32 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations

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Video: 32 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations

Video: 32 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations
Video: 32 Weeks Pregnant - Natural Pregnancy Week-By-Week 2023, December
32 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations
32 Weeks Pregnant - What's Going On? Fetal Development, Sensations

32 weeks pregnant

Week 32 is the eighth obstetric month or the seventh lunar month of pregnancy. This difference is explained by the fact that there are exactly four weeks of seven days in the obstetric month, while the number of days in the lunar month constantly varies. Be that as it may, every day the long-awaited first meeting of mother and child is getting closer.


  • Fetal development at 32 weeks gestation
  • Sensations
  • What happens to the belly at 32 weeks of gestation?
  • Ultrasound at 32 weeks of gestation
  • What can be the discharge at 32 weeks?
  • Causes of pain
  • Intimate life
  • Weight
  • How is labor going at 32 weeks of gestation?
  • Tips for Week 32
  • What dangers can lie in wait?
  • Answers to questions for 32 weeks of pregnancy

Fetal development at 32 weeks gestation

32 weeks pregnant
32 weeks pregnant
  • The baby continues to gain weight intensively, and now his body weight can reach 1.8 kg, which naturally affects the weight of the woman herself. The child's height is equal to 42 cm.
  • At the same time, the fetal nervous system is being improved. The size of his brain is already 60% of the size of the adult brain.
  • Immunity started to work. It produces its own antibodies.
  • All the endocrine glands also started to work. The pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and pancreas became more active.
  • The child's senses are functioning well enough. He perfectly distinguishes the voice of his mother, knows how to distinguish it from common sounds. Therefore, you need to talk with the child as much as possible, you can sing songs to him, read fairy tales. At this time, the baby is already giving a reaction to light stimuli.
  • The appearance of the child undergoes changes - his skin is smoothed, wrinkles go away and fat folds appear, cheeks are rounded. If earlier the body of the fetus was covered with the original fluff, now the lanugo is gradually disappearing. In turn, the hair on the head becomes thicker, but at the same time softer.

  • The child occupies the position in the uterus in which he will be born. The head presentation is considered the norm.
  • The bones of the skeleton are getting denser, but the skull is still soft. This will make it easier for the baby to pass through the birth canal.



A woman's body works under conditions of increased stress, so the sensations she experiences can not always be called pleasant. Often the expectant mother suffers from heartburn and belching, which is associated with the pressure of the uterus on the stomach. In addition, the diaphragm is in a squeezed state, so it is not always possible to take a full breath. Intestinal peristalsis suffers, which can be expressed by constipation.

Training contractions may become more frequent. With their help, the uterus prepares for the upcoming birth.

The baby's movements are very noticeable. Since the child becomes cramped in the uterus, he stops tumbling, but his arms and legs will work quite actively. Therefore, do not be surprised at the sharp pain in the hypochondrium - this crumb kicks mom from the inside.

A woman needs to be attentive to the child's movements, counting their total. Normally, the fetus makes itself felt 4-6 times per hour. He can show increased activity when a woman is excited, when exposed to bright light or loud sounds from the outside.

What happens to the belly at 32 weeks of gestation?

The belly of a woman at 32 weeks gestation reaches an impressive size and is still growing. The skin on the abdomen is taut, which increases the risk of stretch marks. They can also form on the chest and thighs. To prevent their appearance, you need to use special moisturizers.

Sometimes a dark stripe appears on the belly of a woman at this time, going from the navel down. And the navel itself is flattened. There is no need to worry about this, after childbirth everything will return to normal.

The video below explains why a woman should start taking courses for expectant mothers this week. A big belly is not a reason to sit at home. During this period, you need to go to the doctor's appointment every week. Soon, the expectant mother will begin to feel strong contractions of the uterus. This means that the body has begun to prepare for childbirth.

Ultrasound at 32 weeks of gestation

Ultrasound at 32 weeks
Ultrasound at 32 weeks

As a rule, it is at the 32nd week of pregnancy that a woman undergoes the last scheduled ultrasound scan. It aims to assess the growth and development of the child. In addition, the doctor examines the state of the placenta, the degree of its maturity and how fully it copes with its functions. In the case of diagnosis of placental insufficiency, the woman will need treatment.

During ultrasound, it is possible to accurately determine the presentation of the fetus. If the baby is in breech or lateral presentation, the doctor may advise the woman on a set of special exercises. They will be aimed at making the child roll over.

What matters is the height and weight of the fetus. It depends on these indicators whether a woman can give birth on her own, or whether she will need a cesarean section.

What can be the discharge at 32 weeks?

discharge at 32 weeks
discharge at 32 weeks

Normally, the discharge should be moderate, milky, odorless and of a uniform consistency. If a woman notices any change in their character, then this should be a cause for concern.

Signs such as:

  • The appearance of leucorrhoea, greenish, yellowish or gray.
  • Curdled clots, foam, mucus in the secretions, their unpleasant odor.
  • Itching and irritation of the skin of the external genital organs.

An infection at 32 weeks of gestation must be treated without fail, but a doctor must prescribe therapy.

If a discharge with blood appears, it is necessary to call an ambulance as soon as possible. Bleeding can indicate such formidable complications as placental abruption and the onset of premature labor. Only a specialist can clarify what exactly caused the appearance of blood in the discharge.

