Kremlin Diet: Pros And Cons

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Video: Kremlin Diet: Pros And Cons

Video: Kremlin Diet: Pros And Cons
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Kremlin Diet: Pros And Cons
Kremlin Diet: Pros And Cons

Kremlin diet: pros and cons

Kremlin diet pros and cons
Kremlin diet pros and cons

One of the most paradoxical weight loss methods is the Kremlin diet. She gained a lot of fans due to the fact that during the entire period of losing weight, a person eats very diversely and can eat whatever he wants, but within the limit of the points scored. The number of points depends on the carbohydrate content of the product. At each stage of the diet, it is allowed to consume a certain amount of points per day - from $ 20 to $ 60. (conventional units). For the convenience of the followers of the diet, a special table has been created, in accordance with which the daily menu is formed.

Since the Kremlin diet is considered protein, foods with the highest protein scores have the lowest score. The consumption of meat and fish products brings very few points, and a person has the opportunity to add additional dishes to the menu. And having eaten a piece of bread, he has no right to eat anything else, since he thereby chose his own rate of points.

Followers of the diet lose 5-8 kg per week. The longer the diet lasts, the more weight decreases. You need to go through four stages of the Kremlin diet, each of them has its own rate of points per day.


  • The history of the Kremlin diet
  • The essence of the Kremlin diet
  • Fundamental rules of the method
  • Pros of the Kremlin diet
  • Cons of the Kremlin diet
  • Contraindications to the Kremlin diet
  • Stages of the Kremlin diet
  • Menu for the week
  • Complete product table
  • Diet Tips
  • Reviews and results
  • Misconceptions about the Kremlin diet

The history of the Kremlin diet

Now this method of losing weight is known to almost everyone, and until recently, such a diet was a secret for many. The Kremlin diet used to be called the "American Astronaut Diet". In Russia, this technique was first used to meet the needs of the party elite. They happily used the method of correcting excess weight, which allows them to eat anything, choose delicacies from the menu, but also lose weight.

Nutritionists also welcomed the technique that allows you not to experience hunger and the negative symptoms associated with it: dizziness, a feeling of exhaustion, obsessive thoughts about food.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

The essence of the Kremlin diet
The essence of the Kremlin diet

The diet is based on the following principle - due to a sharp decrease in the amount of incoming carbohydrates, the body needs energy. To cover this deficit, he turns to internal resources, spending body fat. Reducing the amount of fat leads to a decrease in body weight.

One of the advantages of this diet is that a losing weight person can eat foods "prohibited" in other diets in any quantity. These are sources of protein such as cottage cheese, cheese, meat, fish, eggs. It is forbidden to eat bread, confectionery, many fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice, and drink fruit juices.

With the help of the Kremlin diet, weight is rapidly decreasing.

There is a simple algorithm:

  • To lose weight, the sum of points scored per day should not exceed 20-40 USD;
  • To get better - to be above 60 USD;
  • To keep the achieved results - equal to 60 USD.

Some of those losing weight make an unfortunate mistake, spontaneously changing the amount of points in their diet. The scores belong to a notional system that places products on a particular rung of the “acceptability ladder”.

The minimum rating is assigned to sausages, cheese, dairy products (0-2 cu). The highest score is for confectionery, dried fruits, and preserves. Following the table, the diet includes any food within the daily value of the points.

Important nuances:

  • The table shows the number of points per 100 g, not per serving;
  • A losing weight person engaged in hard work can get 80-100 points and not increase weight. And for a person engaged in sedentary work, it is advisable not to step over the maximum score threshold;
  • No need to feel hungry, snacks between meals are acceptable.

3 conditions of the Kremlin diet:

  • Monitor the carbohydrate units eaten;
  • Do not add sugar to third courses, do not eat sweets;
  • Move actively, do feasible physical education.

If you do not exercise, your skin will sag due to rapid weight loss. To tone the body, those who are losing weight should definitely exercise.

Fundamental rules of the method

Fundamental rules
Fundamental rules

To lose weight without harm to health, or gain weight, if necessary, you need to carefully follow the principles of the Kremlin diet, regularly count points, and play sports.

