Kremlin Diet - Reviews And Results

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Kremlin Diet - Reviews And Results
Kremlin Diet - Reviews And Results

Reviews and results of the Kremlin diet

The Atkins-free diet or the American astronaut's diet is known in our country as the Kremlin diet. She has many followers who have achieved significant results in weight loss. The creators of the diet laid in its foundation the following principle - the body, which does not receive carbohydrates, draws energy from its own fat, the reserves of which are rapidly decreasing, and a person gets a slender figure.


  • How many kg can you lose weight on the Kremlin diet?
  • Reviews of doctors
  • Celebrity Reviews
  • Results of the Kremlin diet
  • What if the Kremlin diet doesn't work?
  • The mistakes made on the Kremlin diet
  • The secrets of a successful Kremlin diet

How many kg can you lose weight on the Kremlin diet?

How much can you lose weight
How much can you lose weight

Each person has individual characteristics of metabolic processes, but despite this, the Kremlin diet is effective for most people. The result of a carbohydrate-free diet is visible very quickly. During the first week, the weight can decrease by 5 kg, after a month - by 7-10 kg, and after 2-4 months the result is simply amazing - 10-14 kg are lost!

However, not everyone who loses weight can achieve such success. Sometimes less rapid dynamics is recorded - the weight decreases in 2 weeks by only 3 kg, in 3 weeks - by 5 kg. Such indicators cannot be called excellent, although persistent weight loss is observed here.

There are cases when, after intensive weight loss, its indicators simply stand still. Overall, however, the results of the efforts are pleasing to the followers of the Kremlin diet.

Reviews of doctors

Reviews of doctors
Reviews of doctors

Doctors and nutritionists urge to be extremely careful about the visible effect of using the Kremlin diet and note its shortcomings:

  • Due to the frequent consumption of foods saturated with cholesterol, problems with the cardiovascular system may appear;
  • The functioning of the digestive system deteriorates, constipation and flatulence appear, resulting in skin problems and the development of insomnia;

  • Due to the limited amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet, less vitamins will enter the body, immunity suffers;
  • Losing weight often feel depressed due to the lack of the usual sweets in their menu, feel a lack of glucose during intense intellectual activity,
  • Due to the fact that sausage products of not the best quality replace the proportion of meat in the diet menu, salt metabolism may be disturbed and increased sweating may appear, as a result of which nutritionists do not recommend overusing sausages and sausages.

Despite the negative consequences of a carbohydrate-free diet, dietitians find positive aspects in it, and even brought a historical basis for the Kremlin diet. It turns out that our body is genetically adapted to a low-carbohydrate diet, because the only source of a meager amount of carbohydrates for our ancestors were plants and berries, and they ate mainly seafood, meat of birds and small animals. Cereals and dairy products appeared in the human diet only with the development of agricultural production.

Celebrity Reviews

Celebrity Reviews
Celebrity Reviews

Many politicians and well-known media figures share the positive results of the Kremlin diet.

  • Catherine Zeta Jones eliminated sweets and flour products from her diet and was able to lose 19 kg 3 months before the wedding. These results impressed her so much that she became addicted to new eating habits and her husband Michael Douglas.

  • Jennifer Aniston claims that it was only through a carbohydrate-free diet that she was able to overcome her addiction to obesity and take advantage of the opportunities presented to her for a film career.

  • Madonna followed a carbohydrate-free diet on the advice of her personal nutritionist, Ray Kybarts. Both he and the pop diva spread only positive reviews about this food system. True, Madonna sometimes allowed herself small breakdowns, using sweets. The nutritionist believes that this weakness can be allowed from time to time, so that the tough taboo does not affect the emotional and mental state of the star.

  • Boris Moiseev left less rosy comments about the Kremlin diet, having failed to give up his favorite pies. For him, the diet was an ordeal and did not fit at all.

Results of the Kremlin diet

It is very interesting to get acquainted with the stories of people who have personally experienced the Kremlin diet. Below you will find testimonials, accompanied by comments from a nutritionist.

Ekaterina, 27 years old. I never went on diets, at the time of the decision to use the Kremlin diet weighed 91 kg. In the first week, I sharply reduced the consumption of starchy foods and sweets, and learned to count points. I lost 10 kg.

Then she included nuts, cucumber-tomato salad, mushroom soup in the menu. After 2 months, the weight decreased by 25 kg. At the moment I weigh 55 kg, waist 64 cm. Occasionally I allow myself to deviate from the diet that does not affect the weight. Physical activity - walks and outdoor games in the fresh air.

