Kefir Diet For 7 Days: Pros And Cons

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Kefir Diet For 7 Days: Pros And Cons
Kefir Diet For 7 Days: Pros And Cons

Kefir diet for 7 days

The kefir diet is very strict, but very popular nowadays. Since this weight loss system is not balanced in essential nutrients, does not cover all human needs for vitamins and minerals and is undesirable for long-term use, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Kefir diet for 7 days is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds with the help of a tasty and healthy fermented milk drink. Moreover, for 6 days you can drink not only kefir, but it is also allowed to diversify your menu with other products that have a low calorie content.

Kefir is a healthy drink, but a diet based on it is considered very tough, and you need to decide on it with extreme caution.


  • For 7 days minus 10 kilograms on a kefir diet - is it possible?
  • The history of the appearance of kefir in Russia
  • How to choose the “right” kefir?
  • Kefir diet options for 7 days
  • How to end a kefir diet correctly?
  • Pros of the kefir diet
  • Cons of the kefir diet
  • What results can you expect from a kefir diet?

For 7 days minus 10 kilograms on a kefir diet - is it possible?

For 7 days minus 10 kilograms
For 7 days minus 10 kilograms

A kefir diet that allows you to lose 5 kilograms in 7 days is a real test for the body. Being in a state of stress, he begins to burn fat reserves, due to which a person loses weight. Kefir allows you to effectively lose weight due to the fact that it contains a lot of protein, but there are almost no carbohydrates. Moreover, the kilograms go very rapidly.

A losing weight person should take into account that only a low-fat fermented milk drink should be used for a diet. After the body begins to receive less energy from the outside, it will begin to draw on its fatty deposits.

To achieve a result of minus 10 kilograms in 7 days, you can adhere to various options for a kefir diet. If a person has willpower, then for 7 days he can only drink kefir, water and herbal teas. There are no restrictions on the amount of drinks consumed. You should immediately tune in to the fact that it will be very difficult to withstand such a weight loss scheme. In addition, the body can react to such a drastic change in the menu in a very unpredictable way, so you need to carefully monitor your health.

The second variant of the kefir diet is suitable for people who are not able to so drastically limit their diet. In this case, it is allowed to include low-fat kefir and another 1-2 low-calorie products in the menu. For example, you can use chicken breast, turkey, vegetables, apples, grapefruit, cottage cheese. The total weight of the products that a person has chosen to compile the daily menu should not exceed 0.6 kg. As a result, you will need to drink 1-2 liters of kefir per day and eat 0.6 kg of meat, vegetables, cottage cheese or fruits, dividing this amount of food into equal portions.

Permitted and prohibited foods

Permitted and prohibited foods
Permitted and prohibited foods

In addition to the fact that a person will drink kefir, it is allowed to supplement his own menu with the following food products:

  • Chicken breast, lean beef, or veal. There should be no visible fat in meat products.
  • White fish.
  • Fruits containing a small amount of sugar: tangerines, apples, pears, kiwi.
  • Dried fruits: dried apricots and prunes.
  • Oat bran.
  • Cottage cheese, the fat content of which does not exceed 2%, yogurts (they should not contain any additives).
  • Oatmeal, buckwheat. Cook porridge without milk, only in water.

  • Broccoli, white cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and other vegetables.
  • Herbal tea, still mineral water.

There are foods that are prohibited while following the kefir diet:

  • Any fatty meat, semi-finished products and ready-made meat dishes.
  • Fatty fish - finished and canned in oil.
  • Of the fruits, grapes of any variety, as well as bananas, are absolutely prohibited.
  • Bread and any other flour products.
  • Sugar and all products that contain it.
  • Coffee and black tea.

Diet and drink

Diet and drink
Diet and drink

Drinking enough liquid during the seven-day kefir diet is a prerequisite that every person who wants to lose weight must adhere to. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the result. You need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day. This volume is the minimum required rate. This does not include kefir itself, as well as herbal teas. You cannot drink water with gas.

You need to eat food at the same time.

An approximate timetable looks like this:

  • The first meal starts at 7: 30-8: 00 am.
  • You can have a snack before lunch, but you need to do this no earlier than 10: 30-11: 00.
  • The main meal is at 13: 30-14: 00.
  • Before dinner, you can have another snack, around 16: 30-17: 00.
  • The last meal should take place no later than eight o'clock in the evening.

Moreover, the most optimal dinner is a glass of kefir, which is drunk 2 hours before the night's rest.

Contraindications to the kefir diet


Not everyone is allowed to adhere to a kefir diet.

This method of losing weight has certain contraindications, including:

  • The period of gestation and lactation.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Disturbances in the work of the heart.
  • Diseases of the digestive system: pancreatitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with high acidity.
  • The presence of individual intolerance to any products included in the menu.

The history of the appearance of kefir in Russia

Kefir diet for 7 days
Kefir diet for 7 days

The kefir diet remains one of the most popular diets of our time. Moreover, women began to lose weight with the help of kefir almost since the time this fermented milk drink came to Russia. It happened not very long ago, about a century ago. Moreover, the history of the appearance of kefir in our country deserves that a crime-drama film was shot on it, of course, with a happy ending.