The basics of the Kremlin diet, the whole truth about it:

  • Sugar is excluded from the diet, since 100 g of this product contains 99 cu, and at stage 1 of the diet the daily ration is 20-40 cu.
  • To maintain the water-salt balance, at least 2 liters of fluid are required. It can be tea from hawthorn, ginger, rosehip broth, which contains a large amount of vitamins.
  • It is important to constantly monitor the amount of food consumed, exclusion of salty, fatty, spicy foods from the diet. Alcohol consumption is limited.
  • It is forbidden to overeat even permitted foods, so as not to gain weight, not to stretch the stomach, not to slow down digestion.
  • It is recommended to consume lean meat, lean fish, vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers), unsweetened fruits (citrus fruits, pears, apples, kiwi).

  • For daily control of points, you need to use the Kremlin diet table, check the dishes of your diet for the content of cu. It is important not to exceed the allowed carbohydrate units.
  • The deficiency of minerals and vitamins is replenished with vitamin complexes.
  • To test your own capabilities, you can first take a trial weekly course of nutrition according to new principles, and, with a successful result, practice a full course of weight loss.

During a two-week course, constipation and disruption of the digestive tract may occur. The introduction of 20 g of bran daily into the diet will help to solve the problem. If you follow the principles described above, excess weight will go away in a short time.

Video about the principles of the Kremlin diet, commented on by nutritionist Andrei Nikiforov:

Pros of the Kremlin diet

Pros of the Kremlin diet
Pros of the Kremlin diet

This diet is very effective - following it, you can get rid of 4% of body weight in a week, and from 7-8% in a month.

Positive aspects of the method:

  • It is not required to scrupulously calculate calories; there is a special table to determine the energy value of foods.
  • Reducing carbohydrate intake normalizes metabolism.
  • The diet can be applied without deviating from the usual diet.
  • Protein food takes a long time to digest, so a person does not feel exhausting hunger.
  • Many products are allowed, from which a wide variety of dishes can be prepared.
  • Within a month, a person gets rid of the addiction to eating sweets.
  • You do not need to purchase special supplements, as with other diets. Food costs have hardly increased.

Cons of the Kremlin diet

Cons of the Kremlin diet
Cons of the Kremlin diet
  • As a result of incomplete combustion of fat deposits due to a deficiency of carbohydrates in the body, ketone bodies are formed. This leads to ketosis - latent poisoning, damage to the tissues of the brain, liver and kidneys. Ketosis may not appear in any way for 3-6 months.

  • The diet is deficient in vegetable fiber, which negatively affects the digestive system, causes the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine, dysbiosis.
  • Due to a decrease in the content of vitamins, calcium, bioflavonoids in the diet and due to a lack of fruit, the condition of the hair, nails, skin, and skeletal system may worsen.
  • Excessive protein intake overloads the urinary system. Stagnant processes appear in it, kidney and bladder stones are formed. An abundant intake of animal cholesterol can lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, blockage of blood vessels.

Contraindications to the Kremlin diet

Contraindications to the Kremlin diet
Contraindications to the Kremlin diet

It is very important to take into account the state of your health before switching to a carbohydrate-free diet.

Contraindications to the use of the Kremlin diet:

  • Pathologies of the urinary system (renal failure, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis). The urinary organs are unable to promptly remove the decay products of large amounts of protein. Eating meat foods provokes the formation of large volumes of uric acid, which is the cause of gout, and leads to the development of kidney stones.
  • Cardiovascular diseases (ischemia, hypertension, angina pectoris). Due to the excessive intake of cholesterol from animal products, the risk of developing fatty hepatosis, atherosclerosis is high.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract (dysbiosis, constipation, gastritis, peptic ulcer).
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Menopause. Lack of calcium in the diet increases the risk of osteoporosis, which is already more than 3 times higher in women over 60.
  • Diabetes. Patients with such a diagnosis are advised to lose weight under the supervision of an endocrinologist and strictly follow his recommendations. Low blood sugar levels can lead to hypoglycemia and diabetic nephropathy.

So that the body does not feel the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which inevitably arises after 1 month of following the diet, you need to take dietary supplements and vitamin and mineral complexes.

