Beetroot For Weight Loss: Menu, Delicious Recipes, How To Make Juice Or Kvass?

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Video: Beetroot For Weight Loss: Menu, Delicious Recipes, How To Make Juice Or Kvass?

Video: Beetroot For Weight Loss: Menu, Delicious Recipes, How To Make Juice Or Kvass?
Video: Beet kvass from raw beets! Health drink! 2023, March
Beetroot For Weight Loss: Menu, Delicious Recipes, How To Make Juice Or Kvass?
Beetroot For Weight Loss: Menu, Delicious Recipes, How To Make Juice Or Kvass?

Slimming beets

Slimming beets
Slimming beets

Beets can really help you lose weight. First, let's look at the beneficial properties of this product.

In fact, like any other vegetable, beets are high in fiber. It is common knowledge that fiber plays an important role in weight loss. It perfectly cleanses the intestines, removes harmful substances accumulated in it from the body. In addition, fiber significantly speeds up metabolic processes, which is certainly a plus with any diet.

Beets have been proven to be an excellent preventive food for fighting obesity. Nutritionists recommend including this vegetable in your diet, not only when, when you decide to lose weight, but also with a normal physique, so as not to lose shape. This is facilitated by special substances in beets that prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

Another positive factor indicating the benefits of beets is the low calorie content of the vegetable. At the same time, beets perfectly satisfies appetite, nourishes the body with essential minerals and a whole range of vitamins. Therefore, a person does not feel hungry, and the beneficial effect of beets on health and shape is determined not only by its low calorie content.


  • Calorie content of boiled (boiled) and raw beets
  • Beetroot diet for weight loss
  • Beetroot diet menu for every day
  • Beetroot juice for weight loss
  • Beet kvass for weight loss
  • Bolotov's kvass from beets
  • Beetroot salad recipes with butter
  • Carrots and beets for weight loss
  • Reviews of beets for weight loss

The important properties of beets include its slight laxative effect. However, we must remember that too much of this property of a vegetable is also bad. Of course, this has a positive effect on the process of losing weight, but due to the laxative effect, useful substances are also removed from the body. Accordingly, the use of beets must be strictly regulated, avoiding its excessive effect on digestion.

Are there any other health benefits of beets? Does it contain polyphenols? Yes of course! Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds that not only help you lose weight, but also prevent weight gain. Their main property is to prevent a person from gaining extra pounds. Beets are rich in such amazing substances.

The presence of antioxidants is another undeniable benefit inherent in beets. This amazing vegetable contains special compounds that slow down the oxidation processes and, accordingly, prevent a person from quickly growing old. These substances prevent many dangerous diseases by helping the natural immune system to protect the body from infectious diseases.

Thus, we have found out the main factors that make beets an unusually healthy and even unique vegetable. Most people don't know this and underestimate the role of beets in their diet. But it is worth recognizing the indisputable fact that she is a very accessible and at the same time extremely effective ally for a person who has decided to lose weight. However, in any case, do not forget - it is important that your menu is saturated with a variety of products as much as possible, while remaining balanced.

Calorie content of boiled (boiled) and raw beets

Next, you need to separately dwell on the nutritional value of beets. There are a number of important points, the knowledge of which is mandatory for people who closely monitor their own weight and blood sugar levels.

Immediately, we note this fact: boiled table beets whet the appetite, but not raw. What is the reason for this? The fact is that the ability of beets to increase blood sugar, or the so-called glycemic index, increases significantly after heat treatment. Numerically, it looks like this:

  • the glycemic index of raw beets is 30;
  • the glycemic index of boiled beets is approximately 65;
  • The Japanese leafy beet variety, the so-called Swiss chard, is generally harmless in this regard - its glycemic index is only 15.

In certain circles of nutritionists, there is an opinion that boiled beets significantly increase blood sugar levels and therefore are contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus. But this is not true. The calorie content of boiled beets is 49 Kcal per 100 g of product weight (raw - slightly less than 43 Kcal). In addition, few people will be able to eat more than 150-200 g of boiled beets at a time.

It should be borne in mind that in gastronomic recipes, boiled beets are usually mixed with high-protein ingredients, unsweetened vegetables and vegetable oils. In this regard, almost any ready-made dish, which includes red beets, has a low glycemic index, which ultimately practically does not affect blood sugar levels.

Beetroot diet for weight loss

Beetroot diet for weight loss
Beetroot diet for weight loss

Nutritionists have developed several programs that allow you to lose weight through regular consumption of beet-based foods. The most common beetroot diet is replacing your usual dinner with a low-calorie salad: boiled beets with apples. This type of daily diet is widely advertised on many sites dedicated to the fight against excess weight. The authors most often give only general recommendations - to exclude fatty and flour dishes and eat less sweets. Most often, no specific menu options are offered.

