TODICAMP - Saves Lives On All Continents Of The Planet

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Video: TODICAMP - Saves Lives On All Continents Of The Planet

Video: TODICAMP - Saves Lives On All Continents Of The Planet
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TODICAMP - Saves Lives On All Continents Of The Planet
TODICAMP - Saves Lives On All Continents Of The Planet

TODICAMP - saves lives on all continents of the planet


Extract "Todikamp" - an original tincture of milk-ripeness walnut on distillate - an isolated fraction of paraffin oil with the smell of kerosene. It has a complex stabilizing, immuno-strengthening, membrane-stimulating effect. It has a mild non-chemical odor with a subtle hint of walnut.

The drug was invented almost half a century ago, in 1969, by Mikhail Petrovich Todika, whose name gave the name to a unique remedy. Like any story of the discovery of such a useful, trouble-free healing composition, the story of Mikhail Todik is full of the courage of a man who sincerely wishes people good, disinterestedness and amazing personality strength.


  • The history of the creation of a unique remedy for a life without disease
  • Saving lives: against all odds
  • 47 years of formation
  • TODICAMP® extract composition
  • Act
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Original TOYCAMP®
  • Common misconceptions about taking the drug
  • Sick topic of fakes
  • Where can you buy something that heals, not cripples
  • How to distinguish real extract from dangerous copies

The history of the creation of a unique remedy for a life without disease

Mikhail Petrovich Todica - a native of the Republic of Moldova, a participant of the Second World War, a candidate of geographical sciences - suffered from radiculitis for many years. In search of a reliable remedy, he used elementary logic: he mixed the strongest phytoncide and distillate, which promotes the rapid absorption of beneficial elements into the blood.

On the first try, the recipe used by the scientist gave amazing results:

  • just a few compresses and rubbing completely relieved back pain;
  • at the same time, Mikhail Petrovich discovered an additional effect - numerous infiltrates from injections in military hospitals resolved;
  • colds were rare.

Yes, the inventor of the unique remedy "against a hundred diseases", as TODICAMP® will later be called in Star City, was not a certified physician. And this became the reason for the long-term struggle of the creator of the unique recipe for the opportunity to help people - to share his invention.

Saving lives: against all odds


Today the world has recognized: on the account of M. P. Todik there are more cured cancer patients than many eminent oncologists. Among the people rescued by his means there are also celebrities - cosmonaut Popovich, singer Joseph Kobzon, poet Oshanin and many others. From the moment when it became known in narrow circles about the unique possibilities of Todik's tincture, there were constantly knocking on the door of his apartment.

And here human goodness was fully manifested. Mikhail Petrovich could not find the strength to refuse: he again and again passed his miraculous tincture from hand to hand. Of course, from the position of the official Ministry of Health, this was a flagrant violation: it is not a doctor who treats hopeless cancer patients and achieves success where conservative medicine has proved powerless.

The Todik family came under severe pressure. Mikhail Petrovich was repeatedly threatened with compulsory psychological tests, fines, legal proceedings, even imprisonment. Andrei Georgievich Malenkov, an acquaintance of Mikhail Todik, a Soviet academician and a prominent person, once called these 20 years of helping people "a real feat for the sake of man - fearless and disinterested."

47 years of formation

Considering that today tincture of green walnut - TODICAMP ® extract saves lives on all continents of the planet and is very popular in more than 60 countries, it is difficult to disagree with his words. Mikhail Todika discovered a salutary recipe and sincerely wanted to share it with everyone. But, as usual, the bureaucratic machine delayed his success by 47 years.

Alas, he did not live to see the triumph of his dream. Mikhail Petrovich passed away in 1989 - after 20 years of treatment practice, saving lives, and consulting. To the credit of the inventor (and in response to the numerous claims of the then Ministry of Health), I must say: he did not allow the recipe to fall into the wrong hands.

Because this person was really responsible. He tested the first recipes on himself. And he used the drug on family members, only after making sure of its absolute safety. It was necessary to preserve the recipe, and today's attempts by copyists, who shamelessly use the name Todik to sell their counterfeits, clearly confirms this.