Stages of the Kremlin diet

Stages of the Kremlin diet
Stages of the Kremlin diet

Following a carbohydrate-free weight loss method, you can count on a consistent, even weight loss. The stages of the diet differ in the length and content of the menu. The more accurately the rules of each stage are followed, the more efficiently the weight will return to normal.

Stage 1 - induction phase

It lasts 14 days, the goal of the stage is to adapt the body to a new diet, start the process of lipolysis (fat burning). At the beginning of losing weight, it is required to bring the consumption rate closer to 20 carbohydrate units per day. It is necessary to exclude from the menu alcohol, fruits, sweets, bread, starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas), as well as products containing caffeine.

At the first stage, the menu includes:

  • Fats (sour cream, olive oil);
  • Proteins (sea fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, veal, poultry, crayfish);
  • Green vegetables (greens, lettuce, sorrel, cucumbers).

All of these foods can be eaten in any quantity. The most varied dishes are prepared from them in order to brighten up the most difficult stage of the diet. Food intake occurs 3-4 times a day. The optimal weight loss at this stage is 2-10 kg. These figures depend on the initial weight of a losing weight person, the individual type of metabolic processes.

Stage 2 - active weight loss

The goal of the stage is to determine the rate of carbohydrates, using which a person will still lose weight. The diet includes up to 5 carbohydrate units per week. These are fruits (raspberries, strawberries, melons), vegetables (red peppers, asparagus, onions, spinach), seeds and nuts, tomato and lemon juice. If weight loss has slowed down, the rate of organic consumption is reduced to 3 cu. In the second stage, the person stays until he remains to lose 2-4 kg to the desired goal.

Stage 3 - expanding the diet

The goal is to develop an optimal diet, reduce weight by 2-4 kg, introduce carbohydrates to the menu up to 10 cu. and monitoring the body's response to each product. These are cereals, sweet fruits, nuts, starchy vegetables, legumes. For the convenience of monitoring, one product is introduced daily. If body weight has ceased to decrease, the product is excluded from the diet.

The norm of carbohydrate units is 60 cu. e. per day. "Dangerous" foods - rice, barley, bread, potatoes, watermelons, legumes, grapes, bananas, seeds, mangoes, strawberries. No more than 80 g of fruits, 40 g of seeds, 100 g of cereals and cereals are introduced daily. The third stage lasts 2 to 3 months.

Stage 4 - lifelong

Stage 4
Stage 4

The goal is to maintain the result, the stage lasts throughout life. The main principle of nutrition at this stage is the use of all food components (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) that bring maximum benefit.

These are foods such as sprouted grains, dried fruits, berries, seeds, whole grain breads, dairy and vegetable dishes. To maintain the result, you need to count points daily and control body weight. Its increase is a signal to return to the previous stages.

Exercise is a necessary component of the diet.

Goals for sports while following a diet:

  • Building muscle tone;
  • Improving health;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Stimulates digestion;
  • Strengthening the ligaments.

In addition, dosed physical activity raises mood and maintains the immune status, which is extremely important for radical changes in the diet.

Menu for the week

The proposed menu can be modified at your own discretion. In addition to the approximate options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the table shows the average number of points that allows you to score each dish.

