7 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby?

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7 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby?
7 Weeks Pregnant - What Happens To The Baby?

7 weeks pregnant

At the 7th week of the gestational period, an important event occurs - from this time on, the unborn child completes its embryonic development cycle. Now it can be called a fetus, the embryofetal period begins.


  • Pregnancy calculation method
  • What happens to the fetus at 7 weeks?
  • Changes in the female body
  • Possible cause of pain at week 7
  • Allocations - norm and pathology
  • Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant
  • Sensations
  • When to register with a antenatal clinic - tests and ultrasound
  • Colds and fever
  • Attitude towards sex
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Formation of the diet
  • Taking care of your health - useful tips

Pregnancy calculation method

Pregnancy by an obstetrician-gynecologist provides for the countdown of the period according to the obstetric method, starting from the first day of the last menstruation. The seventh week of fetal pregnancy corresponds to the ninth obstetric week. The seventh week, counted from the missed period, is the eleventh obstetric week.

What happens to the fetus at 7 weeks?

at week 7
at week 7

A significant achievement of the seventh obstetric week is the division of the fetal heart into a right and left atrium, each having 2 chambers. The heart gained more ability to stimulate active blood circulation, thanks to which large blood vessels began to develop. The brain also continues to actively develop - in two hemispheres, the differentiation of brain structures begins to create 5 sections that repeat the functions of the adult brain.

Fetal parameters:

  • Weight - 0.8-1 g;
  • Length - up to 13 mm;
  • The coccygeal-parietal size is about 1 cm.

When scanning with ultrasound, the nose, mouth and eyes are clearly visible on the fetus's face. As the brain develops rapidly, the size of the head is much greater than the usual proportions.

Which organs are actively forming at week 7:

  • The small and large intestine, appendix appears;
  • The intestine grows in length;
  • Lungs, kidneys, bronchi, endocrine gland continue to develop;
  • The fetal sex glands divide into ovaries or testes;
  • The formation of the genitals begins from the tubercle between the legs;
  • Bile ducts appear in the liver, it begins to independently produce blood cells;
  • The production of insulin by the pancreas begins; milk teeth are laid in the jaws;
  • The inner and outer ear is formed;
  • The eye acquires eyelashes, retinal pigment, and the iris.

The limbs of the fetus are constantly being improved. At 7 weeks, you can see the bend of the elbow joints and wrists, the palm and fingers appear. The shoulders and forearms of the hand are highlighted, it becomes possible to move the upper limbs. The legs of the fetus still look like flippers, although the toes are also forming on them.

Most of the intestinal tube is outside the abdomen at 7 weeks gestation. A neck is marked between the body and the head of the fetus. Although the head is still drawn to the body, after a short period of time, the possibility of more active movements will appear. Both the gills and the tail are still present, but soon there will be no trace of these rudiments.

Changes in the female body

At the 7th week of pregnancy, the uteroplacental blood flow is established, since the umbilical cord is finally formed. The placenta continues to thicken, this process will be completed by 12 weeks of gestation. The uterus increases in size, creating a comfortable environment for the fetus to stay in it. It has become twice as large as compared to the initial parameters, acquired the size of a large orange.

The cervix is ​​still relaxed, and a bluish tinge is noticeable during gynecological examination. In the cervical canal there is a kind of barrier against the penetration of infections - a mucous plug, which will be there until the moment of delivery.

Video about the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, changes in the woman's health at week 7, on the parameters of the fetus:

The yolk sac with the development of the placenta gradually loses its functions to support the vital functions of the fetus. The amount of progesterone produced by this temporarily formed endocrine gland is reduced. The role of the corpus luteum of pregnancy is taken over by the placenta. If its formation has gone along a pathological path, the pregnancy cannot be saved due to the death of the fetus.

The breast of a pregnant woman increases by 1-2 sizes, the areola of the nipples becomes dark, there is a slight tingling sensation, soreness, tension, increased sensitivity. Acne, age spots may appear on the skin of the face and body, it becomes porous, acquires a loose structure. Perhaps the appearance of a "runny nose of pregnant women" - nasal congestion, not associated with a cold or allergic manifestations. Some women develop a streak of darker skin from the pubis to the navel.

