Seizures In The Corners Of The Mouth - Causes Of Cracks, How To Treat?

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Video: Seizures In The Corners Of The Mouth - Causes Of Cracks, How To Treat?

Video: Seizures In The Corners Of The Mouth - Causes Of Cracks, How To Treat?
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Seizures In The Corners Of The Mouth - Causes Of Cracks, How To Treat?
Seizures In The Corners Of The Mouth - Causes Of Cracks, How To Treat?

Stuck in the corners of the mouth


  • What are mouth bites?
  • Causes of seizures in the corners of the mouth
  • Cracked mouth corners
  • How to treat mouth bumps?

What are mouth bites?

seizures at the corners of the mouth
seizures at the corners of the mouth

Zayed is not a medical term, but an everyday one. But he very closely entered the lexicon of not only ordinary people, but also medical workers. I will be attributed to a certain symptom, which is based on the appearance of a skin defect in the corner of the mouth, accompanied by inflammatory changes in the tissues in the affected area and surrounding areas. Naturally, this cannot proceed without a trace for a person. And although this condition does not pose any danger, it brings some discomfort. This is especially true for a long process.

In general, such a harmless symptom as seizure should not always be considered unequivocally. Indeed, in the normal state of the body, it does not arise. Therefore, sometimes it can act as a kind of "small tip of a large iceberg". This means that seizure can be not only an independent insignificant problem, but also a secondary symptom of various diseases at the time of their occurrence or exacerbation. This will be discussed in more detail in other sections of the article.

Here, it is advisable to indicate with what terms jam is associated in medical circles. They can be heard at a dentist, dermatologist or therapist appointment. These include: angular stomatitis, angular stomatitis, slit impetigo. They should not cause any fantasies in the patient's head about the severity of his condition, who asked for help in connection with a small, albeit annoying bite. Similar terms are the same condition.

In its development, a seizure in the corner of the mouth goes through a number of successive stages. It all starts with the formation of a small bubble filled with a small droplet of liquid. It can be transparent or somewhat unclear. Usually, during a conversation or under the influence of external factors, the bubble ruptures with the exposure of a small erosive surface on the skin or mucous membrane of the corner of the mouth. It soon enlarges and becomes crusty.

Clinical manifestations of seizures are reduced to the following symptoms:

  1. Redness of the skin with wetness, or a small wound in the area of the corner of the mouth;
  2. Constant itching and discomfort in the area of inflammation;
  3. The appearance of pain when opening the mouth;
  4. Deep cracks appear.

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Causes of seizures in the corners of the mouth

Reasons for jam
Reasons for jam

Microorganisms are the immediate culprits in the formation of seizures in the corners of the mouth. There are no other reasons and cannot be. Another thing is why these microbes suddenly provoke skin lesions in the area of the corner of the mouth. It should immediately be stipulated that of the representatives of the microbial world, only two species are capable of causing a bite. It is a streptococcal and fungal infection. From the first group, the most active in this condition is the epidermal streptococcus, from the second - yeast-like fungi from the genus Candida.

They are able to cause inflammatory lesions of the upper layers of the skin, which is limited. Considering that both of these microbes belong to the conditionally pathogenic microflora that lives on the surface of the skin of each person, certain conditions are necessary for their activation with the subsequent formation of seizures.

Jam as an independent symptom

  1. Using unwashed dishes;
  2. Eating unwashed vegetables and fruits;
  3. Constant licking of lips, corners of the mouth and saliva stagnation;
  4. Violation of the rules of hygienic care for the oral cavity;
  5. Squeezing acne and scratching the skin in the area of the corners of the mouth;
  6. Hypothermia

Jam as a manifestation of disease

  1. Iron deficiency and other types of anemia;
  2. Liver disease;
  3. Hypovitaminosis;
  4. Diabetes;
  5. Immunodeficiency states (decreased immunity);
  6. Prolonged increase in body temperature;
  7. Hormone therapy courses with glucocorticoids, immunosuppressants, cytostatics.

It is worth dwelling on some points among the reasons for the development of seizures, since this is important when choosing a method of treatment. First of all, it is worth noting the specific patterns in relation to the pathogen that caused the trip. Isolated seizures are more often provoked by streptococcus, while a fungal infection is always widespread with a parallel lesion of the corners of the mouth, lips and oral cavity.

Development factors for seizures

As for the mechanisms of development of seizures under the influence of causal factors, the following can be said. The immediate pathological agent that causes skin lesions in the corner of the mouth is a microbial factor. But the implementation of the pathogenic properties of these microorganisms is possible only under the influence of provoking factors that cause either damage to the skin at the site of future seizures, or a decrease in immune surveillance. In the first case, unprotected skin for a certain time is simply not able to resist streptococci and fungi until it is restored. Then there is a jam as an independent problem.

