Buckwheat Diet Reviews - The Opinion Of Doctors And Nutritionists

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Buckwheat Diet Reviews - The Opinion Of Doctors And Nutritionists
Buckwheat Diet Reviews - The Opinion Of Doctors And Nutritionists

Reviews and results of buckwheat diet

Reviews and results of buckwheat diet
Reviews and results of buckwheat diet

It is impossible to call the buckwheat diet easy. It is very tough, as it implies a strict restriction in the menu. However, thanks to the buckwheat weight loss program, you can get rid of 10 kg in just a week. The main advantage of buckwheat is that it allows you not to feel hunger for a long time and at the same time cleanses the intestines. Adhering to the buckwheat diet, you can get rid of skin diseases.

The average duration of the buckwheat diet is 7 days. Then you need to take a break, which should be at least a month. During weight loss, not only excess fat will go away, but the severity of cellulite will also decrease. It is known that even very young women of the fairer sex face this problem in the modern world. Therefore, do not be surprised that the buckwheat diet is one of the most popular weight loss methods among people of different ages.


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Ekaterina writes:

“I gave birth to my second child and after that my weight seemed to stop at around 60 kg. With my height of 162 cm, this is quite a lot. I tried a diet that I don't even want to talk about, since the result was zero. The buckwheat diet is the second weight loss program that I decided to try on myself.

The first three days were very hard for me, I wanted to eat constantly. Because of this, there was no mood. But on the fourth day, I woke up in the morning with the feeling that I was again 18 years old, that I weigh 16 kg less and was late for classes at the Institute. It is simply impossible to convey that feeling of lightness in the body. It was as if all the burden of my past years had been thrown off me. My first thought was to forever give up any food and completely switch to buckwheat. Of course, reason took over. During the hunger strike, I got rid of 3 kg of excess weight and my health improved. Therefore, I recommend to every woman who unsuccessfully struggles with the "standing arrow on the scales" to try."

Elena writes:

“I have always loved to eat, no dinner in our family was complete without meat dishes. However, when it came to obesity, the question of surgery came up. I didn't dare to undergo liposuction. I started to lose weight with the help of various diets. I tried to lose weight with the help of milk, fruits, fish, tried a protein diet. It took no more than 5 kg for the entire time, which is negligible.

Absolutely by chance, I heard about the buckwheat diet from my distant friend. I liked it because I don't have to limit myself in the amount of cereal eaten. I decided to try it. For three days I ate only buckwheat porridge, and my kilos began to melt like spring snow. Having studied more information on the buckwheat diet, I began to do fasting days using this cereal. In just 6 months I managed to get rid of 37 kg of excess weight. Now I go to the fitness room, my former cheerfulness has returned, my nervous tension has gone. At the same time, joyful events took place in life - my husband returned, parting with whom was very difficult.

Another plus - now I have no problems with digestion, the stool is regular and shaped. Life is beautiful and I am beautiful too. If you want to get rid of fat - take your will and try the buckwheat diet on yourself. It does not require a lot of money and is very easy to implement."

Eugene writes:

“For most of my life, I have not led a very healthy lifestyle: I ate what I have to, I drank alcohol. Naturally, this affected my health, my kidneys, stomach, and liver began to hurt. Hair began to fall out, nails exfoliated, gray hair appeared.

Once I looked at myself in the mirror and decided - stop driving myself into the grave! I changed my image, but the new image did not fit with the extra pounds. I decided to lose weight and tighten my muscles. First of all, I signed up for a gym, after which I began to try various diet options. Until I came across a buckwheat diet, I tried many methods. All of them did not suit me, then the head began to ache, then the stomach, then the weakness intensified.

At work, a colleague advised me to try the buckwheat diet. I immediately liked it. The porridge is nutritious, satisfying, I did not experience hunger, the stomach and intestines worked by the clock, as a single mechanism. Energy has also increased. I want to say that in addition to buckwheat, I also ate bananas. After 3 weeks I again felt like a boy weighing 70 kg and a height of 171 cm. Surprisingly, even my old jeans now fit me. Therefore, I want to express my sincere gratitude to my colleague who advised me this miraculous diet."

Tatiana writes:

“My goal of using the buckwheat diet is to lose a couple of kilograms by the warm season. It was this technique that seemed to me the simplest and most accessible. Moreover, I can eat buckwheat with milk in "basins". The first days I was very comfortable. I ate fried buckwheat - very tasty!

Then it became a little annoying, and I added honey, dried apricots to the cereals. One more day I cooked veal, started preparing vegetable salads at lunchtime. Of course, I drank enough water and went to the stadium to go jogging.

The result was stunning - 6 kg left me in 8 days. Isn't it a miracle? Now I advise all my friends."

Alena writes:

“Having got married, I recovered a lot. Moreover, not 20 years have passed since the wedding day, but only a year. All things became small for me, because I gained 15 kg. It was time to start losing weight. The choice fell on the buckwheat diet, since I really love buckwheat. Although I will honestly say that after the diet I can't even see her now. But I survived. Only in the first week I lost 5.5 kg. There is very little left."

Nastasya writes:

“For as long as I can remember, I've been on various diets. There were a lot of them in my life. Through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that it is the buckwheat diet that suits me better than the rest. Why? Because buckwheat is very healthy and tasty. The diet will not harm health if you follow all the recommendations. It is also very easy to carry, as you can eat porridge as much as you want."