  1. Bacon, 100 g of hard cheese and fried eggs based on a couple of eggs.
  2. 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, salad with olive oil, a couple of boiled eggs and champignons.
  3. 100 g of hard cheese and a couple of boiled eggs.
  4. 100 g of boiled cauliflower inflorescences and milk sausages - 3 pcs.
  5. 200 g fat-free cottage cheese mixed with crushed garlic and chopped herbs.
  6. 100 g of boiled beef tongue, one tomato and quail eggs - 6 pcs.
  7. The total weight of the salad is 200 g. Its composition: chicken fillet + sweet bell pepper + cauliflower inflorescences.
  1. 4 points
  2. 5 points
  3. 3 points
  4. 8 points
  5. 7 points
  6. 5 points
  7. 6 points
  1. 150g baked fish (white meat) with mushrooms and salad with olives, olive oil and squid.
  2. 200 g soup with green onions and broccoli.
  3. Diet type of boiled meat, 100 g of salad based on bell pepper, carrots and cucumbers. Olive oil is the salad dressing.
  4. Tomato and 150 g of baked red fish with egg and onion.
  5. Oven baked chicken breast - 100 g, salad with tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers - 100 g serving.
  6. 200 g of soup with chicken, bell pepper, cabbage and carrots.
  7. 100 g of salad with fried onions and squid, the same amount of boiled liver.
  1. 9 points
  2. 5 points
  3. 8 points
  4. 6 points
  5. 6 points
  6. 8 points
  7. 6 points
  1. Small apple.
  2. 30 g pistachios.
  3. Ten olives.
  4. 40 g of walnuts.
  5. Medium orange.
  6. 100 g of grapes.
  7. 100 g of melon.
  1. 13 points
  2. 6 points
  3. 4 points
  4. 4 points
  5. 13 points
  6. 15 points
  7. 9.5 points
  1. 150 g of boiled chicken breast, one tomato, a glass of sugar-free yogurt.
  2. 200 g of baked chicken breast with cauliflower inflorescences topped with grated cheese.
  3. A glass of yogurt, 200 g of boiled fish and a small tomato.
  4. 100 g dietary meat chop, 150 g lettuce.
  5. 200 g salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and hard cheese. This salad should be seasoned with yogurt. You can supplement the dinner with 100 g of bacon.
  6. A glass of dry wine, 200 g of fish baked in the oven with cheese, 100 g of leaf salad.
  7. 200 g of boiled liver, 200 g of salad with broccoli, cucumbers and bell pepper. Olive oil is the salad dressing.
  1. 12 points
  2. 7 points
  3. 13 points
  4. 4 points
  5. 17 points
  6. 6 points
  7. 12 points

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Complete product table

Products Points or conventional units Product weight

Bread and cereals

White bread 48 100
Black bread 40 100
Semolina 40 150
Oatmeal / oat bran 24 / 45.3 250/100
Buckwheat 24 250
Pasta 32 250
White rice / brown rice 44 / 72.9 250/100
Corn flakes / corn grits 23/75 One glass / 100
Baguette 51.4 100
Bread rolls 55 100
Pita 48 100
homemade noodles 60.1 100
Buckwheat flour 71.9 100
Corn flour 72 100
Wheat flour 1 grade 67.8 100
Whole grain flour 55.8 100
Rye flour / rye bran / rye flakes 55.9 / 20.7 / 32 100
Barley flour 57.1 100
Wheat groats / wheat bran 62 / 20.7 100
Barley grits 66.3 100


Boiled meat 100
Lamb / pork cut 100
Chop meat 100
Boiled chicken / duck / goose / turkey / rabbit 100
Meat fried in breadcrumbs five 100
Meat with flour sauce 100
A heart 100
Brain 12 100
Calf liver 100
Beef liver 100
Steak 100
Sausages 100
Any sausage 100
Ham 100
Beef stew five 100
Beef stew ten 100
Goulash with veal 100
Pork goulash nine 100
Egg 0.5 one thing
Chicken liver 0.6 100
Soy meat 17.5 100
Liver paste 4.4 100
Fat 100
Pork liver 2.5 100
Chicken egg white One
Chicken egg yolk One
Egg powder 4.5 100
Quail egg 0.6 One

Fish and seafood

Boiled fish 100
Fish fried in breadcrumbs 12 100
Smoked salmon 100
Sardines Three jokes
Acne 100
Crabs 100
Salted herring 100
Smoked herring 100
Fish in tomato sauce 100
Mussels five 100
Oysters 100
Squid 100
Lobster 100
Shrimp 100
Scallops 2.5 100
Nori 41 100
Red and black caviar 100
Artificial caviar 2.5 100
Crab meat ten 100
Fresh seaweed 100
Pickled seaweed 100
Dried seaweed 38.1 100
Cancer marine 0.5 100
River crayfish 1,2 100

Dairy products, milk, mayonnaise, oils

Milk 250
Kefir and yogurt 13 100
All types of cheese 0.5 to 2 100
Homemade cottage cheese / from 0% to 5% / 9% 3 / 2.8 / 1.8 / 2 200/100/100/100
Sour cream ten Two tablespoons
Cream 20
Butter 20
Vegetable oil 20
Margarine 20
Mayonnaise 20
Condensed milk ten 250
Soy milk 1,2 100
Soy cheese 100
Ayran 1.4 100
Brynza 100
Ryazhenka 4.2 100
Fat / non-fat cream 4/3 100
Sour cream 10% / 15% / 25% / 40% 3.9 / 3.6 / 3 / 2.5 100
Serum 3.5 100

