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Japanese Diet Results - People's Reviews
Japanese Diet Results - People's Reviews

Results of the Japanese diet

Results of the Japanese diet
Results of the Japanese diet

There are many diets designed to help you lose extra pounds. It makes no sense to experiment on yourself and try all diets "to taste". This will definitely not bring benefits to the body. It is always better to learn from other people's mistakes. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the reviews left by people who have tried this or that dietary scheme on themselves.

The article will focus on the Japanese diet, which, according to the assurances of many of its practitioners, gives quite good results.

Karina: I tried to lose weight with the Japanese diet 3 years ago. The reason that pushed me to such an extreme way of losing weight is a strong weight gain after the birth of my first child. From 47 kg, I gained weight to 74 kg - it was a disaster for me! I've never been so fat. But with the help of the Japanese diet, I managed to lose 4 kg already after only five incomplete days.

Inspired by this result, I continued to lose weight with the help of this diet and reached the cherished 51 kg. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got up on the scales every morning - the fat melted.

Moreover, the products are all natural, a ban on sausages, sausages, mayonnaise and other nasty things.

For two years I managed to keep myself in such good shape. But now 1.5 years have passed and as they say, I fell out. I started eating mayonnaise, chips, and sausages. I got to 56 kg and said to myself stop - that's enough. I went back to my Japanese diet. I think that this time she will help me too. Three days passed and 2 kg flew off me. Therefore, I recommend all fatties to try this diet. But harmful products will need to say a firm no!

Ulyashka: Somehow, quite imperceptibly, I put on weight. She gained as much as 13 kg over and above her norm. I noticed this while trying on a skirt in a store. After experiencing shock, I began to frantically sort out all the available diets. I decided to stop at the "Japanese". There is no salt on the menu - all the swelling is gone. Sugar is also not allowed, which is very good. At the same time, the portion may not be limited in size, which is very important for me. And I was also pleasantly surprised that you can eat fish, vegetables and fruits, and drink sour milk.

It was hard for me only on the first day, and then it became easier. Despite the fact that I was not starving, I lost 9 kg. My joy knew no bounds. And while the weight holds. Hooray.

Knopochka: I am on this diet all the time! What I like about it: the effect is very fast and long lasting. What I don't like about it: no sweets, pastries, alcohol and the most unpleasant thing - salt!

I keep on a Japanese diet for two weeks. If you weighed about 70 kg, then you will be able to lose, on average, 3-4.5 kg, more will definitely not go away. But you don't need to be upset, because a big weight loss will have a bad effect on your health. And besides, how sharply kilograms go away, they also come sharply. Therefore, it is so important to enter and exit the Japanese woman correctly.

The diet is strict and you cannot deviate from the rules in it. Please note that there will be no breakfasts as such. For me, the hardest part is giving up salt. If I can live without flour and sweets, and even more so without alcohol, then without salt it is a little tough. Therefore, before you start losing weight, you need to think about all these points.

Here are some tips for all ladies who are losing weight with the help of a Japanese woman (advice from personal experience, not just invented):

Results of the Japanese diet
Results of the Japanese diet
  • Measure your things before starting your diet. Everything! Dresses, skirts, shorts - if they do not fit as they should, or are even difficult to pull on, then you definitely need to lose weight. It is important to weigh yourself before starting the Japanese diet.

  • You need to weigh yourself every morning after using the toilet. Write down the weight. The clearly presented results are always invigorating.
  • Think about how you will look great after the diet is over.
  • It's good if you manage to play sports and lose weight at the same time.
  • When you really want to eat, you can drink water or coffee - this will satisfy the feeling of hunger.
  • If you really want something - just look back, because behind is already such a difficult path. Is it worth the fleeting desire to feast in order to cross out all the efforts. This is my most important advice. Patience and good luck, then a slim body will be your reward.

RimmaCat: It took five kg - it was 61, now it is 56. Advantages of the diet: it teaches discipline, does not require a lot of money, gives a lasting effect. I share my impressions day by day, maybe it will be useful to someone.

The extra 8 kg, which I gained during the New Year holidays, made me go on a diet. I did not find the Japanese diet spontaneously, I listened to my sister's advice. With her help, she lost 7 kg in 13 days.

  1. First day. Everything went well, I was not hungry, my weight is 61.1 kg. I had coffee for breakfast, for lunch I ate two boiled eggs with a salad of cabbage (Peking). I washed down the whole thing with a tomato nipple. Fried pollock for dinner.
  2. Second day. As it was good for me, it remained. I ate a biscuit in the morning. I weigh 60.3 kg. For lunch there was a boiled fish and a cucumber salad. In the evening I ate boiled beef and washed it down with kefir.
  3. The third day. The state of health is good, everything is quite tolerable. I weigh 59.7. I had breakfast with rusks and coffee. For lunch she fried zucchini. I had dinner with boiled beef, a couple of boiled eggs and a salad of fresh cabbage. I seasoned it with olive oil. It turned out very well.

