10 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby And Mother?

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Video: 10 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby And Mother?

Video: 10 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby And Mother?
Video: 10 Weeks Pregnant - What To Expect? 2023, December
10 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby And Mother?
10 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby And Mother?

10 weeks pregnant

At this time, the embryonic period of the child's development ends. By the beginning of the 10th obstetric week, the main systems that support the life of the fetus have been formed, the umbilical cord now supplies it with everything it needs, through it the waste products are excreted. Powerful hormonal changes have made changes in the functioning of the female body, gently preparing it for bearing a baby and for the upcoming birth.


  • What's going on with the baby?
  • What's going on with mom?
  • Sensations
  • Ultrasound at 10 weeks
  • Cardiovascular workload
  • Stomach pain at week 10
  • Allocations
  • If bleeding starts, what should I do?
  • Visit doctor
  • SARS and temperature
  • Attitude towards sex
  • attitude to alcohol
  • Proper nutrition
  • Unpleasant complications of pregnancy
  • Lifestyle at week 10 - tips and tricks
  • Twin pregnancy

What's going on with the baby?

What happens to the baby
What happens to the baby

During this period of fetal development, brain tissues develop most intensively - in one minute, up to 250 thousand neurons appear. There was a differentiation of the nervous system into 2 subdivisions - central and peripheral, the immune and lymphatic systems are actively developing. The formation of the liver, intestines, bile ducts has ended.

Fetal parameters:

  • Weight - 5-6 g;
  • Length - 30-45 mm;
  • Heart rate - up to 150 beats per minute;
  • The thickness of the placenta is 1.5 cm.

Outwardly, the fetus is a miniature copy of a person with arms, legs with fingers, knees and elbows. Eyes, mouth, ears are distinguishable on the head. The child opens and closes his mouth, can put his fingers in it, touch his face. The laying of milk teeth begins in the oral cavity.

Since the main organs have already been formed, the pathogenic effect of negative external factors is significantly reduced at 10 weeks. Despite this, the fetus is still very vulnerable and fragile. If he is male, the testicles of the future boy began to produce testosterone at 10 weeks. Sexual characteristics on an ultrasound scan are still difficult to determine.

What's going on with mom?

What's going on with mom
What's going on with mom

The pregnant uterus retains the size of a large apple, and can already be felt over the pubic joint. Most women have not yet observed an increase in the external dimensions of the abdomen, although the weight has already increased by 2-3 kg compared to the body weight at the beginning of pregnancy.

Weight gain reasons:

  • Increase in the size of the uterus, breast;
  • Reducing the rate of metabolism;
  • An increase in the volume of circulating blood;
  • The appearance of additional adipose tissue - a reserve of nutrients for the period of breastfeeding.

In addition to increasing body weight, hormonal changes cause a weakening of the elasticity of the soft tissues of the small pelvis, an increase in the thyroid gland. On the abdomen of some women, a dark pigment strip can be discerned. This is evidence of an increased synthesis of melanin in the body of a pregnant woman.



Hormonal changes still actively affect the psycho-emotional state of a woman who becomes sentimental, can experience a whole range of feelings in a short time, gets tired quickly, and becomes drowsy. All these symptoms are subjective; in some women, they may not be felt at all.

Early toxicosis is manifested by nausea in the morning, less often by vomiting.

Very soon, at 12 weeks, it will cease to be felt, but for now the woman has to take preventive measures:

  • Have breakfast without getting out of bed;
  • Make meals frequent and small in volume;
  • Take water and a light snack with you on trips to work to ease the condition, eliminate nausea.

Video about what happens in the female body at the 10th week of pregnancy, its complications: cystitis, candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis:

Ultrasound at 10 weeks

Ultrasound at 10 weeks
Ultrasound at 10 weeks

Ultrasound examination at this stage of pregnancy is carried out for medical reasons. For a planned ultrasound, the exact time has been determined - this is 12-13 obstetric week. If a study directed by a antenatal clinic is carried out at 10 weeks, it means that there is a threat of miscarriage or the need to more accurately determine the time of conception, the state of the placenta.

Data obtained during ultrasound:

  • Heart rate;
  • Placenta size
  • The size of the uterus and the state of its functioning;
  • Fetal development monitoring;
  • Correspondence of the size of the fetus to the gestational age.

Visually, you can see that the fetus makes active movements, moves in the uterine cavity, and moves the limbs.

Cardiovascular workload

At the 10th week of pregnancy, even previously healthy women may experience a rapid heartbeat - tachycardia, or heart rhythm interruptions. The pulse becomes fast, its value reaches 90 beats per minute. Additionally, sleep disturbances, emotional outbursts, mood swings, and fatigue may be felt.