Vegetables, mushrooms

Fresh cucumbers in salad 100
Boiled cauliflower 100
Fresh cabbage five 100
Sauerkraut 100
Provencal cabbage 100
Green beans eight 100
Vegetable stew five 100
Carrot five 100
Mushrooms 100
Pumpkin ten 100
Eggplant 100
Zucchini 100
Daikon 100
Fresh tomatoes One
Canned tomatoes One
Green pepper nine One
Fresh cucumbers five One
Salted cucumbers One
Leek eleven One
Onion eight One
Chopped green onions five glass
Beet One
Radish 0.5 Six pieces
Corn fifteen Ear
Lentils fourteen 0.5 cups
Soya beans 0.5 cups
Chickpea sixteen 0.5 cups
Boiled potatoes 23 100
Fried and baked potatoes 20 100
Mashed potatoes thirty 100
Potato chips ten 10 pieces
Eggplant 4.5 100
White mushrooms 1.1 100
Oyster mushrooms 6.5 100
Dried peas 53.3 100
Green peas 13.1 100
Olives 5.1 100
Olives 6,3 100
Honey mushrooms 0.5 100
Bell pepper 5.3 100
Parsley 7.6 100
Pumpkin 7,7 100
Spinach 100
Champignons 0.1 100


Chicken and meat broth 0,5 l
Tomato soup 17 0,5 l
Vegetable soup sixteen 0,5 l
Pea soup 20 0,5 l
Goulash soup 12 0,5 l
Mushroom soup fifteen 0,5 l
Meat hodgepodge 22 0,5 l
Green cabbage soup 12 0,5 l


Sugar 26 Tea spoon
Coffee cake 65 150
Chocolate cake 70 150
Cream cake 62 150
Cake without cream and filling 31 150
Fruit cake 25 One piece one piece
Pancake eight 100
Tea biscuits 12 50
Any cream fifteen 100
Fruit icecream 25 100
Ice cream 22 100
Lollipops 70 100
Milk chocolate 54 100
bitter chocolate 23 150
Raisins 18 100
Marmalade thirty 100
Candy 75 50
Honey fifteen 100
Jam 12 100

Berries, nuts, fruits

Apple 18 One
Oranges 17 One
Apricots One
Avocado five One
Bananas 21 One
Tangerines One
Peach nine One
Nectarines 13 One
Lemons One
Kiwi nine One
Plum eight One
Fig eight One
Pear 25 One
A pineapple 17 Glass
Watermelon eleven Glass
Melon 12-15 Glass
Dried apricots 80 Glass
Blackberry 12 Glass
Blueberry sixteen Glass
Cherry sixteen Glass
Cranberry eight Glass
Blueberry 21 Glass
Black currant nineteen Glass
Boiled prunes 39 Half glass
Berries 20 200
Raspberry 17 200
Grapes 18 200
Walnuts 56 100
Peanut 1.8 Two tablespoons
Hazelnut 1,2 Two tablespoons
Pumpkin seeds 2.4 Two tablespoons
Sunflower seeds 1.5 Two tablespoons
Cedar nuts 1.7 Two tablespoons
Almond 1.1 100
Dried pears 62.6 100
Raisins 66 100
Sesame 12.2 100
Poppy 100
Pistachios 100
Dried apples 59 100
Lime 100


Apple juice ten 250
Orange juice 28 250
The grape juice ten 250
Tomato juice ten 250
Lemon juice 20 250
Grapefruit juice 20 250
Mineral water 250
Tea coffee 250
Cocoa with milk 26 150
Dry wine 250
Beer 12 250
Liquor 18 60
Fruit water 20 250
Compote thirty 250
Whiskey, vodka, cognac, rum, tequila 150
Brandy, bourbon, moonshine 0,4 100
Dessert wine sixteen 100
Semi-sweet wine 100
Kvass 5.2 100
Compote with dried fruits 0.3 100
Cola, pepsi, sweet soda 10.4 100
Port wine 12 100
Cider 28.9 100
Champagne five 100

