SORBOLIT® DETOX Is A Unique Drug That Detoxifies The Body

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Video: SORBOLIT® DETOX Is A Unique Drug That Detoxifies The Body

Video: SORBOLIT® DETOX Is A Unique Drug That Detoxifies The Body
Video: Secret Detox Drink Recipe - Natural Total Body Reset Drink - 4 Day Cleanse & Detox Drink 2023, March
SORBOLIT® DETOX Is A Unique Drug That Detoxifies The Body
SORBOLIT® DETOX Is A Unique Drug That Detoxifies The Body

SORBOLIT® DETOX is a unique drug that detoxifies the body



The drug is registered and certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova. Produced in the Republic of Moldova by TODICAMP SRL by order of International Future Technologies LLC, USA.

Health and time are two true human values. Paradoxically, they exclude each other: nothing reduces the quality of our health as much as time. For thousands of years, people have been looking for a solution to this problem - the ability to slow down the destructive effect of time on the cells of the body. Although nature itself gave him the right answer long ago.

Planet Earth is the same organism, for its protection there is an outer shell, which consists of minerals. The same minerals are capable of protecting humans. True, not all of them. More precisely, today only one of their species is known, capable of working miracles.

It is called clinoptilolite zeolite. It is mined in several deposits around the world. It is a mineral of a crystalline structure, formed over millions of years by volcanic rocks, ash sediments and alkaline groundwater.


  • Dietary supplement based on clinoptilolite zeolite
  • How Molecular Sieve Works
  • Sorbent
  • Detox
  • Indications for taking a detoxification course
  • SORBOLIT® as support for treatment
  • Contraindications
  • Application

Dietary supplement based on clinoptilolite zeolite

During the terrible accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, at the site of liquidation of its consequences, a composition based on zeolite was used. It was in the form of a powder and was documented as an experimental drug capable of removing all toxins from the body, including radioactive substances. The results of its use were impressive, although not everyone was ready to use it. The powders from which the so-called talkers were then made were questioned by many (not all liquidators wanted to accept them).

The fundamental difference between the SORBOLIT® dietary supplement and the powders of previous generations is a proven manufacturing method. In addition, it is distinguished from earlier sorbents:

  • the presence of registration as a dietary supplement (which was preceded by numerous laboratory studies and analyzes that confirmed the effectiveness, safety and biological compatibility);
  • increased particle area (3 microns), which allows you to reduce the volume of capsules taken, while obtaining the maximum effect on cleansing the body.

How Molecular Sieve Works

Finally, the main difference between dietary supplements SORBOLIT® and any other sorbents used in modern practice is the ability to work in the "molecular sieve" mode. It is provided by two qualities of clinoptilolite:

  • Microporous cellular structure. The fifth part of the particle is pores. It itself is something that resembles a honeycomb filled with trace elements necessary for the human body.
  • Negative charge of molecules. Thanks to it, ion exchange occurs: when entering the body, the particles of the mineral literally draw out positively charged toxins and toxins, and their place, due to the same chemical process, is instantly filled with useful substances - silicon, calcium, zinc and others.

As a result, SORBOLIT® performs two functions at once - it carries out "general cleaning" and saturates cells with the necessary elements. A unique natural mechanism is already activated here: each organ takes exactly as many nutrients as it lacks. Overdoses are excluded.


A dietary supplement based on zeolite removes from the blood, bones, tissues, organs all positively charged toxic cells, including:

  • mercury ions;
  • cadmium;
  • arsenic;
  • ammonium;
  • strontium;
  • rubidium;
  • lead.

The list is far from complete, but this is enough to assess the prospects for detoxification with the supplement SORBOLIT®. Although it has one more quality that sets it apart from any sorbents or cocktails of the "detox" program.