The truth is that the original recipe extract TODIKAMP ® never went beyond Todika family. It was picked up and brought to perfection by Mikhail Petrovich. Then his son, Andrei Mikhailovich Todika, continued his business. The original formula is no longer known to anyone, no matter what the authors of the dubious copies may say. The drug was certified and registered in 2016.


TODICAMP® extract composition

Today the extract of TODIKAMP ® has a state registration and is known and loved on all continents. The extract is actively used in oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, immunology, rheumatology.

The unique formula remained with the creator's son - Todik Andrey Mikhailovich. The release of this extract is carried out only by the TODICAMP SRL company, registered in Chisinau. This is a very important point, since none of the fakes contains all those unique ingredients that provide a comprehensive, full-fledged positive effect.

The real extract of TODICAMP ® contains:

  • Vitamin complex. Vitamins contribute to the overall strengthening of body cells, bind free radicals and accelerate the metabolic process, helping to quickly get rid of diseases.

  • Organic iodine. Supports the activity of one of the main organs responsible for the production of hormones, the thyroid gland.
  • Anthocyanins. They prevent the spread of disease-causing organisms, contributing to the accelerated removal of affected cells from it.
  • Cobalt salts. Restores the normal structure of cells, increasing their resistance to disease.
  • Antiseptic - Yuglon (products that give off a nut of milk ripeness) - a strong antiparasitic agent with a choleretic antitumor and antibacterial effect.


The extract of TODICAMP ® always gives a systemic effect:

  • relieves pain;
  • normalizes hormonal levels;
  • restores the natural blood formula;
  • blocks the growth of tumors;
  • enhances immunity;
  • works as a natural anti-inflammatory agent (prevention of influenza and acute respiratory infections);
  • reduces tissue swelling;
  • stimulates the intercellular membranes, restoring the natural cellular structure (rejuvenates).

The action of the extract is soft and fast. The drug promotes the resorption of even old infiltrates (antitumor effect). It is an effective, safe anti-aging treatment. It supports the heart, cleans blood vessels, restores the function of the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, and digestive tract organs. Works flawlessly for skin diseases. Effective as prevention of allergic reactions.

The active substances of the extract provoke the accelerated work of macrophages. These are the cells that are responsible for removing poisons, toxins, and defective products from the body. A unique property of green walnuts is the ability to slow down lipid oxidation: this prevents defective substances from accumulating in cells.

Indications and contraindications

Considering the systemic effect of the tincture on the human body, it can be recommended for very, very many diseases. Even the well-known expression "cure for 100 diseases" does not convey all the benefits that this drug can give. It is effective in treating:

  • oncological diseases (at any stage);
  • cutaneous defects;
  • liver disease;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • viral, infectious lesions.

The extract of TODICAMP ® helps to permanently get rid of chronic diseases of an infectious and inflammatory nature, including sore throat, bronchitis, pleurisy, laryngitis. It relieves pain and treats defects in joint diseases - arthrosis, arthritis, including age-related pathologies or diseases associated with deformities. The extract helps with ulcers and colitis. It evens out blood pressure, helping to normalize the standard of living of hypertensive patients, diabetics, allergy sufferers, meteosensitive people.

The drug is often recommended for immunological abnormalities, burns, stomatitis, mastopathy, trauma to the skin and mucous membranes. It is taken orally or externally (possibly combined treatment with scheduled oral administration and rubbing or compresses).

The only absolute contraindication is an increased content of iodine in the body, individual intolerance to a dairy ripe walnut (very rare). Carefully the remedy is recommended for use during pregnancy, on children of the first year of life. Numerous reviews show that it does not affect the taste of milk or the condition of the baby when taking the extract during lactation.


Original TOYCAMP®

A real tincture of green walnuts - the extract of TODICAMP ® can work a miracle. But this is a very serious drug, which is obtained thanks to a precisely seasoned formulation and the use of the most advanced technologies. To get the effect that thousands of grateful patients tell about in the reviews of TODICAMP®, it is necessary to use only the original product.

His produce exclusively under the name - Extract TODIKAMP ®. All variations, including Todiklark, are fakes. As well as drugs, the manufacturer of which claims that his product is an improved version of "Todikamp".