  4. Fourth day. Here I had to "suffer". The dinner was disgusting! Somehow I coped with the salad, but boiled carrots, and even two pieces - it's a nightmare for me! I didn't eat it, to be honest. I had fruit for supper, but not willingly, I do not like them. My weight is 59.2. I forgot to write about breakfast - there was coffee in the morning. For lunch, I prepared a salad of 1 boiled carrot with cheese (15 g). The other two carrots just need to be shoved into myself, but I couldn't. Maybe it will be easier for someone. I had dinner with an apple and a pomelo, because you can eat all fruits except grapes and bananas.
  5. The fifth day. This day was also difficult for me. First, there was no coffee in the morning. Dinner with fruit, as you understand, I also do not particularly like. I got away from my diet and ate a Greek salad in the evening. I weigh 58.4 kg. I should have eaten a carrot salad with lemon juice for breakfast. For lunch, boiled chicken or beef with tomato juice, and fruit for dinner.

  6. Sixth day. My weight remained unchanged - 58.4. I think the Greek salad is to blame. I feel good. For breakfast there was coffee, for lunch chicken breast and cabbage salad, for dinner 2 eggs and carrots (raw - it pleases).
  7. Seventh day. Everything went well as I drank a lot of tea. I didn't eat fruit for lunch. I weigh 57.9. On the menu, you can drink as much green tea as you like, and you need to dine with beef and fruits. For dinner, you can choose anything from what came before. Only dinner on the third day is prohibited. I ate fried pollock.
  8. Day eight. The menu copies the 6 day menu. I weigh 57.3 today.
  9. Ninth day. The menu is the same as on day 5. I feel good, I weigh 56.4 kg.
  10. Day ten. I weigh 57 kg exactly. The menu repeats the diet for 4 days. I decided not to go hungry anymore and ate chicken soup for lunch.

  11. Day 11. You need to stick to the menu for 3 days, which I did. But she committed a small sin - she added seasonings. I weigh 56.8.
  12. Day 12. We copy the menu from the 2nd day of the diet. I added seasoning again. I was surprised to find that I didn't want salt. My weight is 56.6 kg.
  13. Day 13. I repeated the menu of the very first day. At lunch I ate cottage cheese pancakes. I weigh 56.3.
Results of the Japanese diet
Results of the Japanese diet

And when I got on the scales in the morning, I already weighed 55.9. thus it took me 5.2 kg. Girls, after this diet I really began to eat right and I did not want either fatty or something other nasty! And I reduced the portions, the stomach in volume also became smaller. So, my proper nutrition allowed me to reach 53 kg in a month, so by the spring I am 100% ready.

Helen: For me, this diet turned out to be quite difficult, but only at the beginning. I put on weight after giving birth. Break the whole Internet, decided to stay on the Japanese diet. In the first days it was a little hungry, but already from the 3rd day of the diet, I began to eat half the portions and this was enough for me.

It was especially difficult for me as I cannot eat fish due to allergies. I replaced it with crab sticks. As for the results, they are quite impressive - it took almost nine kilograms. Six months have already passed since my last hunger strike. The weight has hardly changed (I gained only 1 kg again).

Therefore, I sincerely recommend the Japanese diet to everyone who wants to lose weight.

Zhenek: Honestly, the name attracted me to this diet. Japanese women are all so small and slender that looking at them, I decided to try. My decision was correct. I lost weight and still my weight is normal. Of course, for this I eat right.

Summing up

Summing up
Summing up

To maintain a Japanese diet, you need to have the following set of qualities:

  • Purposefulness.
  • Excerpt.
  • Endurance.
  • Equilibrium.
  • Willpower.

The Japanese diet does not include rice, seafood, soy sauce, sushi, or spices. The name of this power scheme is justified by the very method of its implementation. The products that are required to compose the menu can be purchased at any store. It is noteworthy that they are not expensive and for 13 days of the Japanese diet you will have to spend no more than 3000 rubles.

Often women think that with the help of the Japanese diet they can permanently solve their problems associated with being overweight. In fact, losing more than eight kilograms is unlikely to work. Nevertheless, this is a very good result, which can be achieved without harm to one's own health.

The minimum result of the Japanese diet that has been observed is 3 kg. Maximum 10 kg. The average weight loss score is 5.7 kg. As you can see, the Japanese diet is very effective. Weight loss is guaranteed to anyone! But in no case do not gorge yourself after the diet, otherwise the weight can completely return. This problem occurs in 20% of people who have gone through the Japanese diet.

It has been noticed that it is in the summer that the Japanese diet does not work well. Weight loss in summer is 2-4 kg. It sounds like a paradox, but statistics say so.

Abrupt weight loss is a dangerous exacerbation of many chronic diseases. Often, weight loss becomes the cause of a severe course of vegetative-vascular dystonia. Women often suffer from hormonal imbalances in the body. In a week, you can part with 4 kg without harm to health, but no more. If more than 10 kg goes away, then it is very dangerous and fraught with a sharp deterioration in well-being.

The benefits of the Japanese diet


The diet does not require significant financial costs. With its help, you can both lose weight and save money.

  • The Japanese diet has no side effects.
  • A person during a diet eats his usual food products.
  • The effect after following the Japanese diet persists for a long time.
  • You don't have to go hungry all the time. To maintain a healthy weight, you will need to follow the diet several times a year.

Don't get too carried away with the Japanese diet. It is important to follow the advice of specialists so as not to harm your health. For optimal results, do not change food items or diet timing at will.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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