The dietary supplement is able to remove toxins accumulated for decades. No analogue or alternative drug can demonstrate a similar result with age-related "pollution". Studies have shown that in just 10 days of regular intake of dietary supplements, 80% of toxins were eliminated from the body. The period of disintegration and complete elimination depends on age and ranges from 6-8 to 24 hours. By extending the course for another week, you can get rid of everything that poisons it and interferes with the work of natural mechanisms:

  • protection (immunity);
  • regeneration;
  • reproductions;
  • regulation (vascular, autonomic, nervous systems).


As part of zeolite - the active ingredient of dietary supplement SORBOLIT® - 84 elements necessary for a person:

  • humic acid;
  • noble metals;
  • oxygen;
  • amino acids;
  • imulin;
  • trace elements (potassium, sodium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and many others);
  • macronutrients (manganese, iodine, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.).

All this, the mineral gives "in return" for positively charged particles of poisons, which are absorbed by the "molecular sieve". And this is the great advantage of the drug over any alternatives. Remaining an effective sorbent, it does not wash out useful substances, but saturates them.

Removing huge amounts of potentially dangerous, "heavy" elements from the blood, the shock doses of which a person receives every day, the bioactive additive simultaneously enhances it. That is, it stimulates the normal metabolism, slows down the destruction and aging of cells, and increases the tone.

Being the strongest energy sorbent, SORBOLIT® protects the largest organ - the skin, rejuvenating it and strengthening natural barriers from external factors - dirt, heavy metals, ultraviolet radiation. Its reception has a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails.

By accelerating metabolic processes, the mineral provokes an accelerated weight correction - getting rid of excess fat cells or the accumulation of missing kilograms. Improvement of the general condition and increase of libido are achieved within 3-5 days of regular intake.

Indications for taking a detoxification course

Dietary supplement from zeolite in capsules can be used as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent (in combination). The general action is reduced to:

  • to restore the natural balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates;
  • increased immunity;
  • high-quality "cleaning" of tissues and blood vessels (normalization of blood readings);
  • saturation of blood with oxygen, which is necessary for all living cells without exception;
  • accelerated restoration of tone (in conditions of regular stress and constant lack of sleep, this is a very important quality of dietary supplements).

SORBOLIT® is indispensable in regions with unstable atmospheric readings (pressure drops), as it allows you to equalize blood pressure. Cleansing the body as a whole, it promotes the early healing of microtraumas and serious damage to the skin or tissues. In cold seasons, it strengthens the natural defenses.

SORBOLIT® as support for treatment

Recipes using crushed zeolite are described in ancient manuscripts of healers and are often mentioned in surviving sources of thousands of years ago. In modern medicine, the mineral is also often used. Numerous studies have confirmed its effectiveness in treating:

  • Critical illnesses - cancer, tuberculosis. According to the data of European experts, after the course the patients showed steady improvements in mood, general condition, and heart rate readings.
  • Diabetes ("cleaning" the blood, lowering sugar levels).
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (anti-edema effect, strengthening the heart muscle, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, stabilizing pressure indicators).
  • Pathologies of the digestive system (the strongest sorbent simultaneously has an antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic effect).
  • Diseases provoked or accompanied by impaired liver and kidney function (diuretic).

Due to the ability to quickly bind and remove free radicals from the body, the mineral supplement will speed up the treatment of colds and flu at times. Considering that only in the last five years, the period of the body's struggle with mutated virus strains has increased by 300%, this ability of a safe drug can hardly be overestimated.


There are reasonable limits:

  • The supplement is recommended to be carefully used by expectant mothers. This is due to the natural processes of restructuring the body, the intervention in which can give unpredictable results. However, this recommendation applies to all nutritional supplements for pregnant women without exception.
  • Children under three years old are also advised not to give potent vitamins without the appointment of a pediatrician. Again, the reason is in the natural development of the body, which needs to learn to independently recognize and deal with external risk factors in the first three years. The exception concerns the regions where the child lives with poor ecology, here external support for fragile health is necessary.


The package contains 120 capsules, which are enough for a monthly prophylactic course. Each capsule contains 500 mg of micronized ultrafine (3µ) 100% natural clinoptilolite zeolite. Application: one capsule 4 times a day or two capsules 2 times a day with a glass of water.

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