Cracked mouth corners

Cracked mouth corners
Cracked mouth corners

The seizure itself brings moderate discomfort to a person, if its course is not complicated by anything. First of all, this concerns the formation of deep painful cracks in the corners of the mouth. Such a process is much more difficult to eliminate due to the presence of a relatively large wound defect and inflammation of the adjacent skin areas.

Consequently, the treatment process is delayed for a longer time compared to the treatment of uncomplicated seizures. The mechanism of cracking at the site of the lesion is quite simple. Formed seizure in the corner of the mouth can develop in two ways. In the first case, the lesion of the skin by microbes is superficial and the correct treatment of such a process leads to its rapid relief.

If you do not follow the rules for caring for such a jam, or it initially begins to progress, affecting the deeper layers of the skin, then sooner or later everything will end with the formation of a crack in the corner of the mouth.

If its depth reaches the level of the location of the lymphatic capillaries, this leads to the appearance of secretions from the wound, which, spreading to the surrounding skin, cause it to thicken and dry out. It shrinks and loses its elasticity. When it stretches when eating, laughing, talking, the skin breaks.

The result of all the described processes, which close a kind of vicious circle, is the formation of jam-cracks in one or both corners of the mouth. The most serious complication of such a local process is the transition of inflammation to adjacent skin areas in the affected area. As a result, the formation of new cracks with their combination into one wound, covered with a crust and accompanied by constant weeping. If the necessary measures are not taken, then the process will gradually expand with transformation into a fairly extensive wound.

How to treat mouth bumps?


The treatment process for bumps in the corners of the mouth depends on the immediate cause of their occurrence. It includes local (local) therapy and general interventions. It is always worth starting with local influences on the jam. They can be represented by folk methods and traditional modern medicine. First of all, it is worth dwelling on the most favorite methods among everyone who faces this problem. Naturally, everyone wants to get rid of it as easily as possible.

On the subject: How to quickly get rid of seizures?

Home treatment

The first to come to the rescue are the available means of traditional medicine. The favorite and tried-and-true methods in this section are:

  1. Applying to a sticky earwax. The method of treatment, although not entirely aesthetic, is very effective;
  2. Grind the leaves of the plantain into a mushy mass until the juice comes out. Lubricate cracks with the resulting mixture;
  3. Prepare a mixture of bee honey and pork fat 2: 1. Use to moisturize the skin in the corners of the mouth;
  4. The use of natural vegetable oils in the form of lotions or simple rubbing. Tea tree oil, olive oil, rosehip oil helps well;
  5. Applying freshly cut garlic chunks to the bite. It has an excellent antimicrobial effect;

  6. To combat seizures of fungal origin, washing the wounds with a concentrated soda solution or its mixture with vitamin B12 is well suited.

Other folk remedies for seizures

Drug treatment

With a typical course of seizures, only local therapy is indicated. These drugs include:

  1. Stomatidin. A good antiseptic used for rinsing the mouth and for lotions for seizures. It has an equally good antimicrobial effect on streptococci and fungi;
  2. Metrogyl dent. Presented by a balanced mixture of metronidazole and chlorhexidine bigluconate. Thanks to this composition, the entire antibacterial spectrum is completely covered with respect to possible pathogenic microbes living in the oral cavity and on the skin around the mouth;
  3. Bepanten and D-panthenol. They are mainly used at the stage of wound healing. Their use should be preceded by the application of antibacterial local preparations or their simultaneous combination;

  4. Tetracycline ointment. You can use its simple oily forms, or you can apply eye ointment. The latter does not cause an unpleasant burning sensation and is very well tolerated;
  5. Weak glucocorticosteroids with antibiotics. Shown with severe inflammatory changes. The most common ointments are: hyoxysone, trimistin, triderm;
  6. Cauterization of seizures with solutions of antiseptic dyes: fucorcin, iodine, brilliant green. After this procedure, be sure to moisturize the skin with any oil solution or cream.
  7. Clotrimazole. Antifungal cream. It is indicated in the case of exclusively fungal skin lesions of the corners of the mouth. With streptococcal seizures, it does not work.

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General strengthening treatment


If, against the background of the use of local therapy, it is not possible to achieve healing of the seizures, this indicates serious health problems. There is a need for detailed diagnostics and restorative treatment.

It includes:

  1. Vitamin preparations: high doses of ascorbic acid, aevit, tocopherol acetate, multivitamin complexes (duovit, vitrum, multi-tabs);
  2. Antifungal drugs and antibiotics when indicated (fluconazole, amoxil);
  3. Immunomodulators and restorative agents;
  4. Treatment of the underlying disease that caused the seizure.

Only a clear and consistent approach to some of the little things can help to understand their true origin and quickly eliminate. Do not stop halfway after the seizure has been healed. It is best to see a specialist for a basic examination. This will prevent the problem from recurring.


Author of the article: Alekseeva Maria Yurievna | Therapist

Education: From 2010 to 2016 Practitioner of the therapeutic hospital of the central medical-sanitary unit No. 21, city of elektrostal. Since 2016 she has been working in the diagnostic center No. 3.

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