Maggi Diet - Reviews And Results

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Maggi Diet - Reviews And Results
Maggi Diet - Reviews And Results

Reviews and results of the Maggi diet

You can find a lot of reviews on the Maggi diet on the Internet. There are even separate forums that are completely devoted to this nutritional technique. The people call the Maggi diet "minus 25 kg per month." Moreover, the diet received this name for a reason, since there are real people who have achieved just such stunning indicators in a month. Of course, from the abundance of eggs eaten in 28 days, you can "crow", joke many losing weight, but the result is worth it. Be that as it may, reviews can be found very diverse, both positive and negative.


  • Doctors' opinion on the Maggi diet
  • Positive feedback on the Maggi diet
  • Negative reviews of the Maggi diet

Doctors' opinion on the Maggi diet

The opinion of doctors
The opinion of doctors

All weight loss methods that imply a violation of the ratio of "fat-protein-carbohydrates" cause disapproval among nutritionists. Artificially created imbalances can negatively affect health. The Maggi Diet involves eating a lot of protein and very little fat. Therefore, doctors are in no hurry to recommend this method of losing weight to their patients.

Endocrinologist Valery Voloshin: “The Maggi diet is not balanced. The products that a person eats are not able to completely cover the harm that it causes to the body. Moreover, you have to limit yourself for quite a long time - as much as four weeks.

I always have a desire to diversify the menu with cereals, to reduce the amount of eggs consumed in food. In its pure form, the Maggi diet is not healthy. The more a person loses weight, the more harm he does to his own health. Weight should go away slowly without causing metabolic disruption. This is the only way to keep your own health."

Nutritionist Elena Mironenko: “To understand whether a particular diet is suitable for a particular person, you need to listen to your own body. If there is a violation of well-being, dizziness and other symptoms of malaise appear, then the diet should be stopped. You need to lose weight correctly, without disturbing the harmony in which the body exists. In the event that the state of health does not deteriorate, then you can bring the diet to its logical conclusion. However, one must remember about a sense of proportion."

Positive feedback on the Maggi diet

Ekaterina, 25, writes. I have never had severe obesity, but with a height of 162 cm, I weighed almost 70 kg. It always seemed to me a real problem, because of which I could not even normally build relationships with guys. Therefore, I decided to lose weight using the Maggi diet. I stopped at the curd version, since I don't really like chicken eggs.

At first it was quite difficult without fat and sweet. I confess that in the morning I ate several slices of chocolate bar. It may not be entirely correct, but the chocolate allowed me not to break. Occasionally I also replaced cottage cheese with meat, but only boiled. Among other things, I did the D. Michaels exercises and drank a lot of water with the addition of lemon juice and mint, as well as clean water. In just 14 days I managed to get rid of 6 kg of excess weight, which suited me very much. I decided to continue losing weight, after another 14 days the plumb line was 4 kg. In total, I lost 10 kg, and I am very happy with the result.

Nutritionist comments: Drinking water with lemon and mint, as well as plain water is the right decision. Thus, Catherine accelerated her own metabolism, which made it possible to lose weight faster. However, serious mistakes were made. So, during the diet, you cannot eat chocolate. If the feeling of hunger is pursuing on an ongoing basis, then it is best to replace sweets with fruits. It is much healthier and does not lead to cellulite formation.

Separately, I will say about the D. Michaels program: it is too complex to be carried out during the Maggi diet. It is best to give preference to less intense physical activity.

Natalya, 41, writes: I wanted to lose weight before the wedding of my eldest son. I love cottage cheese very much, so I decided to stay on the Maggi cottage cheese diet. Four weeks passed very quickly and easily for me. At this time I was just on vacation. I didn't do any physical exercises, but I had to clean the apartment and go shopping. I drank enough water, because it is necessary when you eat a lot of protein foods. As a result, I lost 7 kg in a month. My starting weight was 68 kg. It took 7 cm at the waist and the same at the hips. This is a very good result for me.

Nutritionist comments: While shopping and doing household chores, we managed to burn some of the calories, so this physical activity cannot be discounted. The right decision on Natalia's part was to drink a lot of water. It allows you to remove excess uric acid from the body, which is produced during the breakdown of protein products. Moreover, for people over 40 years old, this is a rather urgent problem.

The plumb line is small, although for Natalia's initial weight this is an excellent result. Indeed, on the eve of menopause, the metabolism always becomes slower.

Alena writes, 33 years old: I wanted to try the Maggi diet, since it was no longer possible to solve the problem of excess weight only with the help of proper nutrition. The mark on the scales stopped at 63 kg.

I brought the diet to its logical conclusion, although I broke off several times and ate sweets, as well as crackers and chocolate. To prevent these harmful products from being deposited in fat reserves, I visited the gym. In 4 weeks, I managed to lose 8 kg, and 5 cm left the waist and the hips became 8 cm smaller. I want to say that the diet was hard for me, and I also occasionally had dizziness.

Nutritionist comments: The result is pretty good. Disruptions would not have occurred if Alena refused intensive training in the gym. During the exercise, a lot of energy is consumed, so the body required to replenish it with food.

Anastasia writes: I followed the egg and curd diet, each of which lasted 4 weeks. During the egg diet, I managed to lose 15 kg of excess weight (the initial body weight was 97 kg), after the diet was completed, I continued to lose weight and in 6 months I got rid of another 12 kg.