Condiments and spices

Cinnamon 0.3 0.5 spoons
Coconut flakes 0.8 Two tablespoons
Ground chilli 0.5 Tea spoon
Vinegar 2,3 Tablespoon
Apple vinegar Tablespoon
Wine white vinegar 1.5 Tablespoon
Wine red vinegar Tablespoon
Mustard 0.5 Tablespoon
Cranberry Sauce 13 Two tablespoons
Capers 0,4 Tablespoon
Garlic Tooth
Ginger root 0.8 Tablespoon
Horseradish 0,4 Tablespoon
Ketchup Tablespoon
Black olives 0.7 Two tablespoons
Green olives 2.5 Five pieces
Soy sauce Five pieces
Tahini 2.5 Tablespoon
Barbecue sauce 3.6 Tablespoon
Sweet and sour sauce fifteen Two tablespoons
Tomato sauce 3.5 1/4 cup
Tartarus Two tablespoons
Dutch sauce 0.3 Two tablespoons
Meat sauce 1/4 cup
Spices 0.1 Tablespoon

Diet Tips

Although the diet does not prohibit the consumption of meat, it should be limited in the menu. The same rule is true for alcoholic beverages. They increase appetite, which negatively affects the figure.

You should definitely not include sugar in the menu. Even a teaspoon of sugar can override the benefits of a whole day of weight loss. On a diet, you must clearly follow all its rules.

Vera Oleineva, nutritionist:

“The diet is a classic weight loss system with a focus on protein foods. It excludes fats and carbohydrates. I am confused by the fact that the diet allows sausages to be eaten, because they are a source of unhealthy fats. It is really better to refuse melons and pears, you need to eat more vegetables. I can only call potatoes a complete exception. This diet can be followed for a long time, it will not harm the body. Although I would completely exclude all alcoholic drinks. For six months on such a diet, it is quite possible to lose 15 kg. Weight is especially easy for men."

Reviews and results

Renata: “I adhered to this diet, so I can write an objective review about it. If you gain 40 points a day, you will not be able to lose weight. You need no more than 20 points a day to start losing weight. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid poisoning. You can not refuse to take vitamins. If a person is determined, then he will certainly lose weight."

Alina: “This diet is not for me, they cannot refuse cereals and fruits. But the kilograms on it go very quickly."

Misconceptions about the Kremlin diet


Sometimes we hear complaints about the diet from those who followed it.

They mainly contain the following claims:

  • The diet is ineffective;
  • Food is not balanced;
  • A person is enclosed in a rigid framework of requirements that are not easy to comply with.

Most often, such claims are made from a lack of information about the principles of diet.

The main mistakes of losing weight:

  • To effectively lose weight, a person significantly reduces the calorie intake. This is wrong, because constant hunger forces the body to produce fat stores, breakdowns are not uncommon. It is advisable to eat your fill in the usual way - breakfast, lunch, dinner, with small snacks between meals.
  • Fruits and vegetables are completely excluded from the diet. These foods supply the body with valuable fiber, vitamins and minerals, so you cannot completely refuse them. It is better to include in the menu less high-calorie types of vegetables and fruits: tomatoes and cucumbers, apples, kiwi. You should not eat cherries, bananas, sweet grapes.
  • Fats are excluded from the diet. This is wrong, fats are vital for the body, they help the absorption of certain vitamins and participate in the synthesis of hormones. In accordance with the principles of the Kremlin diet, the menu includes products containing healthy fats - sea fish, linseed and olive oil.
  • Natural sugar is being replaced by artificial sweeteners. It is better to give up their use, since they give a signal to the brain about the imminent intake of glucose into the body, which is not actually contained in food. This leads to excessive secretion of gastric juice and a painful feeling of hunger.
  • A person eats only proteins. Eating in this mode overloads the kidneys due to excess protein, which can lead to disruption of their work. The diet should be varied, with the inclusion of permitted vegetables and fruits.
  • Losing weight begin to overload themselves with physical training. In the phase of active weight loss, it is better to observe moderation in sports.

The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).


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