Such recommendations can only be used by those people who, in principle, adhere to a healthy diet. For breakfast, they eat healthy dishes, for example, cottage cheese, porridge, eggs. Never skip lunch by eating hearty meat or fish dishes with vegetable side dishes. They eat fruit during snacks. At the same time, they do not allow themselves to replace a full breakfast with a quick cup of coffee, and lunch with a portion of instant soup with a sandwich, but when you come home, you can eat the entire daily norm for dinner.

For those for whom dinner is the main gastronomic delight, the beetroot diet for weight loss is hardly suitable. Here it is necessary not so much to exclude evening overeating, but to change the diet itself, in principle. Such people need to learn how to cook full breakfasts, and not be content with light snacks, bring home lunches to work or go on a break to a good cafe, and then, having already accustomed themselves to such a regime, replace a hearty dinner with a light vegetable salad. Otherwise, you will inevitably break loose and return to your previous evening overeating.

The second option for the beetroot diet is a well thought out menu for the whole week. The main principle of such a system is to reduce the total calorie content of the diet while accelerating metabolism. Diets of this kind are certainly very effective in losing weight, but one should not forget about the possible dehydration of the body due to diarrhea, as well as the risk of indigestion in general.

Pros of a beetroot diet:

  • general improvement of the body;
  • normalization of fat metabolism and improvement of liver function thanks to the natural betaine contained in beets;
  • bowel cleansing and prevention of constipation in people prone to this problem;
  • quick disposal of extra pounds;
  • providing the body with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Cons of the beetroot diet:

  • not suitable for all people;
  • can provoke diarrhea;
  • requires mandatory prior consultation with a doctor.

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Beetroot diet menu for every day

Breakfast: two small boiled beets or a light salad of them, but without oil. Add to it porridge made from 100 grams of oatmeal in water. You can replace oatmeal with any other porridge in water, but not wheat or semolina.

Snack: yogurt.

Lunch: a dish based on stewed vegetables and 100-200 grams of fish or lean meat.

Snack: 6-8 prunes with a glass of kefir.

Dinner: coarsely chopped beetroot stew or any beetroot salad seasoned with vegetable oil.

Shortly before bedtime: a glass of kefir.

In addition to the listed dishes, it is allowed to drink tea or coffee, but always without sugar. However, some sources call this diet a cleansing diet, prohibiting any other liquids other than plain water.

A fairly common beetroot diet is the consumption of raw beets on fasting days.

Option number 1 "raw" diet:

Breakfast: a light salad based on raw beets combined with other vegetables without oil.

Lunch: a medium portion of buckwheat or oatmeal, light vegetable salad.

Dinner: Any coarsely chopped steamed vegetables, a small serving of raw beetroot salad.

Shortly before bed: kefir.

Option number 2 "raw" diet on beets:

Breakfast: cocktail carrot-beet-orange.

Lunch: vegetable soup, raw vegetable salad.

Dinner: Steam a vegetable, such as cauliflower, with a glass of carrot and beetroot juice.

Shortly before bed: kefir.

During such a diet, light snacks are allowed - juices, cocktails, but beets must be present in them.

Beetroot juice for weight loss

Beetroot juice for weight loss
Beetroot juice for weight loss

There are many diets that absolutely exclude the same beets or carrots, as well as juices from them due to their excessive sweetness and increasing appetite. In fact, it is worth drinking such a vegetable juice on an empty stomach, without having a snack, as after 40 minutes you will feel severe hunger. Beetroot juice will raise blood sugar levels, the body will release insulin to neutralize it, and the result will be a brutal appetite. However, for half an hour after a glass of sweet juice, hunger is not felt. When planning a meal at the same time, you will eat less than usual. This is the staple of the beet juice diet. Of course, you need to eat wisely using this principle.

Here is the prescription:

  • Use a juicer to make juice. A glass of juice must be taken within 24 hours, then it is considered stale.
  • The prepared juice must be kept in a dark place for three hours until the aggressive essential oils evaporate and the juice settles.
  • During the day, you should take one and a half tbsp. tablespoons of aged beet juice at intervals of two hours. If the juice seems too disgusting for you, then you can drink it with a small amount of plain clean water.

This procedure should be carried out daily for 2 weeks. Weight loss is guaranteed. Someone during this period loses 5, and someone - as much as 8 kg of excess weight.

In principle, you can eat everything, but you should not overeat before going to bed, and the total calorie content of the diet should be reduced relative to the age and gender norm by 200-400 kcal per day. In the evening, drink beet juice for the last time no later than 20 hours.

As a result of such a diet, the stool returns to normal, the complexion and the thyroid gland improve. It is the lethargy of the thyroid gland that is often the main cause of excess weight.