Olesya writes:

“I am overweight since childhood. This has always bothered me both morally and physically. Getting on the scales and seeing the value of 98 kg, I decided that something needed to be changed! I was not just determined, but belligerent.

Very often I have heard about the buckwheat diet, as one of the most effective. It was with her that I decided to start. I made the portions just scanty: 6 tablespoons of buckwheat in the morning and 6 tablespoons of buckwheat in the evening - that's all! In the afternoon I drank a glass of kefir and a lot of water. In the first 7 days alone, I got rid of 6 kg and began to weigh 92 kg. Of course, it gave me strength and motivation. And now after 4 months I have lost 27 kg !!! Now I weigh 65 and see life with completely different eyes."

Olga Vasilievna writes:

“I am already over fifty and I have gained decent weight. I decided to go on a buckwheat diet, but I could not refuse salt. Besides porridge, I ate vegetables and fruits. Once a week I allowed myself a chicken.

As a result, we managed to get rid of 13 kg. Now my weight is 71 kg. This is the norm for me. I want to say that more than half a year has passed and the figure on the scales has not changed."

Alira writes:

“I decided to try the buckwheat diet on the advice of my friend, although I didn't believe in a positive result. She told me that she lost 20 kg on buckwheat, but I thought that this was not entirely true. Moreover, she achieved such results in a month. And yet, I decided to try, because during the period of childbirth and six months of breastfeeding, I gained 13 kg.

I stopped breastfeeding and switched to buckwheat. For the second week I have been sitting only on it, but it took only 3 kg. I will last until 14 days and take a break."

Vlad writes:

“Thanks to the buckwheat diet and whoever invented it! Thanks to her, I lost almost 32 kg, with a starting weight of 132 kg. In order to lose weight, I had to hold out for about 3 months.

During the first 14 days, I did not eat anything except buckwheat. I drank a lot of water. Then he began to gradually add vegetables, followed by chicken or beef (3 times a week). From vegetables I ate cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers. Gradually I got out of the diet and switched to the usual diet. Now I started going to the gym, doing strength exercises. The weight is going away, although not at the same rate as before. Nevertheless, the process has started."

Nikolai writes:

“I have experienced the buckwheat diet on myself. And he sat on it for quite a long time - 1.5 months. I did not do exercises, but ran in the morning. I managed to lose 15 kg during this time. I can say that it was quite difficult, but the effect is there. Twice a week I diluted my menu with beef, fish, chicken. But if possible, it is better not to do this."

Karina writes:

“I've never been skinny. With a height of 170 cm, my weight was always 67 kg. This is the norm for me. But after pregnancy and childbirth, the weight increased by 23 kg, which is quite a lot. Therefore, even during breastfeeding, I began to select a diet for myself and settled on the buckwheat weight loss program. When she stopped breastfeeding, she immediately went on a hunger strike.

I drank kefir and ate buckwheat, as a result, in 2 weeks I managed to get rid of 6 kg. I did not steam the buckwheat, but cooked it as usual. But I didn't add salt. Of course, I could have lost even more weight, but I had a snack with fruit, and periodically added dried fruits to the porridge. Nevertheless, the result is impressive. Probably, I will wait another two weeks and try to stick to the buckwheat diet again. I want to return my previous 67 kg and feel comfortable."

Alina writes:

“My height is 162 cm and my weight is 83 kg. I look very complete. I have tried many different diets, but have not been able to achieve any visible results. I decided to try the buckwheat diet for 14 days. In a week, I managed to get rid of only 2 kg. And I felt very bad - there was a breakdown and general malaise. Of course, I thought that I would lose more weight, but apparently this diet does not suit me."

The opinion of doctors and nutritionists

The opinion of doctors and nutritionists
The opinion of doctors and nutritionists

The leading nutritionist of the Lotus Weight Loss Center notes that the buckwheat diet is very effective, which follows from the numerous positive reviews about it. However, we must not forget that it has certain disadvantages, and not only advantages.

For example, a diet consisting of only one buckwheat and kefir can hardly be called varied. In addition, the buckwheat diet should not be practiced by people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. During the diet, you should not engage in active physical labor.

Most people tolerate a buckwheat diet hard, so you should not eat according to such a monotonous scheme for more than 10 days. No one can guarantee that after the completion of the "test" the person will not break loose again and will not start to overeat. If this happens, then the body will very quickly replenish everything that it managed to lose.

To prevent extra pounds from returning in double volume, you will need to eat correctly throughout your life. Moreover, it is also impossible to do without physical exercise. Therefore, before giving preference to this or that method of losing weight, you should carefully evaluate all its pros and cons.

In the event that a person really has obesity, then it is not worthwhile to engage in independent treatment. Obesity is a disease.

Nutritionist Lyudmila Nikolaevna:

Remember that any single food diet is not the best way to lose weight. The body will begin to suffer from a lack of nutrients, since there is no such product on Earth that would cover all the needs of every human cell.

You should be prepared for the fact that after the cancellation of the diet, the lost kilograms will return. To lose weight properly, you must definitely exercise and eat healthy food. I categorically do not recommend anyone to sit on a buckwheat diet for a long time. The maximum term is a week. This diet is definitely not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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