24 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations, Ultrasound

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24 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations, Ultrasound
24 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations, Ultrasound

24 weeks pregnant

The 24th week of pregnancy marks the end of the sixth month from the moment conception occurred. The second trimester of pregnancy is still in progress, which women call the quietest and most enjoyable time. After all, it is still too early to worry about the approaching birth, and the violent emotions about the pregnancy itself have already subsided. Now is the time to start preparing for the meeting with the newborn.


  • Fetal development at 24 weeks gestation
  • Feeling at week 24
  • What happens to the uterus?
  • What happens to the stomach?
  • Causes of pain at 24 weeks
  • Emotional attitude
  • Is it ok to have sex at week 24?
  • What can be the discharge at 24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weight at 24 weeks
  • Proper nutrition
  • What tests will be required at 24 weeks?
  • Ultrasound at 24 weeks of gestation
  • Useful Tips
  • Dangers

Fetal development at 24 weeks gestation

24 weeks pregnant
24 weeks pregnant

The child inside the mother's belly continues to actively grow and develop. Its weight is close to 600 g, and its height can reach 30 cm. In this case, the body of the crumbs is still quite thin, since the subcutaneous fat has just begun to arrive. Starting at 24 weeks, the endocrine system of the fetus will independently produce growth hormone, so the rate of weight gain will increase.

The development of all organ systems continues. Thus, the bronchial tree is fully formed. In the lungs, a surfactant begins to be produced, which will prevent the alveoli from sticking to each other after the first breath.

The child's sebaceous and sweat glands function well. The furrows and convolutions of the brain continue to form, the cerebellum and midbrain are almost fully developed. The organ itself weighs about 100 g.

Reflexes of the fetus are improved. For the first time, he begins to squint when a bright light hits his mother's belly, shudders at sharp sounds.

The baby is already experiencing emotions that largely depend on the mood of the mother. For example, the baby reacts to the fear of a woman with active body movements, which will be clearly felt.

The child begins to perceive the taste of amniotic fluid, which is slightly sweet. There is still enough room in the uterus for him to actively move, tumbling and pushing.

The child has already "made up" his daily routine, which may well differ from his mother's. Moreover, most of the time the baby sleeps and even dreams. The child is awake no more than 5-7 hours per day.

Feeling at week 24

Feeling at week 24
Feeling at week 24

A pregnant woman begins to feel more clearly the movements of the baby, because there is less and less space left in the uterus. However, while the baby can still somersault and roll over, and does it quite actively.

In addition to the fact that the expectant mother is in a pleasant anticipation of the first meeting with the baby, she may also experience some discomfort from her condition. First of all, we are talking about heartburn, since the uterus begins to press more and more on the stomach from above. From below, it puts pressure on the intestines and on the bladder. This can lead to constipation and an increased urge to urinate.

It is quite logical that now a woman is more tired, and excessive fatigue will lead to headaches.

The woman's gait and posture change, which is associated with a change in the center of gravity.

In the morning, a woman may notice a slight swelling, because the load on the kidneys has increased significantly. To get rid of them, you need to reduce the amount of fluid you drink before bed, as well as limit your salt intake.

At 24 weeks gestation, many women experience increased sweating. This problem cannot be completely eliminated, which is why it is so important to shower more often and wear clothes made from natural fabrics.

Due to hormonal fluctuations in the body, the condition of the skin may worsen. Moreover, someone's skin becomes oily, while someone's, on the contrary, is too dry and prone to peeling. To improve its appearance, you can use moisturizers and gels. If you do not want to apply products that have a chemical basis to the skin, then you can replace them with aloe juice, olive oil, etc.

Often women note that, in addition to the abdomen, at the 24th week of pregnancy, the breast increases significantly in size. On it, the venous pattern may increase, and the nipple halos become darker. This is a physiological phenomenon, after childbirth everything will return to normal.

What happens to the uterus?

What happens to the uterus
What happens to the uterus

The fundus of the uterus at the 24th week of pregnancy is located at the level of the navel and this is far from the limit. As the fetus grows, the uterus will rise higher and higher. The cervix is ​​filled with a mucous plug, which will come off only before or during childbirth.

