Diet 5 Tablespoons: Menu, Reviews And Results Of Those Who Have Lost Weight

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Diet 5 Tablespoons: Menu, Reviews And Results Of Those Who Have Lost Weight
Diet 5 Tablespoons: Menu, Reviews And Results Of Those Who Have Lost Weight

Diet 5 tablespoons: pros and cons

Diet 5 tablespoons
Diet 5 tablespoons

The 5 tablespoon diet is a weight loss system that meets all the principles of proper and balanced nutrition. It is based on strict restriction of food during one meal. As recent scientific studies show, it is precisely those diets that do not force a person to give up certain foods, but only limit their consumption, that are most effective and do not harm health. Five tablespoons is the amount of food that a losing weight must eat in order to be full, replenish energy reserves and start losing weight. Moreover, this norm is not an invention of the authors of the diet, but recommendations that were adopted at the 8th Congress of the Association of Nutritionists, held in Europe.

The diet does not imply any strict restrictions on the menu. It is important to follow the only unshakable rule - do not eat more than five tablespoons of food at one time. The volumes of such portions, on average, are equal to 200 g.

The basic principles of the diet are as follows:

  • There should be no long breaks between meals (no more than 3 hours).
  • Serving weight at one time should not exceed 0.2 kg.
  • In order not to eat too much, vegetables and fruits should first be chopped. This will allow you to more accurately measure 5 tablespoons. If there is no desire to cut the food, then you can simply weigh them.
  • Besides water, you can drink coffee, tea, fresh juices, fruit drinks. Sugar is not added to drinks.
  • There are no recommendations for avoiding salt and spices, but in order to get rid of extra pounds faster, their consumption should be limited.

  • Do not drink carbonated drinks and industrial juices.
  • An acceptable way to heat food is steam cooking. You can also stew or cook dishes.
  • Store sauces are not recommended for food. If you want to improve the taste of a dish, you should cook it yourself.

The process of losing weight will occur due to the fact that small portions will reduce the walls of the stomach, make it smaller in volume. This, in turn, will make it possible to satisfy hunger much faster, which means not to overeat.

For 7 days on a diet of 5 tablespoons, you can lose 2 to 3 kg of excess weight. The diet is not limited in time, it can be adhered to throughout life, since it does not contradict the principles of proper nutrition.


  • Approximate daily diet of 5 tablespoons
  • Menu for the week
  • Allowed and prohibited foods of the diet 5 tablespoons
  • Pros and cons of a 5 tablespoon diet
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews and results
  • conclusions

Approximate daily diet of 5 tablespoons

Approximate Daily Diet Diet 5
Approximate Daily Diet Diet 5

A menu for one day might look like this:

  • Morning, 7:00: oatmeal cooked in milk (5 tablespoons) and a glass of unsweetened tea.
  • Snack before lunch. 10:00 am: Eat a choice of fruit - orange, apple or banana.
  • Afternoon, 13:00: buckwheat with meat (5 tablespoons), meat can be replaced with fish or chicken. It is important to ensure that the total weight of a serving does not exceed 0.2 kg.
  • Snack before dinner, 4:00 pm: vegetable salad with sunflower oil or sour cream dressing. A serving is equal to five tablespoons.
  • Dinner, 19:00: rice porridge or boiled fish.
  • Snack before bed: kefir or yogurt, but not more than 5 tablespoons. Sour milk drinks can be spotted with a fruit or glass of water.

Menu for the week



Afternoon snack


Before bedtime

100 g omelet, 60 g tomatoes, 40 g cheese, a glass of unsweetened coffee

100 g of soup with vegetables and chicken fillet, 80 g of fresh vegetable salad, compote

0.2 l yogurt

180 g vegetables, stewed with chicken fillet

100 g casserole with cottage cheese and apple

100 g sandwich with salted red fish, cheese and tomato, 100 g yogurt

100 g white fish, baked with creamy sauce, boiled egg

150 g salad with fruit

Stewed vegetables 100 g, duck breast - 70 g, a glass of tea

Pumpkin porridge 160 g, compote

170 g muesli with yogurt, a glass of tea

Vegetable soup with croutons - 100 g, steamed minced fish cutlets - 60 g, fruit drink

150 g pancakes with apple filling

80 g durum wheat pasta, 60 goulash, 30 g beans in tomatoes, juice

Soufflé with cottage cheese and apples - 150 g, a glass of green tea

Steamed cheesecakes - 100 g and the same amount of kefir

Musaka with vegetables 100 g, chicken pate with toasted bread - 50 g, tomatoes - 50 g, compote

Fruit, total weight not more than 180 g

Mashed potatoes - 100 g, terrine with chicken and vegetables - 100 g, a glass of tea

Stewed zucchini - 150 g, a glass of green tea


Casserole with cottage cheese - 150 g, a glass of coffee

100 g sour cabbage soup, Chinese cabbage with chicken fillet in salad - 50 g, boiled egg

