Doctor Andrologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment

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Doctor Andrologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment
Doctor Andrologist - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment


Andrologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases of the male genital area.


Andrology is one of the branches of modern medicine, which is adjacent to some of its other areas. Among the roots that underlie andrology are urology, sexopathology, endocrinology, vascular, plastic and microsurgery. Andrologist, one might say, is a universal male doctor, since, in addition to problems in the above-mentioned fields, he is able to provide qualified assistance in case of venereal and dermatological problems.

In addition, there is a pediatric andrologist who solves similar problems for young male patients. It helps to cope with diseases of the reproductive system of boys, only this time, focusing on the characteristics of the child's body.

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  • Andrologist: what does this doctor treat
  • Organs treated by an andrologist
  • Urologist - andrologist: when is an appointment needed?
  • Pediatric andrologist-urologist: when to visit?
  • Andrologist's appointment: how does it go?
  • Appointment to the andrologist

Andrologist: what does this doctor treat

To understand in more detail the activities of this male specialist, you need to turn to the specific diseases that he treats:

  • Prostatitis, in which the prostate gland becomes inflamed; (Read also: Causes, Signs, and Symptoms of Prostatitis in Men)
  • Varicocele, namely, pathological enlargement of the veins located on the testicles and other problems associated with this expansion - deterioration in the quality of sperm, the occurrence of infertility;

  • Adenoma of the prostate is a benign proliferation of prostate tissue;
  • Phimosis, expressed in the inability to bring out the head of the male genital organ, which is due to the narrowing of the foreskin ring;
  • Menopause in men;
  • Metabolic syndrome, which determines many pathologies that arise due to metabolic disorders and a failure in the production of hormones.

In addition, an andrologist, as a specialist, must be consulted if there is one or more of the following pathologies:

  • Infertility in a man, regardless of its etiology; (Read also: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Male Infertility)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, that is, those that are sexually transmitted;
  • Cancer of the male genital organs;

  • Any diseases of the prostate gland;
  • Disruptions in the production of hormones - their lack or excess, which is associated with a malfunction in the functioning of the endocrine gland;
  • disorders of sexual function;
  • The need for surgical intervention of an adrenogenital nature, in particular, the performance of operations aimed at restoring sexual function, which arose against the background of external and internal defects in the genital area;
  • Male menopause, which occurs during the natural aging process of the body (the cardiovascular, genitourinary and other systems or organs may need treatment).

Organs treated by an andrologist

The above pathologies may affect the following male organs:

  • Testicles and their appendages;

  • Penis;
  • Urethra and prostate;
  • Urethra, ureter, bladder;
  • Kidneys and other organs.

Urologist - andrologist: when is an appointment needed?

andrologist urologist
andrologist urologist

You need to go to an appointment with a specialist in the field of andrology if you have the following problems:

  • There are questions regarding methods of contraception.
  • There are problems with erectile function. (Read also: Erectile Dysfunction in Men)
  • If you cannot conceive a child, but the woman is reproductively healthy.
  • If there are signs of inflammation that affects the genitals. A medical consultation requires the presence of hyperemia, pain, urinary disorders, discharge from the urethra.

  • Congenital or acquired pathologies of the genital organs.
  • Signs of premature aging of the body.
  • If the family is planning to conceive a child, then the man needs to visit an andrologist for a consultation.
  • Problems with morning erection when a man is in reproductive age.
  • Age over 45. In this case, a visit to the andrologist is necessary in order to make sure that there are no pathologies that may proceed unnoticed by the man himself. If there are any, then getting rid of them in the early stages is always much easier than in the later stages.

Pediatric andrologist-urologist: when to visit?

Parents must definitely bring the boy to see a doctor if he has the following violations:

  • If at birth or during the first year of the child's life, the testicle did not descend into the scrotum.

  • If neoplasms are seen, or protrusions in the scrotum area.
  • If a child over three years old has problems opening the head.
  • If there are violations of the location of the urethra.
  • If the child is overweight (this is often associated with a violation of the production of sex hormones).
  • If the signs characteristic of a male do not appear, at the age of a child under 13 years old.
  • If after 4 years of age the child suffers from enuresis. (Read also: Causes and Symptoms of Bedwetting in Children)
  • If you have problems urinating.
  • If painful sensations appear in the relevant areas, that is, in the groin area, genitals.
  • If the baby's testicles are not the same size.

  • Other disorders in urogenital sulfur.

Andrologist's appointment: how does it go?

When visiting a doctor for the first time, most likely, the patient will go through several basic points:

  • The doctor will find out the patient's complaints, take an anamnesis, learn about the main disturbing symptoms, etc.
  • Perform an external examination of the genitals, palpate the prostate through the rectal wall.
  • He will prescribe the necessary tests, for example, an ultrasound scan or a smear from the urethra.

As for childhood, a preventive examination with this specialist is inappropriate, in the absence of any complaints. If something bothers the parents, then first you need to come to an appointment with the pediatrician. However, as soon as boys enter puberty (that is, between the ages of 12 and 16), andrologist examinations should become regular.

Appointment to the andrologist

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