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Beet kvass for weight loss

This healing drink perfectly eliminates extra pounds, significantly activates metabolic processes, removes toxins, harmful elements and even radionuclides. Plus, kvass washes away plaque from the walls of blood vessels, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

The unique properties of this healing drink allow you to overcome:

  • severe liver problems;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • complex forms of hypertension;
  • most kidney diseases;
  • digestive disorders;
  • anemia;
  • overly weakened immunity, helping the body to resist infections;
  • obesity.

Next, we will consider several recipes for making kvass from natural products. These drinks are great for cleansing the body and helping to lose weight.

The recipe for the preparation of oat kvass: 0.5 kg of large oatmeal is poured into a 3 liter jar. Pour the entire jar with warm water, leaving room for a piece of rye bread. Put on leaven in a dark place. After two to three days, strain the mixture, add clean water and refrigerate.

Bolotov's kvass from beets

Perhaps this is the simplest recipe for beet kvass, which is great for helping you lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet, this recipe helps you get rid of excess weight in no time.

Bolotov kvass recipe. Up to 5 pieces of medium-sized beets are placed in a 3-liter jar, having previously cleaned and cut into large slices. Vegetables are poured to the very top with clean warm water, and in this form the drink is infused for a day, then 3 tablespoons of honey are added to it. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed and filtered. This vitamin-rich kvass can be consumed throughout the day without restrictions.

The drink significantly speeds up metabolism, having a beneficial effect on the processes of breaking down fats in the body. Beet kvass will also help in the fight against food addiction and excessive appetite, especially before bed.

Often, the desired weight loss may not come for a long time. This happens when the body is heavily overloaded with toxins, the digestive system functions poorly. As a rule, normal daily bowel movements are disrupted. If you have this problem, be sure to try beet kvass.

Beetroot salad recipes with butter

beetroot salads with butter
beetroot salads with butter

With walnuts. Ingredients: take beets 0.3 kg, 0.1 kg of crushed walnuts, 0.05 l of natural olive oil, salt.

How to cook: beets are baked or boiled, rubbed on a coarse, preferably plastic grater, mixed with the bulk of the nuts, leaving just a little bit for the subsequent decoration of the dish. Let the salad stand, season with oil and salt, sprinkle with nuts on top.

With garlic and nuts. Ingredients: take beets 0.3 kg, about 1 tbsp. a spoonful of nuts, a couple of cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.

How to cook: grate boiled or baked beets on a plastic grater, grind some nuts in a mortar, grind the cloves of garlic, lightly add hot pepper and salt, mix these ingredients, season with vegetable oil and decorate with herbs as desired.

With young potatoes. Ingredients: take 0.3 kg of beets, 0.2 kg of small young potatoes, green onions, vegetable oil, salt, pepper.

How to cook: peel boiled or baked beets, cut into slices, mix boiled young potatoes with finely chopped onions, and then collect the salad. At the very end, pour over with vegetable oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

With green peas. Ingredients: take 0.3 kg of beets, 0.1 kg of onions, 0.1 kg of green peas, salt or soy sauce, vegetable oil, horseradish root.

How to cook: peel boiled or baked beets, chop, garnish with onion wedges, add green peas, pour over with soy sauce and sprinkle with grated horseradish root. Season the prepared salad with vegetable oil.

With prunes and nuts. Ingredients: take 0.3 kg of beets, 0.2 kg of prunes, 0.1 kg of nuts, lemon, olive oil, powdered sugar.

How to cook: peel boiled or baked beets, cut into strips. After softening, cut the prunes pre-filled with boiling water into small strips. Grind the kernels in a mortar. Stir everything and add powdered sugar (no more than a couple of teaspoons), sprinkle the salad with lemon juice. Season preferably with good olive oil (about 40 ml).

With garlic in Chinese. Ingredients: Take 0.3 kg of beets, a few cloves of fresh garlic, 25 ml of sesame oil, soy sauce and rice or apple cider vinegar - 1 tablespoon each.

How to cook: boil beets whole or bake, then cut them into thin slices or strips, add crushed garlic, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil, stir, stand for half an hour and garnish with fried sesame seeds before serving.

With caraway seeds and fruit juice. Ingredients: take beets 0.3 kg, 50 g onions, half a teaspoon of caraway seeds, a teaspoon of grated horseradish root, freshly squeezed orange or other citrus juice, olive oil, young dill, salt.

How to cook: chop boiled or baked beets at random, add cumin, finely chopped onion and horseradish root, pounded in a mortar. Pour all this with olive oil and juice, sprinkle with chopped dill on top. Salt and mix the salad thoroughly, put it in a deep plate with a slide and decorate with onion rings on top.

With potatoes, beans and bell peppers. Ingredients: we take 0.3 kg of beets, 0.1 kg of potatoes, white beans, bell pepper, vegetable oil, salt, hot pepper.