160 charlottes

100 g of pilaf and the same amount of stewed cabbage, a glass of tea

A glass of kefir

180 g omelet with cheese, unsweetened tea

Rice with vegetables, portion 100 g, baked chicken fillet - 70 g

0.2 kg salad with Korean carrots and chicken fillet

Mushroom puree soup - 120 g, a slice of hard cheese, boiled chicken egg and a glass of tea

Fruit salad

Oatmeal cooked in milk - 170 g, fruit and juice

100 g of fish soup, croutons with cheese and garlic - 100 g, a glass of tea


100 g of boiled buckwheat, 100 g of chicken wings baked with honey, a glass of tea

Cabbage and carrot salad

Allowed and prohibited foods of the diet 5 tablespoons

Permitted and prohibited
Permitted and prohibited

The diet involves eating a wide variety of foods. A person should not limit the intake of fats or carbohydrates less than the prescribed rate of 5 tablespoons. At the same time, you need to choose only those products that are considered healthy and do not contradict the principles of proper nutrition. Sources of carbohydrates should be cereals, vegetables, fruits. They allow you to replenish the body's reserves of vitamins and microelements, as well as coarse fiber useful for the intestines.

The proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates consumed per day: 20%: 40%: 40%, where 20% is allocated to fatty foods. An adult should not consume more than 110 g of fat per day, otherwise it will not be possible to lose weight. A salad eaten per day with vegetable oil dressing or fillet of fatty sea fish in 200 g fits into this norm.

As for prohibited foods, drinks such as should be removed from the diet:

  • Drinks with sugar and gases.
  • Drinks containing artificial sweeteners.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Prohibited Products Table





















Ice cream





Granulated sugar



Sugar in pieces



Coca Cola












Energetic drinks



Pros and cons of a 5 tablespoon diet

The obvious benefits of a diet:

  • Diet teaches you to eat right.
  • During the diet, there are no sudden jumps in blood sugar levels.
  • The person's appetite becomes controlled.
  • The diet does not prohibit eating your favorite foods.

Cons of the diet:

  • The diet has a number of contraindications. So, it should not be practiced while carrying a child and against the background of vitamin deficiency, which often develops in the cold season.


The diet does not imply any absolute contraindications. Only women who are expecting a child and mothers who are breastfeeding should not sharply limit the amount of portions. This will avoid allergies in the newborn and will enable the baby to develop properly.

Reviews and results

Reviews of doctors and specialists

Evgeny Petrovich, nutritionist: “In my opinion, a diet of 5 tablespoons is one of the most correct and effective diets that allow a person to get rid of bad food habits. It does not require additional intake of vitamins, since its menu is balanced enough to cover all the needs of the human body. Weight will go away from the first days of the diet, which is the best motivation for anyone losing weight."

Antonina Evgenievna, nutritionist: “The diet is very easy to tolerate. The feeling of hunger can bother a person only in the first few days after starting the diet. Gradually, the stomach decreases in size, which allows you to moderate your own appetite and not gain excess weight even after completing the diet. I recommend drinking green tea and herbal teas between meals, and 1.5 hours before bedtime, you can eat a portion of bran. Be sure to drink enough water during the diet. This will help avoid stool problems and control hunger."

Reviews of those who have lost weight

Asya: “I stayed on the diet for a month, while the fat literally melted before our eyes. At first I was a little hungry, as it is quite difficult to instantly get used to miniature portions, but then I got used to it. Moreover, you can eat anything - cakes, fatty fish, noodles, but in limited quantities. You can't eat more than five spoons, but when I dined with soup, I ate 10 spoons. This did not affect the result.

It was especially difficult not to eat after 7 pm. I drank water and green tea, and went to bed with an empty stomach. Sometimes even at night I woke up from being hungry, but I overcame myself. In a month, I managed to lose 15 kg. After 3 months after completing the diet, the weight returned, but I did not limit myself to anything, it is my own fault. Nevertheless, the diet is wonderful, I recommend it to everyone."

Katerina: “I really liked the diet because it does not force me to give up my favorite foods, I just need to eat them in moderation. It is best to trust not tablespoons, but kitchen scales. The volume of one portion should not exceed 200 g. For a month on a diet, I lost 9 kg. At the same time, she ate homemade dumplings, and sausage, and sweets. I think that if you eat right, and not like me, the result will be even more impressive. I didn't have any health problems. It is important to drink a glass of warm water 20 minutes before meals in order to speed up metabolic processes. In general, the diet is good."

Nina: “Looking at myself in the mirror, I decided that it was time to lose weight. At the same time, I am very glad that I preferred the 5-spoon diet. She allowed me to lose 16 kg of excess weight, which I gained while I was at home. I think the main advantage of the diet is that it not only helps to lose weight, but also does not require preparing meals separately for yourself, but separately for family members. Obesity is a disease that must be eliminated. A diet of 5 tablespoons is great for this task."


A diet of 5 tablespoons allows you to effectively lose weight without harming your health. It is suitable for almost all people who are overweight, as it has no contraindications. For 10 days of such a diet, you can get rid of 3-7 kg, the specific plumb line depends on the initial weight of the person.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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