Even before the Great October Revolution happened, people knew about the beneficial properties of the drink, but in Russia they did not know how to make it. Kefir was bought from the peoples of the Elbrus region. The shepherds of Balkaria and Karachai knew the secret of making kefir, but they sacredly kept it from prying eyes and ears.

In order to study the beneficial properties of kefir, Irina Sakhova, a young graduate of the Novo school, was sent to Karachay. This commission was given to her by the All-Russian Society of Physicians. Naturally, she did not manage to immediately get the coveted recipe for a fermented milk drink, and she did not sit on a kefir diet, but her charm was enough for the local prince Bekmurza Baichorov to fall in love with her.

Love was so strong that the prince decided to steal Irina and easily carried out his plan. Irina's colleagues caught on in time and wrote a statement to the police. Law enforcement officers reacted promptly, finding both the kidnappers and the failed bride. Since Baichorov was from a noble old family, he decided on a lot, if only the case did not come to court.

Irina agreed not to publicize the situation, but in return demanded 10 pounds of kefir fungi, which she soon received. It was in this way that kefir was imported into Russia, where it was first received by the patients of the Botkin Hospital, then by the residents of Moscow, and then by the whole country.

By the way, Prince Baichorov himself also took a worthy place in the food industry. He became famous for being one of the largest suppliers of lamb from Karachayevo to Moscow and Paris. Moreover, the most famous restaurants of the two capitals made purchases from him. However, this story has nothing to do with the kefir diet.

How to choose the “right” kefir?

How to choose the "right" kefir
How to choose the "right" kefir

Of course, any woman, before starting to adhere to a kefir diet, is interested in which product will bring maximum benefit. In Russia, this drink is regulated by GOST R 52093-2003, according to which 100 g of kefir must contain at least 2.8 g of protein. The fat content of the product can be in the range of 0.5-8.9%.

During the indicated shelf life, the number of beneficial bacteria should remain at least 10 to the 7th degree of CFU, and yeast - at least 10 to the 4th degree.

Dumping extra pounds and improving the body is carried out due to the fact that live microorganisms are included in the drink. The "correct" starter culture for the preparation of kefir contains about 20 fungi and bacteria, among which should be lactic acid streptococci, yeast and acetic acid microorganisms.

If there is an inscription BIO on the packaging with a drink, then it may contain preparations of direct application, including bifidobacteria and acidophilus sticks. Scientists believe that it is these bacteria that are particularly resistant, not subject to destruction and are able to qualitatively improve the human intestinal microflora.

It should be remembered that "fake" kefirs can be found on store shelves. Therefore, you need to choose a product carefully. So, attention must be paid to the shelf life of the drink. The more it is, the higher the content of additives in the drink that prevent the growth of beneficial bacteria. They force microorganisms to go into hibernation until the moment when kefir comes into contact with oxygen. Therefore, kefirs with an extended shelf life will deteriorate very quickly. Sometimes these drinks disappear in just 1 day, even if they are stored in the refrigerator.

To comply with the kefir diet, you need to choose a drink whose fat content is 0-1%. Its beneficial properties are no worse than a drink with 2.5% fat content, but at the same time the calorie content is lower, and the consistency is not so thick. 100 ml of kefir with a fat content of 1% contains about 40 kcal.

Kefir diet options for 7 days

Kefir diet options for 7 days
Kefir diet options for 7 days

You can find many options for a seven-day kefir diet, but each of them is based on the same principles:

  • The duration of the dietary regimen will be exactly one week.
  • The basic product is kefir, and protein or carbohydrate foods with a low calorie content complement it.
  • You need to eat fractionally, at least 6 times a day. There should always be an equal time gap between meals. The last approach to the table is carried out no later than 2 hours before the night's rest.

Some diets involve limiting the fluid intake per day to 500 ml of kefir. Other liquids are prohibited. Experts do not advise to lose weight according to this scheme, as it can lead to severe dehydration of the body, which will negatively affect health.

The optimal diet is considered that does not limit a person in pure water and herbal teas, of course, they need to be drunk in addition to kefir. At the same time, you should completely abandon coffee, sugar, salt and black tea.

The main kefir diet for 7 days. Basic diet based on 1% kefir for 7 days:

  • 1 day. 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of baked potatoes, cooked without adding salt.
  • 2nd day. 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of fat-free or low-calorie cottage cheese.
  • 3rd day. 0.5 l of kefir + 400 g of any fruit. Only bananas and grapes are banned.

  • 4th day. 0.5 l of kefir + boiled chicken breast 400 g.
  • Day 5 follows a 3-day diet scheme (kefir and fruits).
  • 6th day. It is allowed to drink only non-carbonated water in a volume of 1.5 liters.
  • Day 7 follows the scheme of the 3 and 5 days of the diet (kefir and fruits).