Although the diet is strict, it is not hungry. Then I decided to try Maggi's cottage cheese diet, I was fed up with the eggs. In 1.5 weeks, it took 5 kg!

The curd diet is just great, every day I ate delicious and healthy cottage cheese and fruits. In addition, it is allowed to eat meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and eggs.

From myself I want to give some advice:

  • While regular cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat is slightly dry, Valio cottage cheese is very tender. I advise you to use it.
  • To avoid constipation, you need to drink 100 ml of mineral water on an empty stomach every morning, and after half an hour have breakfast. There will definitely not be problems with the chair.

  • If you don't like boiled vegetables, then you can stew them along with seasonings, with garlic and leeks. It turns out very tasty. Only oil should not be added.

I did not find any drawbacks to the diet, but as for the advantages, they are as follows: the menu is quite diverse, the effect lasts for a long time, the weight goes away quickly.

Ekaterina writes: I sustained the diet completely, although for the first two weeks I was waiting for the third to diversify my menu. On Thursdays and Fridays, I ate fish or meat, which was a real holiday for me.

At first, the weight went off very slowly, practically stood still, and then I even gained 0.5 kg. I was very upset, but I didn't give up the diet.

Now there is a 4 week diet, I already weigh 49 kg. Of course, the result is very good, but I will bring my diet to the end. After all, I even celebrated 2 birthdays during a hunger strike and did not lose it. Moreover, at 4 weeks you can eat fruits, meat, and vegetables. It is best to lose weight in season so as not to overpay for cucumbers and tomatoes. Moreover, at 4 weeks you need to eat a lot.

Mila writes: I decided to put my figure in order before the vacation. In 4 weeks I managed to lose 4 kg of excess weight. The diet was easy for me, it is very satisfying. However, I still am not used to eating so many eggs, and I don't really like grapefruit either. Another problem is the inability to add milk to coffee. But the result is very stable, for six months the weight has been kept within the limits I need. Although recently the arrow on the scales has crept up, she began to abuse sweets.

Irina writes: I began to lose weight with the Maggi egg diet, but my right side hurt. I went to see a doctor and I was diagnosed with gallbladder inflammation. Therefore, I had to give up eggs. I switched to a curd diet.

Assel writes: In 4 weeks I managed to get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. The result is very persistent and has been lasting for a year. There are no digestive problems.

Olga writes: I have been "friendly" with the Maggi diet for two years now. Weight goes away very quickly and the lost kilograms do not come back. I managed to lose 15 kg, which is just a great result for me. I used to hate diets, but Maggie suited me perfectly.

Christina writes: During the Maggi diet, I really look forward to the stage when it will be possible to eat tuna. Although the rest of the time I like to eat fruits, cottage cheese, meat. Thanks to the Maggi diet, I managed not only to lose weight, but also to get my skin in order. I just got 5 years younger for sure.

Anna writes: For me, the most difficult week was 4, when you can't eat more than the prescribed norm. At this time, I was very hungry. But when I saw my result, I was very surprised. It turns out that in 4 weeks I managed to lose 15 kg! It just shocked me, I did not expect such a great result.

Negative reviews of the Maggi diet

Alina writes: The Maggi diet is definitely on the black list for me! I used to stick to a protein diet that solved all my problems perfectly. However, already 10 days from the start of the Maggi diet, I fainted right at work. During this time, I managed to lose only 2.3 kg. But this did not have a positive effect on appearance.

Nutritionist comments: Most likely, the reason for the loss of consciousness is a lack of carbohydrates. Active work requires you to give up the Maggi diet, or always have a bag of juice with you to eliminate dizziness. As for the visual effect, it is invisible due to the fact that at the initial stage of the Maggi diet, only excess fluid is excreted from the body.

Vladlena writes: I only followed the Maggi egg diet for a week. Already on the 4th day, severe abdominal pains began - gastritis worsened! Therefore, I had to switch to kefir and porridge. If you have stomach ailments, do not waste time and do not go on this diet. In addition, oranges provoked allergies. In a week I managed to lose only 2 kg, which went away in the first 3 days, and then the weight got up.

Natalia writes: I could not hold out on a diet longer than 14 days, I just started to feel sick from eggs. Those with liver disease should not follow this diet, it will only get worse. I will not lose weight with the help of diets anymore!

Ksenia writes: I could not stand the Maggi diet, as it turned out to be too strict for me: you cannot even deviate from the rules a little. I could not stand it longer than 14 days, after which I fell out. I'd better go hungry for a week, but not longer.

Antonina writes: Although everyone calls Maggi's diet satisfying, I was constantly hungry. And during all 4 weeks! Withstood the diet somehow, lost 9 kg. I won't test my body anymore.

Diana writes: I have always been against any diets, but still I decided to try. Honestly endured all 4 weeks, did not violate any instructions. As a result, I managed to lose only 3 kg! And, most likely, this is not the merit of the diet, but my intense workouts in the gym.

Weeks 1 and 2 were easy for me, I didn't feel hungry. However, the same applies to the third week. However, the euphoria passed, the weight practically did not move. / p>

At 4 weeks, I did not lose a single kilogram, which is the most offensive. But I didn't really want to eat either. The diet can safely be called useless. If you do fasting days 1-2 times a week, then you can lose a lot more. I can safely say that I wasted my time.


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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