Watery discharge, which can be abundant or scarce, should not be ignored. Such discharge indicates leakage or outflow of amniotic fluid. And in fact, and in another case, emergency hospitalization is required. Leakage of water occurs with defects in the fetal membrane, which threatens the infection of the fetus. Massive outpouring of amniotic fluid signals that labor is about to begin.

Causes of pain

Causes of pain
Causes of pain

Global changes that occur in a woman's body can lead to painful sensations.

  • Back and lower back pains are associated with a shift in the center of gravity and an increased load on them. To reduce them, you need to monitor your diet, avoid gaining extra pounds, sleep in the correct position (on your side, covered with pillows), control your posture, and perform simple physical exercises.
  • Leg pain is associated with an increase in a woman's body weight. To get rid of them, you need to give the lower limbs a rest. It is not recommended to stand or sit for a long time, you should not cross your legs. As soon as such an opportunity arises, the legs should be raised to some height - on a small chair, on a pillow, etc. This will improve blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of edema.
  • Pain in the chest area can be triggered by the movements of the child, who kicks the mother from the inside with his leg.
  • Mild painful sensations in the abdomen, accompanied by its tension, indicate training contractions.

Swelling of the arms and legs is a very common phenomenon at 32 weeks of gestation. Normally, swelling is small and goes away very quickly. To prevent their appearance, you need to take short walks, exercise, exercise for pregnant women. Very good if you have the opportunity to visit the pool. Aqua aerobics relieves the back and legs, increases blood circulation and reduces swelling.

With a tendency to edema, it is necessary to limit salt intake, monitor the volume of fluid you drink. However, you cannot completely remove salt from the diet.

It is important to consult a doctor without delay if the swelling does not go away for more than a day. They may indicate such a serious complication of pregnancy as gestosis.

Intimate life

As for the possibility of intimacy, then it is imperative to consult a doctor about this. In the event that the doctor does not see any contraindications, then you can have sex at 32 weeks of gestation. In this case, some caution should be exercised - you should not allow pressure on the abdomen, make too sharp movements or choose uncomfortable positions. When discomfort appears, intimacy should be abandoned.


The woman's body weight continues to increase. By 32 weeks, weight gain averages 12 kg. Until the end of pregnancy, a woman can gain another 2-3 kg, which is the norm. In the event that these indicators are much higher than the maximum permissible values, you need to think about a special diet. However, a doctor should recommend it. You cannot try to lose weight on your own.

How is labor going at 32 weeks of gestation?

Childbirth at 32 weeks of gestation is premature, but the survival rate of children born at this time is quite high. The main thing is to seek medical help in a timely manner. Doctors in maternity hospitals have all the necessary equipment to leave the baby and keep him healthy. Nevertheless, every effort must be made to ensure that the child remains in the stomach for another 2 months, because during this time his body undergoes significant changes, which are aimed at preparing for the upcoming independent life.

If the woman is pregnant with twins. Twins are most often born earlier than one child. Sometimes childbirth occurs exactly at the 32nd week of pregnancy, so it is advisable to limit all possible loads in order to ensure the longest possible stay of children in the mother's stomach.

Tips for Week 32

Tips for Week 32
Tips for Week 32
  • Women often complain of insomnia. You can try to get rid of it by adhering to the following recommendations: ventilate the room before bedtime, take short evening walks, listen to calm music. If your belly does not get enough sleep, you can purchase a special pillow for pregnant women. Many expectant mothers note that thanks to this adaptation, sleep has become stronger.

  • The arrangement of the room for the unborn child will become a pleasant and useful pastime. You can pre-select a crib, a stroller, furniture, etc. You should also take care of clothes for the baby, which he will need for the first time.
  • It is important to monitor your health. If you experience severe swelling or unusual discharge, you should immediately call a doctor at home.
  • It is good if there is an opportunity to attend school for future parents. It is advisable to involve the father in such activities, especially if his presence is planned at childbirth.
  • A mass gathering of people should be avoided, which will reduce the risks of infection with various viral diseases.

What dangers can lie in wait?

  • The most dangerous complication of pregnancy that can now occur is late toxicosis (gestosis) and placental abruption. The woman must be urgently hospitalized.
  • It is not excluded the development of polyhydramnios or low water, which requires treatment in a hospital.
  • Less dangerous conditions include severe swelling, back pain, heartburn, and varicose veins.
  • Premature labor may begin at 32 weeks gestation.

Answers to questions for 32 weeks of pregnancy

Week 32 Q&A
Week 32 Q&A
  • At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a breech presentation. Can it change for such a period? The child will not be able to roll over on his own. However, with the help of special techniques and manipulations, you can try to change the position of his body. This issue is decided on an individual basis, since there is a risk of entanglement of the fetus with the umbilical cord. Therefore, something can be done exclusively under the supervision of a doctor and after an ultrasound scan.
  • Is it possible to take a photo of the baby as a keepsake during an ultrasound scan at 32 weeks of pregnancy? Yes, you can. This will not harm either the child or the mother.
  • At 32 weeks of pregnancy, I periodically have pulling pains in the lower abdomen. Is this normal? Most often, pulling abdominal pains at this stage of pregnancy are caused by training contractions. However, if the pain is intense and does not go away after a few minutes, you should consult a doctor.

The author of the article: Lapikova Valentina Vladimirovna | Gynecologist, reproductologist

Education: Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology received at the Russian State Medical University of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development (2010). In 2013 completed postgraduate studies at N. N. N. I. Pirogova.


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