How to cook: bake the beets, then peel them. Boil the potatoes over low heat in their skins, cool and then peel. Cook the white beans. Mix chopped beets, potatoes and paprika with boiled beans. Sprinkle with pepper and salt, soak a little, then season with vegetable oil. Put the resulting mass in a salad bowl, decorate the top with rings of pepper and parsley or young shoots of dill.

With pickled cucumbers. Composition: we take 0.3 kg of small beets, 0.1 kg of pickled cucumbers, 0.1 kg of red onions, vegetable oil, green peas for decoration.

How to cook: carefully cut boiled or baked beets, as well as pickled cucumbers into slices no more than 0.2 cm thick, cut the red onion into thin rings. It is beautiful to put beetroot circles on the dish, on top of them there are rings of red onions slightly smaller in diameter, and on top of all this there are slices of pickled cucumbers. Salt the salad and season with vegetable oil, garnish with a scattering of green peas.

Carrots and beets for weight loss

Carrots and beets for weight loss
Carrots and beets for weight loss

Garlic recipe. Ingredients: take 0.2 kg of beets, 0.1 kg of carrots, a couple of cloves of garlic, walnuts, 50 ml of vegetable oil, a little salt to taste.

How to cook: Grate raw carrots and beets on a plastic grater, then add the nut-garlic additive, mix slightly, season with oil and serve.

Recipe with apples. Ingredients: take 1 raw beets and carrots, 0.2 kg of unsweetened apples, fresh celery root, juice of half a lemon, vegetable oil, salt and seasonings to taste.

How to cook: Grate raw red beets on a coarse grater, pour olive oil and lemon juice on top so that they do not fade. Also grate raw carrots, apples and celery root and mix with beets. Salt and pepper the prepared salad, let it stand for a while, and can be served.

Reviews of beets for weight loss

Below we publish reviews of our readers:

Svetlana's opinion. Like most women, after giving birth, I greatly recovered to my disappointment. Imagine gaining as much as 30 kilograms! Of course, this worried me - will I be able to return to my previous form? But with a baby, I could not get out to my doctor for a consultation (I gave birth to my little one in winter). I accidentally found out about the beetroot diet from the fresh issue of healthy lifestyle, and now I decided to sit on it. Oddly enough, there was no hunger at all, I really liked this juice. At times, for a change, I mixed it with fresh grated carrots. And here's a miracle - after only 10 days, my intestines returned to normal, constipation disappeared, and I threw off as much as 7 kg!

But it was impossible to constantly sit on such a low-calorie diet, because the baby needs to be breastfed. So I slowly returned to my old menu. I tried to eat only low-fat fish and poultry, diet bread and everything only fresh. And so I completely lost the desire to buy my favorite buns and biscuits. I just didn't need it anymore. Feeling extraordinary lightness from the excellent performance of the stomach and intestines, I no longer wanted to return to old habits.

After such a diet, I literally flew. I started to return to the physical exercises found on the websites. I wanted to live anew, and not just exist, as before, often overeating at night. Now six months have passed, my baby has grown up, I have become a completely different, happy woman. I still drink my favorite beet juice every day, add it to grated carrots, in general, you can say this is my favorite juice now. In fact, I was reborn!

Mary's opinion. And I kept the diet for only a week. In fact, it cleanses the intestines well. I seemed to be younger. She had 5 kg of excess weight, and then she threw off 1.7 kg. I think this is a great result! She shed the remaining excess weight when she returned to her favorite shaping activities, having thoroughly revised her diet.

Previously, an irrepressible appetite and abundant food at night for me was the main problem. Now I am planning to repeat the beet unloading in the next month, no longer with the aim of losing weight, but simply to cleanse myself.

In our conditions of urban life, a lot of harmful things accumulate in the body. Without special cleansing courses, you can not wait for a pension. But there are still many plans ahead, I want to thank Marina Korpan for her diet and the well-thought-out, visual lessons on the site, I was able with her to radically rethink her views on nutrition, regularly cleansing the body.

Angela's opinion. But I was left completely unhappy with the beet diet. At first I could not get used to it, all the time I felt pain in the stomach and severe nausea. Maybe, of course, I did something wrong, but after four days I was tortured by severe diarrhea, which did not go away for 2 whole days. Then I was very afraid for my health. However, during these days I got rid of five kilograms of my extra eight. This, of course, made me happy, but after such a diarrhea I tried to just limit myself in my diet and not overeat - no more beets or beetroot juice!


The author of the article: Kuzmina Vera Valerievna | Endocrinologist, nutritionist

Education: Diploma of the Russian State Medical University named after NI Pirogov with a degree in General Medicine (2004). Residency at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in Endocrinology (2006).

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