The uterus may contract, but these contractions should not normally be long or painful. Thus, she prepares for the upcoming birth. Doctors call these contractions of the uterus training contractions or Braxton-Higgs contractions.

It is imperative to seek medical help if the contractions become painful, and against their background discharge from the vagina appears (watery or with blood impurities). Most often, this situation indicates the onset of premature birth.

What happens to the stomach?

As the fetus grows and develops, the woman's belly grows with it. It protrudes noticeably under the clothes. The skin becomes more and more taut, which can cause some discomfort, which is expressed in itching and dryness.

Sometimes, for a period of 24 weeks, a woman notes that the abdomen is covered with arcuate stripes - these are stretch marks. It will be difficult to get rid of them in the future, so you need to take care of their prevention in advance. To do this, you need to apply special moisturizers to the skin. Care should be regular, because the belly will continue to grow. It is best to apply gels and creams for stretch marks immediately after a shower. In addition to the abdominal skin, stretch marks can appear on the chest and thighs, so they also need additional hydration.

Causes of pain at 24 weeks

Causes of pain
Causes of pain

Almost every pregnant woman experiences pain in the back and lower back, which occur with varying intensity. They are explained by changes in the body: the center of gravity shifts, the pelvic bones diverge, the load on the spinal column increases, the woman's body weight increases, the ligaments soften. All this is necessary so that the child can more easily pass through the birth canal.

Wearing a prenatal bandage, quality and regular rest, and avoiding high-heeled shoes helps to reduce back pain.

The legs can suffer from the increased load no less than the back. Therefore, the shoes of a pregnant woman must be comfortable. As soon as the opportunity arises, you need to stretch your legs and raise them to a small height. This improves venous return and helps relieve pain in the lower extremities.

Sometimes a woman experiences a stabbing short-term pain in the side. It is most often associated with distension of the uterus. Do not worry about this.

Anxiety should be caused by severe pain of the type of contractions, which tend to increase and are accompanied by the appearance of discharge. In this case, an emergency call should occur immediately.

You should not ignore the pain in the anal area, as they most often occur due to exacerbation of hemorrhoids. It is impossible to start the disease, the gynecologist must be informed about the existing problem. It is possible that changing the diet and enriching the menu with foods rich in fiber will help cope with hemorrhoids. If these measures are not enough, the doctor will prescribe suppositories for the woman for local treatment.

Emotional attitude

Emotional attitude
Emotional attitude

As a rule, by this period of pregnancy, the woman has already fully realized her "interesting position". She has accepted her role and is preparing to fulfill the most important mission in her life - to be a mother. And the little one does not let him forget about himself with constant somersaults and shocks from within, which bring joy.

It should be understood that pregnancy is a difficult period, which can be accompanied by changes in mood. In many ways, they will be due to hormonal changes in the body. Therefore, the feeling of overwhelming happiness can be replaced by a depressed mood.

In addition, the woman will be tormented by fears and worries about the upcoming events in her life. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to deal with them, trying to switch thoughts in a positive way. It is good when there is a loved one nearby who helps to cope with negative emotions and understands what is happening with the woman now. It is impossible to indulge in despair and sadness, especially since there are no reasons for this - after all, a new life is maturing inside.

Is it ok to have sex at week 24?

Is it okay to have sex
Is it okay to have sex

Intimacy at the 24th week of pregnancy is not prohibited in the case when the doctor does not indicate to the woman any contraindications, for example, the threat of premature birth, the presence of infection, etc. Sexual intimacy will not harm the child, but at the same time the parents must observe a certain caution. It is important not to put pressure on the abdomen. The recommended position for sex at this time is knee-elbow.

It is important to stop intercourse if a woman begins to experience even the slightest discomfort. Although, if partners listen to each other, this will not happen, and intimacy can bring unprecedented pleasure. Many women find that during pregnancy, their libido was salified and their orgasms were brighter. This is quite natural, because the blood flow to the genitals is now maximum.