Nutritionist's comment: Katya did everything right. During the first two weeks, the body is rebuilt to a new diet, the intake of carbohydrates is limited. Due to their deficiency, fat cells receive a signal that there is a lack of sugar. Therefore, at the initial stage of the diet, it is better not to eat apples, oranges, starchy vegetables.

Katya does not suffer from a lack of sweets, she eats meat products with pleasure, diversifies her diet with fruits and vegetable salads to enrich the body with vitamins. Perhaps it would be nice for the girl to take up the spot to create an even more slender figure.

Olga, 24 years old. During the first 2 weeks, when I gave up sweets and starchy foods, I became very irritable and felt constant weakness. During this time, my weight has decreased by 7 kg, but I don't want to go on this diet any longer.

Nutritionist's comment: this diet is contraindicated for Olga, since refusing to eat sweets causes her serious psychological discomfort. This is highly undesirable and should try other diets that include low-calorie, high-carbohydrate foods.

In general, you can give the following advice to those with a sweet tooth: foods with fast carbohydrates are consumed 2-3 hours after a meal and in very small quantities, then subcutaneous fat is not formed. However, this technique is prohibited at the first stage of the Kremlin diet.

Anastasia, 26 years old. I used the diet for a month and a half. It was especially hard in the first 2 weeks. I was engaged in health jogging in the morning, but I became so tired that I had to give up running. At the first stage, I lost 5 kg.

Then there was sympathy for the new diet, but after losing 3 kg, I seemed to stop. The waist volume decreased from 64 to 62 cm. And although I completely gave up sweets, I could not get used to eating meat in large quantities.

Nutritionist's comment: while running, Nastya's body did not receive glucose from the blood, because of the low sugar content, the girl quickly got tired. With her low weight and active lifestyle, there is no particular need to go on any diet. To achieve harmony, a diet high in healthy carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, cereals) and a minimum meat content is optimal for her.

If a girl is worried that the weight will return, she is shown to run not only in the morning, but also in the evening.

Vasilisa, 28 years old. I decided to lose excess weight (I weighed 95 kg) with the help of the Kremlin diet. I ate neither sweet nor starchy foods, included meat and broth in the lunch and dinner menu. As a result, 10 kg were spent in 6 weeks, but the waist volume remained 80 cm. The most intensive weight was lost on the days of fitness classes.

Nutritionist's comment: the girl's possible mistakes are that there are few vegetables in the diet and little liquid is consumed during the day. These are the key points in the Kremlin diet. With excessive physical exertion, vegetables are necessary to saturate the body with vitamins.

Drinking plenty of fluids stimulates the elimination of toxins and energy products from the body. Metabolism is activated, fat deposits in problem areas are reduced, the body is cleansed. It is important to remember that excess protein intake leads to toxicity.

Marina, 30 years old. I gained weight up to 90 kg during parental leave. At the end of breastfeeding, on the recommendation of a doctor, she decided to try the Kremlin diet. In the first 2 weeks, she excluded sweets, bread, cereals, potatoes from the diet. She began to actively cook fish and chicken, often drank mineral water. Weight decreased by 8 kg, waist - by 2 cm. There was no discomfort.

Then I included vegetables, nuts, fruits in the menu, drank dairy products. After 3 months, the weight decreased by 25 kg, reaching a result of 57 kg. I worked in the fitness center, doing a set of exercises.

Nutritionist's comment: Marina ate well and lost 33 kg. She followed the principles of the Kremlin diet: she drank a lot of water, limited carbohydrates, trained intensively, and consumed low-fat fermented milk products. In the long term, she is advised to eat less sweets and continue training.

What if the Kremlin diet doesn't work?

What to do, if
What to do, if

Sometimes people who lose weight complain that the weight is stagnant after a relatively high rate of weight loss. Optimal tactics in these circumstances:

  • For a week to sit on a hard limit of 15-20 USD;
  • Temporarily do not consume dairy products at all, any fruits, you can cheese - no more than 100 g daily
  • Season salads with linseed oil;
  • Increase physical activity through walking, running, exercise;
  • If these measures do not help, you need to give up tea, coffee, alcohol, nuts, do not use sugar substitutes.