Kefir diet for 7 days with protein. While adhering to this dietary food scheme, you need to rely on a basic kefir diet. But at the same time, for two days (third and fifth or fifth and seventh), you will need to eat not fruits, but lean meat or chicken breast. The volume of meat is 400 g.

A hard kefir diet for 7 days. This scheme assumes a reduction in meat and fruits from 400 g to 100 g. At the same time, the volume of kefir consumed should increase from 0.5 liters to 2 liters per day.

Kefir-apple diet for 7 or 9 days. This diet is not suitable for those people who suffer from gastric acidity. There are 6 approaches to the table per day. Moreover, each time you need to eat 1 apple and drink a glass of kefir.

Alternatively, you can drink only 1.5 liters of kefir per day for three days. Then, for another three days, a person eats only apples in the amount of 1.5 kg per day. Then, for another 3 days, you need to drink kefir again. Volumes of clean water without gas are not limited. Apples can be baked, mixed with kefir, grated, etc.

If there is no opportunity to adhere to a weekly kefir diet, then you can simply arrange fasting days for yourself on this fermented milk drink, diluting the diet with apples.

Find out more: health benefits and harms of apples

How to end a kefir diet correctly?

How to properly end a kefir diet
How to properly end a kefir diet

It is important not only to strictly follow the kefir diet, but also to get out of it correctly. Over the course of a week, the body has adapted to the fact that small amounts of food enter the stomach. If you sharply return to the previous portion size, then you can provoke the development of various diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, after completing the kefir diet, it is necessary to give up the use of fatty, fried and spicy foods for some time. Do not lean on bread and other flour products. This will bring the metabolism back to normal and enhance the effect of the kefir diet.

You can not practice the kefir diet too often, as it puts a serious burden on the body and can pose a health hazard. Therefore, you need to adhere to a weekly diet no more than once every six months.

Pros of the kefir diet

Pros of the kefir diet
Pros of the kefir diet

The main advantages of the kefir diet are the following:

  • A product such as kefir, in addition to being useful and providing sustainable weight loss, also improves the intestinal microflora and cleanses it of toxins.
  • In addition to all this, kefir has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and nervous system of the body.
  • Kefir is very cheap, so you won't have to spend a lot of money on a weekly kefir diet.
  • The weight goes away quickly enough.

  • Kefir has a pleasant taste, which is important, especially when you consider that it is a staple food for a whole week.
  • With the help of such a diet, you can enrich the body with calcium, improve bowel function, hair, nails and teeth.

If you want to gain a beautiful and slender figure, in addition to simply losing weight, then the kefir diet is most suitable for you.

Cons of the kefir diet

Cons of the kefir diet
Cons of the kefir diet

It is worth noting that the kefir diet also has certain disadvantages that must be taken into account before deciding to start it.

The disadvantages of the kefir diet are as follows:

  • The diet should not be started if a person has diseases of the digestive system, including stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use a kefir diet for people with high acidity of gastric juice.
  • Kefir diet can provoke digestive upset.
  • During the diet, insufficient vitamins and nutrients are supplied to the body.
  • If you practice kefir diets too often, the condition of your hair, teeth and bones will not improve, but worsen.
  • During the diet, a person may experience dizziness, weakness and fatigue.

What results can you expect from a kefir diet?

What results can be expected
What results can be expected

Kefir diet is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds. In a short time, it will be possible to lose weight and remove a few centimeters at the waist. It is difficult to say exactly how much you will lose by adhering to a kefir diet. After all, everyone's body is different. However, the average weight loss per day is 1 kg only with the classic hard kefir diet.

It is also worth noting that doctors treat the kefir diet with caution, as it can provoke an exacerbation of certain diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a doctor before deciding on such an extreme express method of losing weight.

It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the reviews of real people who have tried the seven-day kefir diet on themselves:

Ulyana. I barely waited until the diet was over. I was hungry very much, and when the time came, I discovered that I had lost almost 5 kg. But the weight came back in a month. I am to blame myself, I did not know that I need to limit myself in food even after leaving the diet. Now I want to try again to hold out for a week, the result was very good.

Alira. During the week of the diet, I lost 7 kg, but I combined it with running on a treadmill. The diet was easy for me, because I just adore kefir. Now I recommend to all my friends to try it.

Sofia. I decided to quickly lose weight before the upcoming trip to the sea. I realized that a kefir diet can help. And she really helped, although I didn't really believe in success. Of course, I sat on kefir and apples for 10 days, not a week. But on the other hand, 1 kilogram was spent every day. As a result, minus 10 kg, and without sports. In general, I went to the sea in excellent shape! Looking at me, my mother also decided to lose weight on a kefir diet. Now I am her "personal nutritionist". We are waiting for the results.

Jeanne. I hadn’t been on any diet before, I thought it wouldn’t help. But kefir helps, so much so that you yourself do not expect. I got rid of 7 kg in a week. I put on the "test" jeans that I have kept since I was 15 (I'm 30).


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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