Common misconceptions about taking the drug


Distilled nut extract has been helping people for almost half a century. Thousands and thousands of people have already appreciated its amazing effect on the body. Many have got rid of chronic diseases and ailments that have plagued them since childhood. It is often used as a preventive measure.

During such a time of development of the formulation, a whole halo of delusions could not but arise around the unique (still) drug. You can and should fight with them. Here are the most common misconceptions that have nothing to do with the original drug:

  • After treatment with "Todikamp" for 1-2 years, one should not be in direct sunlight. It is not known for certain where the error came from, but it has nothing to do with the truth. The tincture strengthens the immune system, clears the blood flow, removes toxins - it has a positive internal effect, but does not react with external factors. You can go to the beach in hot summer immediately after taking the extract, or 15-20 minutes after rubbing. There are no prohibitions on this. The only thing that concerns the extract of TODICAMP ® and the sun's rays relates to the conditions of its storage. The drug should be kept in a dark container away from the sun.

  • Todikamp should not be given to children. Numerous tests show that it is completely harmless. If indicated, it can be given to children from the first days.
  • Tincture of walnuts is not compatible with alcohol in small doses and herbal preparations. This is another dangerous misconception. The drug is not recommended for use with antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs (at the same time), there are no other contraindications in terms of combining with alcohol and medicinal agents.
  • The extract can be bought only in Moldova. Indeed, the original extract of TODICAMP ® is produced only by the Moldovan company TODICAMP SRL. But you can buy it from any country in the world on all continents of the planet. Sending is carried out directly from Chisinau or through the representatives indicated on the site.

  • Before starting treatment, you must undergo training. Another mistake: the extract of TODICAMP ® itself is a preparation with a complex effect. It has good antiseptic qualities, is a strong antiparasitic agent, and removes toxins. He himself will cleanse the body, strengthen immunity, and restore the functions of organs. The beginning of the reception does not require any action.

  • The extract contains kerosene. In its composition, a completely safe distillate based on paraffin oil is used - an isolated fraction of an oil product. It has nothing to do with potentially dangerous aviation kerosene. A fraction is allocated in a unique technological way so that you get an absolutely harmless medicinal preparation. That is why it is certified and approved for oral administration (including for children).

Sick topic of fakes


There are many fakes. Copiers use all kinds of veiling techniques. Being a worthy successor of his father's work, Andrei Mikhailovich Todika, of course, pays attention to such attempts to cover up his desire to make money with his last name. Therefore, it warns that the real extract of TODICAMP ® is:

  • Not a veterinary agent (like Volgograd Todikamp-Ideal).
  • Not a cosmetic emulsion (like Maikop Todikamp).
  • Not a tincture of young nuts in its pure form.
  • Not a kerosene infusion.

Where can you buy something that heals, not cripples

Alas, a person's dream of a miraculous healing has become a tool for those who are ready to take advantage of the gullibility of those in need. Today, drugs using the name Todik are sold very often. Be careful!!! - this is not a real extract, moreover, such "wonderful" emulsions can greatly harm your health!

To get quality help, act wisely:

  1. The official website of TODIKAMP® contains the details of the manufacturer - Andrey Mikhailovich Todik, the sole owner of the original recipe for the extract of TODIKAMP®.
  2. Buy only the products of the TODICAMP SRL company with registration in the Republic of Moldova. Apart from her, no one produces an original product.
  3. Today, there are representations in 13 countries, including Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, where you can buy this drug. You can always check if the supplier is the official representative of the manufacturer - they are all presented on the Contacts page.

How to distinguish a real extract from dangerous copies?

To be sure of the quality of the purchased product, always look at the manufacturer. This extract is produced exclusively by TODICAMP SRL. Pay attention to the original bottles - they are made of dark medical plastic and are sold in a volume of 115 ml.

Remember, cosmetic emulsions and veterinary drugs cannot be used in the treatment of cancer and generally cannot be taken internally. It is dangerous to health. The real help is using a proven drug. The extract of TODICAMP ® is tested by thousands of people and almost half a century of history. Treat without risk, choose the present.

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