What can be the discharge at 24 weeks of pregnancy


Transparent discharge, which has a slightly milky hue and a uniform consistency, is considered normal. They can give off a slight sour smell. It is imperative to show concern in the event that the discharge changes color, if pus or cheesy inclusions appear in them. This clearly indicates the addition of an infection and the need for therapy.

The onset of premature labor is signaled by a massive drainage of water. Sometimes they are secreted in portions, which indicates the depletion of the placenta. Both situations require a woman to immediately contact a medical facility.

Discharge with blood impurities is also not normal. They can be the first sign of placenta previa, abruption, or premature birth.

Weight at 24 weeks

At the 24th week of pregnancy, a woman gains an average of 8 kg. If she naturally has a lean physique, then the weight gain may be less and vice versa, women who are prone to overweight gain more kilograms. In any case, weight gain must be monitored carefully, since this is a very important indicator that affects the normal course of pregnancy and even subsequent childbirth.

Every week, a woman can add an average of 0.3-0.5 kg. If possible, it is best to weigh yourself every day and record your result.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition
Proper nutrition

To avoid weight problems, you need to eat right. The menu should consist of healthy foods that have a natural composition. The priority method of cooking is cooking. You can also bake, stew and steam food. It is necessary to give up fried and smoked foods, as well as products that have not undergone proper heat treatment. For example, this applies to soft-boiled eggs, medium-rare meat, etc.

White flour pastries and baked goods should be limited. These foods lead to the fact that blood sugar rises sharply, and this threatens the development of diabetes.

Salt should not be completely excluded from the menu, but you need to limit its use. This will make it possible to reduce swelling, especially if a woman is prone to their appearance.

It is necessary to include in the menu products containing iron, since every pregnant woman has a risk of developing anemia. Therefore, the menu must include buckwheat, beef liver, beef, cod liver, persimmon and pomegranates. We must not forget that iron is better absorbed by the body if vitamin C is supplied in parallel with it. Products such as bell peppers, cherries, currants, seaweed are rich in ascorbic acid.

Be sure to consume as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. They contain a large amount of fiber, which allows you to normalize the work of the digestive tract and prevent the development of constipation.

What tests will be required at 24 weeks?

At the 24th week of pregnancy, most often no special tests are required, but they can be prescribed if there are certain indications for this. For example, if you suspect diabetes, a woman will need to donate blood to determine the level of glucose.

It is possible that this week the doctor will prescribe to donate urine and blood for a general analysis, and if there are signs of anemia, you will need to donate blood for biochemical analysis.

Ultrasound at 24 weeks of gestation

As a rule, the woman has already undergone an ultrasound scan (we are talking about the second planned examination). Although there are cases that a pregnant woman registers too late, therefore, an ultrasound scan can be prescribed for her at the 24th week of pregnancy in order to assess the condition of the baby, his height, weight, gender and other indicators.

Sometimes ultrasound is done for a specific purpose, such as detecting fetal malformations or when there is a high risk of chromosomal mutations.

Useful Tips

Useful Tips
Useful Tips
  • You should try to avoid crowded places. This will avoid infection with various viruses. This recommendation is especially relevant during outbreaks of influenza and other infectious diseases.
  • If a woman swells severely, then it is impossible to hesitate in contacting a doctor, because pronounced edema may indicate gestosis - late toxicosis of pregnant women.
  • A woman should be extremely careful to avoid falling on her stomach or hitting it. If you are injured, you must go to the hospital.
  • Look for signs such as increased urination, increased thirst, and itching. Sometimes they can indicate the development of diabetes mellitus.
  • You need to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, listen to calm music, and take walks.

  • If you feel unwell, you must consult a doctor.

It's time to think about whether you will go to special courses for expectant mothers. They will allow you to better understand what awaits you in the near future. The programs of such schools include acquaintance with the processes taking place in the body of a pregnant woman, teaching the correct behavior at the time of the onset of labor and the basics of caring for a newborn:


At this time, most often there are two main health threats - the onset of premature birth and the development of diabetes mellitus. Therefore, you need to monitor your health and listen carefully to your body. He will definitely make it clear if something goes wrong.


The author of the article: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, reproductologist

Education: Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology received at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013 completed postgraduate studies at N.N. N.I. Pirogova.

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