiled in water (porridge) 4.50 g
Frozen green peas 4.50 g
Puffed wheat ready to eat 4.40 g
Corn chips (nachos) without salt 4.40 g
Fresh gooseberries 4.30 g
Red or white currant fresh 4.30 g
Canned red beans (Kidney) 4.30 g
Wheat noodles (udon) dry 4.30 g
Boiled green soybeans 4.20 g
Green soybeans fresh 4.20 g
Fresh green beans 4.20 g
Canned green peas 4.10 g
Bread rusks 4.10 g
Taro tubers raw 4.10 g
Canned tomato paste 4.10 g
Yam raw 4.10 g
Table mustard, pasty 4,00 g
Fresh pomegranate 4,00 g
Oat bread 4,00 g
Fresh chicory leaves 4,00 g
Seedless raisins 4,00 g
White wheat bread 4,00 g
Fresh kale 4,00 g
Cabbage, cooked (boiled) 4,00 g
Wheat bran bread 4,00 g
Hemp seed 4,00 g
Fresh quinoa 4,00 g
Frozen artichokes 3.90 g
Saffron spice 3.90 g
Spelled boiled in water 3.90 g
Yam cooked 3.90 g
Raw Hubbard Pumpkin 3.90 g
Dry corn grits 3.90 g
Boiled whole wheat noodles 3.90 g
Grapes (Muscat varieties) fresh 3.90 g
Chanterelle mushrooms, raw 3.80 g
Durian fresh 3.80 g
Brussels sprouts frozen 3.80 g
Brussels sprouts fresh 3.80 g
Barley boiled in water (pearl barley porridge) 3.80 g
Canned beans (ripe) 3.70 g
Pine nut without shell 3.70 g
Fresh beet greens 3.70 g
Opuntia (fruit) fresh 3.60 g
Raw kale 3.60 g
Dry brown long-grain rice 3.60 g
Fresh cranberries 3.60 g
Kohlrabi fresh 3.60 g
Dried spirulina (powder) 3.60 g
Boiled green beans 3.60 g
Dandelion leaves fresh 3.50 g
Millet flour 3.50 g
Dry steamed brown rice 3.50 g
Milk chocolate 3.40 g
Dry brown rice 3.40 g
Arrowroot flour 3.40 g
Frozen carrots 3.30 g
Horseradish table ready-to-eat 3.30 g
Canned green olives 3.30 g
Fresh parsley 3.30 g
Raw cashews 3.30 g
Goatbeard (goatbeard root) raw 3.30 g
Burdock root raw 3.30 g
Fresh sour cream 3.30 g
Boiled broccoli 3.30 g
Dry egg noodles 3.30 g
Baked sweet potato 3.30 g
Pickled capers 3.20 g
Fresh turnip greens 3.20 g
Fried potato 3.20 g
Canned cocktail cherry 3.20 g
Raw okra 3.20 g
Dry noodles (pasta, pasta) 3.20 g
Fresh shallots 3.20 g
Fresh mustard 3.20 g
Cooked green beans (asparagus) 3.20 g
Raw fennel (fruit or root) 3.10 g
Fresh pear 3.10 g
Fresh Savoy cabbage 3.10 g
Pear Conference fresh 3.10 g
Fresh endive 3.10 g
Protein whey powder 3.10 g
Prunes 3.10 g
Boiled carrots 3.00 g
Fresh eggplant 3.00 g
Cherimoya fresh 3.00 g
Frozen broccoli 3.00 g
Roasted cashews 3.00 g
Kiwi fresh 3.00 g
Antillean apricot fresh 3.00 g
Raw sweet potatoes 3.00 g
Figs fresh 2.90 g
Fresh sorrel 2.90 g
Sauerkraut 2.90 g
Frozen spinach 2.90 g
Raw carrots (fresh) 2.80 g
Oatmeal cookies 2.80 g
Morel mushrooms, raw 2.80 g
Escariole cooked 2.80 g
Rice sticky (sticky) dry 2.80 g
Cilantro (coriander leaves) fresh 2.80 g
Quinoa boiled in water 2.80 g
Raw beets 2.80 g
Pretzels without salt 2.80 g
Starfruit (carambola) fresh 2.80 g
Fresh lime 2.80 g
Fresh lemon without peel 2.80 g
Cooked tef 2.80 g
Fresh mustard spinach 2.80 g
Broccoli raab cooked 2.80 g
Baked apples 2.80 g
Lupine (lupine beans) cooked 2.80 g
Green apples (Granny Smith) fresh 2.80 g
Onion rings 2.70 g
Buckwheat boiled in water (buckwheat porridge) 2.70 g
Raw maitake mushrooms 2.70 g
Raw enoki mushrooms 2.70 g
Canned apricots 2.70 g
Wheat flour universal 2.70 g
Frozen blueberries 2.70 g
Canned pear 2.70 g
Green beans raw, asparagus 2.70 g
Broccoli raab fresh 2.70 g
Boiled Brussels sprouts 2.60 g
Pickled ginger 2.60 g
Fresh bananas 2.60 g
Frozen green beans (asparagus) 2.60 g
Fresh broccoli 2.60 g
Fresh Chinese broccoli 2.60 g
Canned olives 2.50 g
Fresh cabbage, white cabbage 2.50 g
Raw shiitake mushrooms 2.50 g
Canned straw mushrooms 2.50 g
Eggplant cooked 2.50 g
Chinese broccoli cooked 2.50 g
Fresh chives 2.50 g
Fresh blueberries 2.40 g
Wheat flour of the second grade 2.40 g

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