Possible cause of pain at week 7

Possible reason
Possible reason

Mild cramping pains that periodically occur simultaneously on the right and left abdomen are normal at 7 weeks of gestation. They are caused by the tension of the uterine ligaments of an intensively growing organ. With pulling pains in the lower abdomen, radiating to the lower back, and accompanied by bloody discharge, the threat of miscarriage becomes a possible cause of discomfort.

Reason for spontaneous abortion:

  • Stress;
  • Physical and mental strain, heavy lifting;
  • Using high-heeled shoes;
  • Hot baths, excessive sun exposure.

In such conditions, an increased tone of the uterus occurs, provoking a miscarriage. Seeking medical attention in a timely manner will help maintain the pregnancy.

Another type of pain in the 7th week of pregnancy is breast tenderness. Her structures are preparing for an important function - breastfeeding, so the woman feels these processes as tingling, heaviness, slight soreness. It is necessary to choose a comfortable bra that matches the size of the enlarged breasts, periodically conduct air baths for the breasts.

Headache often accompanies the first trimester of pregnancy, although these symptoms are individual. It must be remembered that pain cannot be stopped with drugs, so as not to damage the development of the fetus.

Allocations - norm and pathology


Normally, at the 7th week of pregnancy, vaginal discharge should be transparent or whitish, with a loose mucous structure. Atypical leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) is a reason to see a doctor.

Pathological discharge:

  • Thick, frothy;
  • Yellowish or greenish, cheesy, accompanied by itching and burning in the vagina;
  • In the form of a brown "daub";
  • Mixed with blood;
  • They resemble menstrual blood in structure and volume.

The causes of such negative symptoms may be thrush, or vaginal candidiasis, an infectious lesion of the reproductive system, spontaneous abortion that has begun, and an ectopic pregnancy. It is imperative to conduct an examination and treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant

Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant
Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant

Bloody vaginal discharge, with clots and pieces of tissue, accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, radiating to the lower back, is a sign of spontaneous abortion. You can't waste precious time here, you should immediately seek emergency help. Even if a woman does not plan to maintain a pregnancy, it is necessary to terminate it in a hospital setting, with the help and supervision of a specialist.

Another complication of vaginal bleeding is an ectopic pregnancy. With this pathology, the embryo is not fixed in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube. It grows and sooner or later ruptures the tube, causing profuse intra-abdominal bleeding. If measures are not taken in time, death is possible due to blood loss and peritonitis.

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms:

  • Brown spotting;
  • Pain localized in one half of the abdomen.

When a woman with suspected ectopic pregnancy is admitted to a gynecological hospital, the doctor performs a puncture of the abdominal cavity. The procedure is performed through the posterior fornix of the vagina under intravenous or local anesthesia. Getting a blood clot in the contents of the syringe is a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.



Hormonal changes in the body are reflected in the well-being and psycho-emotional state of a woman. Everything here is individual - a huge number of women do not feel a significant change in the perception of the world, in their well-being. And, conversely, all symptoms become so aggravated that even those around them notice it.

Possible sensations:

  • Constant feeling of tiredness;
  • Loss of focus, distraction;
  • Altered perception of smells, intolerance to previously familiar aromas;
  • Lack of air, feeling of stuffiness;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Dizziness;
  • Emotional "ups and downs", the range of emotions from euphoria to depressive state, a woman can pass in a short time.

A woman gets used to the new state, her body is under increased stress. At the end of the first trimester, most of the above symptoms will disappear.

Video about sensations at the 7th week of pregnancy, about the appearance of seizures, taste preferences, increased uterine tone:

When to register with a antenatal clinic - tests and ultrasound

When to register
When to register

If a woman has not yet consulted a gynecologist, then the 7th week of pregnancy is the best time to register with a antenatal clinic. Ultrasonography of the reproductive organs may need to be done to confirm pregnancy. It is performed using an intravaginal probe, in the most gentle way. Ultrasound confirms the presence of uterine pregnancy, excludes ectopic pathology. According to the plan, the first ultrasound is performed at 11-14 weeks of pregnancy.

At the first visit to the doctor, he will measure the weight, height and size of the pelvis of the pregnant woman, blood pressure, and send for an ECG to determine the state of the cardiovascular system.