Very soon, this condition in a pregnant woman will disappear without a trace, but for now it arises as a response of the body to increased stress on the cardiovascular system. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is worth reducing the use of natural coffee, urgently quitting smoking, and not taking medications that are not intended for the treatment of pregnant women.

Stomach pain at week 10

Stomach pain at week 10
Stomach pain at week 10

Light tension in the lower abdomen is the so-called "training" contractions, which will continue until the very birth. The pulling pains in the groin caused by the stretching of the ligaments of the growing uterus are not dangerous. It is quite another matter if there is pain in the lower abdomen, accompanied by bloody discharge. It has a sharp character, radiates to the lower back. These symptoms can accompany spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage.

With miscarriage, placental abruption occurs, the expulsion of the ovum by the uterus. The resulting bleeding is dangerous to the life and health of a woman. To maintain pregnancy, you should immediately seek emergency medical help, and go to bed before her arrival.

Pain in the lower abdomen without bloody discharge, accompanied by cramps during urination, is a sign of inflammation of the bladder, or cystitis. To treat a urinary tract infection, you should see a urologist or your doctor.



Normal discharge of a pregnant woman is considered to be transparent or milky white leucorrhoea of a small volume.

In case of deviations from the norm, you should immediately find out the cause of the pathology, the symptoms of which are atypical discharge:

  • Purulent leucorrhoea;
  • Attachment of mucus, flakes;
  • Cheesy discharge;
  • Leucorrhoea with an unpleasant odor;
  • Yellow, greenish discharge with air bubbles included;
  • Brown discharge, leucorrhoea mixed with blood.

These manifestations can be symptoms of thrush, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, colpitis, vaginitis, chlamydia. Some vaginal infections can cause abortion, complications of childbirth, infection of the child with infectious diseases, and damage to the intrauterine development of the fetus.

Small bleeding without pain is a sign of cervical erosion, the consequences of examining the vagina in the mirrors, or sexual intercourse that injured the tissues of the reproductive organs. The appearance of such symptoms is a reason for contacting a gynecologist and carefully finding out the cause of such discharge.

If bleeding starts, what should I do?

Small discharge with an admixture of blood occurs in the 1st trimester in 30% of women. If there is a large blood loss, accompanied by cramping pains, this is a sign of a miscarriage. Blood with ichor, scarlet blood with clots and tissue particles during miscarriage is excreted in large volumes. These symptoms require immediate hospitalization of the woman.

Visit doctor

Visit doctor
Visit doctor

If before this period the woman has not yet registered, then now is the time to visit the antenatal clinic, or a personal doctor who will conduct the pregnancy. Primary screening of the health status of a pregnant woman includes laboratory tests of blood and urine, examination by a gynecologist, consultation with an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, and therapist.

A blood sugar test helps determine the possible risk of diabetes mellitus in women over 25 years old, overweight people, and those who have relatives with a similar disease. A history of diabetes mellitus is dangerous for the fetus if its manifestations are not stopped.

Determination of the Rh factor in the blood of the mother and father of the child will help to avoid the Rh conflict when the parents have these indicators different. If the fetus has inherited the Rh factor from the father, antigens to the "foreign body" will periodically appear in the mother's blood, tending to destroy it. Timely measures taken by the doctor will protect the fetus. To prevent rejection of the next pregnancy, 2 weeks before delivery and after delivery, a woman is given an injection of immunoglobulin.

A blood test to determine the level of testosterone helps to find out the hormonal status of a pregnant woman, possible deviations from the norm. If there is a threat of miscarriage, a blood test for hCG (human chorionic hormone) is prescribed. From the moment the embryo is implanted into the uterus, the concentration of hCG in the blood must constantly increase.

From the 10th week of pregnancy, if indicated, a biopsy of the fetal chorionic villi can be done to determine genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in the unborn child. This study is carried out for medical reasons - if there is a child with a chromosomal pathology in the family, with a high risk of inheriting genetic diseases.

SARS and temperature

SARS and temperature
SARS and temperature

The increased load on immunity during pregnancy leads to a decrease in the body's defenses. Cystitis, vaginal candidiasis, colds and viral diseases often occur. A gestation period of 10 weeks already allows you to take some medicines, but it is still better to use prescriptions that do not harm the health of the fetus.

Treatment of any disease at this time is carried out under the guidance of a doctor, even traditional medicine methods cannot be used without his consultation. Even medicinal herbs can have an unexpected effect, helping to terminate pregnancy.