Perhaps the reason for stopping weight loss was thyroid problems. If the body temperature, measured in the morning, remains below 36.6 for several days, this may be a sign of hypothyroidism. Additional symptoms: frequent headaches, brittle bones and nails, depression, problems with libido. This requires a doctor's consultation.

Oral contraceptive use may be causing the problem.

Contraindications to the use of the Kremlin diet are pregnancy, diseases of the kidneys, intestines, heart, stomach. People who get depressed without the use of sweets cannot use such a diet. To use this method of losing weight, you need to be in excellent health.

The mistakes made on the Kremlin diet


People make mistakes without thinking through the strategy of their behavior while following the Kremlin diet. The consequence of this is that the weight loss is too slow, or it completely stands still.

Mistakes that make the diet ineffective:

  1. The diet changes dramatically, meals become rare, and their calorie content greatly decreases. Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. In this case, the menu should fully correspond to the diet. The consequence of this will be a high metabolic rate, preservation of good health, and the absence of hunger.

  2. All fruits are excluded from the diet. A complete rejection of fruits leads to the fact that the craving for them increases. It is allowed to include in the menu fiber-rich berries and fruits: raspberries, grapefruit, peaches, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries.
  3. Fat intake is sharply limited. Fat restriction leads to weight gain, not weight loss. According to the canons of the Kremlin diet, you need to consume healthy fats such as olive oil.
  4. Losing weight hide all sorts of goodies from themselves in order to avoid breakdowns. Habitual snacks like cookies, sweets, gingerbread should be replaced with cucumbers, cheese, sausage, yogurt.
  5. The diet is maintained only at home, and outside of it a person eats everything. Compliance with the principles of the Kremlin diet under any circumstances is a prerequisite.
  6. Losing weight eat dishes with sweeteners. If the body is unable to absorb the sugar substitutes allowed by the diet, the weight will not decrease, but increase. In some people who are losing weight, sweeteners can cause an uncontrollable desire to eat sweets.

  7. Nutrition is dependent on calorie counting. Fat while following the Kremlin diet is burned not due to a decrease in caloric intake, but as a result of a drop in insulin levels. Strict adherence to dietary guidelines is essential to keep it low at all times.
  8. There are too many low-calorie, prepared foods from the food industry in the diet. Caution! Such foods can be very harmful, and they will not allow changing the dietary habits of a losing weight person.
  9. Losing weight endure excessive physical activity. To maintain the achieved result, you need to constantly and dosed to engage in your favorite sports, but you should not be zealous.
  10. The amount of protein consumed increases to the detriment of all types of carbohydrates. Exceeding the optimal amount of meat products can lead to metabolic disorders. The Kremlin diet provides for the use of 40-60 g of carbohydrates daily.

The secrets of a successful Kremlin diet

The secrets of a successful Kremlin diet
The secrets of a successful Kremlin diet
  1. Secret 1: you need to know how many carbohydrates are in different foods. Many foods contain carbohydrates. Before adding them to your diet, you should study the label, focusing not on the amount of fat and calories, but on the fiber and carbohydrates in the product.
  2. Secret 2: To compensate for the lost carbohydrates, they are replaced with protein and fats. If this is not done, a breakdown is inevitable due to insufficient calorie intake. Fish, seafood, nuts, and olive oil are the best sources of healthy fat. If a person is hungry, he lacks fat. They are not converted to body fat unless you combine fat with carbohydrates.
  3. Secret 3: instead of fast carbohydrates, you need to double the amount of vegetables you eat. The benefits of vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The creators of the diet allow any amount of vegetables to be eaten with the exception of corn, yams, potatoes and green peas. They are best eaten raw, but they can be steamed with butter or olive oil.

  4. Secret 4: physical training of varying intensity should be carried out at least 3 times a week. Classes can be short, since the body, deprived of glycogen, begins to immediately waste the accumulated fat reserves. Exercise burns fat and builds muscle. To speed up the metabolism, combine cardio training with strength training for 45 minutes.
  5. Secret 5: you need to drink a lot of water. To avoid dehydration, you should consume more fluids - at least 10 glasses, including coffee, tea, and soda without sugar. With dehydration, metabolism slows down, weight does not go away.
  6. Secret 6: You should avoid carbohydrates, not be afraid of them. It is important to choose the right carbohydrates (fruits, grain bread, legumes), including 40-60 cu in the diet every day. Occasionally, you can afford to deviate from the diet so as not to get hung up on restrictions.

A diet limited in carbohydrates can really be delicious and healthy.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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