Screening of the state of health of a pregnant woman upon registration - mandatory tests:

  • Blood biochemistry analysis;
  • General urine analysis;
  • A blood test to determine the Rh factor, blood group, blood sugar;
  • Blood for hiv, hepatitis, rw;
  • Coagulogram;
  • A smear on the degree of cleanliness of the vagina;
  • Smear for oncocytology (pap test);
  • Blood test for toxoplasmosis and rubella;
  • Feces on the eggs of the worm;

  • Vaginal swab to detect STDs.

In addition, a woman will have to visit a dentist, ophthalmologist, therapist, otolaryngologist. The child's father must donate blood for the Rh factor, undergo fluorography. According to the testimony, the woman will have to donate blood to determine the amount of progesterone in it and urine for hCG.

A full-fledged study is a guarantee of a favorable course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

Colds and fever


You should not ignore even mild symptoms of SARS, not paying attention to them. Now all deviations from normal health can affect the development of the fetus. A stuffy nose deprives a woman of full breathing, and the fetus - of a sufficient amount of oxygen. A strong cough can cause a threat of miscarriage, leading the uterus to tone. High temperature negatively affects the development of the fetus, and complications of viral infection threaten the favorable course of pregnancy.

Not a single remedy, neither medicinal nor traditional, can be used without the permission of a doctor. Even harmless medicinal herbs can cause termination of pregnancy, or the development of pathologies in the fetus. A specialist can recommend a plentiful warm drink, bed rest, a compress on the problem area.

If nasal congestion is not combined with cough and hyperthermia, it may not be ARVI, but rhinitis of pregnant women - one of the symptoms associated with hormonal changes in the body.

Attitude towards sex

There are no significant contraindications for sexual intercourse at the 7th week of pregnancy, except for the threat of miscarriage, placenta previa and infectious diseases in the sexual partner. No need to protect yourself, additional emotional contact will be a positive factor for the spouses. After intercourse, blood circulation in the pelvic organs becomes more intense, which is very beneficial for the respiration of the fetus and the state of the uterus.

Alcohol and smoking

At the 7th week of pregnancy, the brain structures of the fetus develop most intensively. Alcohol and nicotine, which penetrated the blood of a woman, and then a child, has an extremely negative effect on the development of the child's central nervous system, the formation of prerequisites for the development of intelligence. The consequence of this can be severe mental and mental disorders of the fetus. The fetus develops fetal alcohol syndrome and experiences chronic oxygen starvation.

Formation of the diet

Formation of the diet
Formation of the diet

For the full formation of the systems and organs of the fetus, a woman must eat right. Food groups included in the menu at week 7:

  • dairy products as a source of calcium;
  • meat and fish as a source of complete protein;

  • whole grain bread, bran, cereals, pasta as a source of complex carbohydrates;
  • fresh and baked vegetables and fruits as a source of fiber and vitamins.

It is advisable to eliminate canned food, smoked meats, carbonated drinks, sweets (marshmallow, candy can be used), hot spices from the diet. For the prevention of flatulence and intestinal colic, it is better not to eat legumes, cabbage and dishes from them

Taking care of your health - useful tips

Health care
Health care

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman at 7 weeks changes dramatically. She gets used to thinking not only about herself, but also about the future child. You can already communicate with him, listen to your favorite music, taking care of a positive emotional background. Walking in the fresh air, dosed physical education according to special methods will only be beneficial.

It is strongly discouraged:

  • Limit sleep time;
  • To endure gravity;
  • Take hot baths, bath procedures in the steam room or in the sauna;
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes as a risk factor for varicose veins and leg edema;
  • Plan repairs and participate in them;
  • Overeat.

Being overweight is a problem for a pregnant woman. By this time, she should gain no more than 1 kilogram in weight, in the seventh week - no more than 300 g. If these figures are higher, you should revise your diet, limit the amount of fast carbohydrates - sweets, fatty foods.

Constipation is another problem that appears at 7 weeks of gestation. A complication of prolonged bowel movements can be hemorrhoids, provoked by varicose veins of the rectum. For prevention, you should include in the diet more plant fiber, wash the anal area with cool water.

The seventh week is an important period of pregnancy, the time of the embryo's transition to fetal status. It is better to spend this period under the supervision of a doctor, with the support of loved ones.


The author of the article: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, reproductologist

Education: Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology received at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013 completed postgraduate studies at N.N. N.I. Pirogova.

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