You can drink warm decoctions of berries (lingonberry, rosehip), milk with honey, green tea. A stuffy nose is washed with saline, seawater-based preparations. The sore throat is washed with a warm solution of soda and salt, and inhalation is done with essential oils. Timely ventilation and humidification of the room will help get rid of dry nose and spread of infection. Walking in the fresh air has the same properties, during which ventilation of the lungs improves, and expectoration of sputum occurs better.

High fever can be dangerous to the fetus, so it is reduced with rectal suppositories intended for infants. A temperature of + 37 + 37.5 ° C is the norm for this period of pregnancy, it is caused by an intensive metabolism.

Attitude towards sex

At week 10, there are no significant contraindications for intimate relationships, except for the threat of miscarriage, multiple pregnancies and the presence of infectious diseases. The congestion of blood to the uterus that occurs during orgasm is helpful in stimulating circulation. The positive emotional background that accompanies intimate contacts has a positive effect on the psyche of a woman.

attitude to alcohol

Alcohol and a healthy pregnancy are not compatible, since exposure to alcohol-containing drinks for a period of 10 weeks can lead to the development of intellectual disability, fetal malformations. Even a glass of wine or champagne during a period of intensive brain development can be fatal, so it is better to completely stop drinking alcohol.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition
Proper nutrition

At 10 weeks, as well as in the rest of the weeks of pregnancy, nutrition should be balanced in terms of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. To do this, you should consume a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy and lactic acid products to replenish the body with calcium, meat and fish as the most important source of protein.

The main cooking methods are baking and boiling. It is advisable to avoid marinades, fried foods, and a lot of sweets. For dessert, you can eat baked apples, fruit salads. Baking and white bread are replaced with coarse flour products, refined rice is replaced with unpeeled cereals.

Unpleasant complications of pregnancy

At 10 weeks, women are often exhausted by constant heartburn. It is imperative to tell your doctor about this problem, and use his recommendations.

Home remedies for heartburn in pregnant women:

  • Drink a glass of milk;
  • Suck sugar or lollipop slowly;
  • Drink a glass of water in small sips;
  • Walk more often in the fresh air, while doing breathing exercises.

With severe toxicosis, it is not worth eating a lot at night, it is better to finish the main meal before 19:00, later there is only fruit. For nausea, mints, outdoor exercise, and drinking clean water can help.

If there is a persistent pulling pain in the lower abdomen, a carefully sized prenatal brace should be worn to support the abdominal muscle wall.

Video about the condition of a pregnant woman, manifestations of early toxicosis, complications of pregnancy:

Lifestyle at week 10 - tips and tricks

Lifestyle at week 10
Lifestyle at week 10

For a successful pregnancy, you should follow the instructions of your gynecologist.

The doctor can give the following recommendations:

  • If, instead of weight gain, there is a decrease in weight, this is a reason for additional examination;
  • To prevent constipation, you need to move more, eat more plant fiber;
  • Gymnastics in the fresh air, airing the premises, will help to avoid the feeling of lack of air;
  • Do not take medicine without consulting a doctor;
  • A contrast shower will help maintain immunity at the desired level;
  • Emotional contact with the unborn child is important, it is desirable to represent him and even talk with the unborn baby;
  • Bath, sauna, overheating in the open sun can provoke a miscarriage;

Positive emotions are no less important than healthy food - books, museums, exhibitions, walks in interesting places will bring a lot of interesting and useful impressions.

Twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy
Twin pregnancy

If, with a singleton pregnancy, the uterus goes beyond the pelvis at 13-14 weeks, then with a multiple pregnancy, this process occurs at about 10 weeks. The expectant mother of twins will immediately feel how her condition has eased, because the frequent urge to urinate has stopped.

Twin pregnancy is the reason for a more attentive attitude to all the little things that make up a healthy background for its successful course. Not every multiple pregnancy ends in timely delivery at 40 weeks. The supply of nutrients, the resources of the mother's body can be depleted at 35-36 weeks, and then premature birth will begin.

This should not be feared, since newborns at this age are quite viable, although they weigh slightly less than full-term babies. At 10 weeks, they are no different from the fetus of a normal pregnancy. They have all the organs formed, they have arms and legs, the size of the head is 2 times smaller than the body. These are active babies, moving intensively in the amniotic fluid of the fetal bladder.

The first 10 weeks of pregnancy are over. Taking care of your health and the health of the child, proper nutrition, following the doctor's recommendations, timely examination and treatment will help you to pass the time remaining before delivery without any problems.


The author of the article: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, reproductologist

Education: Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology received at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013 completed postgraduate studies at N. N. N. I. Pirogova.


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