Pediatrician Doctor - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment

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Pediatrician Doctor - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment
Pediatrician Doctor - Who Is He And What Heals? Appointment


A pediatrician is a pediatrician who diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases in children, and evaluates their all-round development.

Modern medicine cannot be imagined without such a doctor as a pediatrician. His competence includes the assessment of the development of children (nervous, mental, physical), school maturity. The doctor, on the basis of the available information about the patient's health, assigns him a health group, gives recommendations to parents regarding the feeding of the child, his upbringing, development and prevention of various diseases.

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  • How does a pediatrician work?
  • Pediatrician appointment
  • What does a pediatrician treat?
  • A good pediatrician is the key to health
  • Make an appointment with a pediatrician

How does a pediatrician work?


Reception of a doctor of this specialty involves the collection of anamnesis of a small patient. The doctor finds out the medical history, assesses the child's well-being, after which he gives an initial consultation regarding either further treatment, or undergoing further research to make a more accurate diagnosis. For example, he offers to donate blood, urine or mucous discharge for analysis, etc.

Depending on the results obtained, a further treatment regimen is being developed, or the already implemented one is changed, or additional studies are required, or redirection to another specialist.

Pediatrician appointment

A doctor's examination can be planned and unplanned. Each of these options has certain characteristics.

Scheduled inspection

  • Until the baby is born. To find out where the doctor accepts, how it happens and when a woman should go to him even before the baby is born, or rather, during registration. Pediatricians are district doctors and accept children based on their place of residence.
  • The first month after giving birth. At this time, the pediatrician will see the baby for the first time, assess his condition and give recommendations to parents. The doctor comes to the house several times.
  • When the first month is over. The child is taken to the clinic according to a pre-planned plan. At this time, he is weighed, measured and examined. This is usually done every month.

  • Period up to a year. Pediatrician visits should be monthly. He regularly monitors the development of the child, identifies existing deviations. In addition, it provides advice on routine vaccination.
  • Period after 12 months. Parents see a doctor as needed. Only visits are scheduled, during which examination and introduction of preventive vaccinations are performed.

Unscheduled inspection

It is worth contacting a doctor if the child has the following symptoms:

  • The body temperature rises. (Read also: Fever without symptoms in a child)
  • There are pains of various localization: joint, head or peritoneal.
  • Digestive disorders are observed.
  • There are signs of an allergic or infectious disease - rashes appear on the body or face, the child is coughing, he has a runny nose, wheezing in the throat, etc.

  • There are doubts about the norm of the child's development, physical and mental.

Parents should not forget about:

  • If the disease begins to develop in an infant, then you should not carry it to the clinic, but it is better to call the doctor home. This will eliminate the risk of infection of the baby with other infections.
  • When a child is born, an individual medical record is given to him. It should be treated carefully, as it will allow you to study the history of the child at an older age.

What does a pediatrician treat?

The doctor must be able to make the correct diagnosis and, in accordance with it, carry out therapy: with food poisoning, one treatment is needed, with infectious diseases - absolutely another, with allergic manifestations - a third.

In addition, the doctor must be able to identify problems with the heart and kidneys, liver and blood vessels, with the digestive tract and central nervous system, metabolic processes, etc. The pediatrician must timely diagnose the child's disease and, if necessary, send the baby to a narrow-profile doctor who will deal with further therapy.

A good pediatrician is the key to health

Good pediatrician
Good pediatrician

Finding a doctor with a really high qualification is a rather urgent question.

First of all, you should decide on the clinic in which the appointment will be carried out. The doctor himself must necessarily have experience working with children.

It is great practice that guarantees that the doctor will not make mistakes in the treatment of the child, as this will not allow him to make many years of experience. This is important, because at an early age, the baby cannot independently inform adults about his concern. However, up to 5 years old it is rather difficult for him. That is why a pediatrician must be able to determine the cause of the child's temperature rise, understand why he is showing increased anxiety, etc.

Nevertheless, it is not worth looking for a doctor who has 40 or more years of experience. It is quite enough for a doctor to work in the clinic for 10 years. During this time period, he will hone the knowledge gained at the institute and gain practice, but at the same time he will be aware of modern trends in medicine in general and in his field, in particular. It's great if the doctor has experience in hospital work.

A specialist in his field always strives for professional growth, improves his own knowledge and raises his qualifications. It is important to weed out outdated therapies by adopting new standards in medicine. Therefore, a student doctor is a specialist with a modern theoretical and practical basis.

It is great if the doctor completes additional courses that improve his qualifications and has additional specializations. There is a struggle for such doctors in good clinics, and it is in such institutions that they receive appointments.

What is included in pediatrician services?

  • Taking anamnesis, attentive attitude to patient complaints;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Palpation;
  • Listening;
  • Percussion;
  • Body temperature measurement;

  • Determination of height and weight.

Make an appointment with a pediatrician

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